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Day 8 x Finding Happiness in the Small Milestones

This challenge for me is about focusing on myself. It sounds selfish which we all need to be but i often put others before myself in my daily life.

I do have 'big' goals for this challenge but specifically i want to be ok with where i am at 'now'. I think it's important to make peace with 'now' to be able to move on to manifest your other desires.

I purchased a new webcam last week so hopefully i should have a couple of videos up this…

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2010 Developments....Just believe

Hi All,

Im not officially in a challenge but i'm sure ive said before that i try to knowingly use the LOA in my everyday life.

Things are going well for me and since my last blog i have launched two new projects that have been on my mind for a while.

First is which is a purely positive and inspirational blog.
Second is…

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Day 4 Season 9 Im Back....lessons in friendship & WeightLoss

I'm so happy to back and taking part in the 100 day Challenge, by last season i think ended in July but i stopped bloggin on here back in it's been a while.

I have however continued to live the law of attractione everyday (one you have been doin it for 'awhile' it's hard not to).

Some of my secrets to keeping on track is Abraham Hicks material & Twitter.

I've been a big advocate of twitter for a long time now, and the connections i have made on there have… Continue

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Day 19 Season 8 - You HAVE to Believe so YOU don't get in the Way

As i just typed Day 19, i had stored on my computer from season 7 Day 19 - beautiful Snowy day....what a difference 100 days makes lol :-)

Any way going off subject so early....

I am back from Ghana and i had an amazing time, too many great experiences, differences and similarities to write in a blog post so before i went i actually decided to write about it in a different format (more info coming soon).

The greatest thing was experiencing, actually living one… Continue

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Living my BIG Manifestation - Day 6 Season 8

Ok so tomorrow is the day that i fly to Ghana, it was one of the biggest things i wanted to do and i am doing it. Living on purpose and living my dreams, i set that intention for this year no matter what and i am doing it.

I also got to interview Lilou for about her book which i will be posting very shortly.

Some other amazing things have been happening through taking inspired action.

I really want to… Continue

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My 100 Days !!!! Season 7 Complete

Wow, i can hardly believe that my season 7 has come to an end already.

During these past 100 days i have accomplished a lot;

I no longer work for anyone else but myself, i have contracts where i work with others for specified hours.

Every month i have been able to pay my bills and live life on purpose.

I have manifested a trip to Ghana (coming up May 7th) which was one of those (big manifestations i was waiting for)...everything happens in perfect… Continue

Added by Chenelle on April 24, 2009 at 9:43pm — 1 Comment

Manifesting While Happy

Wow i have not blogged for a long time, since day 22 ( not sure what day it is now).

So many great things have happened;

Since starting i have created multiple streams of income again in different arena's i have also started with companies that bring me so much joy.

I have met some amazing people and realized again that everything is already there + more.

I am not focusing on how i will reach the things i want in my life.

I am not looking at the… Continue

Added by Chenelle on March 4, 2009 at 1:15pm — 1 Comment

CCOR Community is Going Twitter CRAZY!!!

Thanks to everyone that is following us on Twitter @

We are now going to be much more active on twitter, there will be tweets about everything from featured members, blog posts, videos, groups & discussions.

Twitter along with CCOR is growing at amazing rates and is a great way to get to the minute access / updates about everything you love about the 100 day reality challenge.

What is… Continue

Added by Chenelle on February 25, 2009 at 6:19am — 3 Comments

Do you want a FREE Life Reading???

Hello everyone, a couple of weeks ago i sent a message to all of the people that i have listed as 'friends' about a FREE life reading. A great number of people responded and said that it came a at a great time in their life. There are so many people now in the CCOR community that i can never keep up, so i am putting out a blog to see if anyone else in the community will be interested in a FREE Life Reading by a reliable psychic (that i work with in another field) who also has a spiritual… Continue

Added by Chenelle on February 12, 2009 at 5:37pm — 4 Comments

Day 22 Season 7 x Did I manifest this???

I prayed for Sun and it came, so i was able to get out because the snow had melted quite a lot.

I have manifested the perfect work situation for the next couple of months while my personal ventures take off or i change career (i prefer the first option)

I always feel strange when i write, ' I manifested' because it doesnt feel like i have done anything, except the vibrational work...but the action....nope that wasn't me. In this situation i just recieved the phone call. I guess… Continue

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Day 19 Season 7 | Beautiful Snowy Day

What do you do on a day when you wake up to nothing but snow????

Thank the Universe for a wonderful day, it was amazing outside and very picturesque.

Also cold so i mostly stayed inside and was able to get some things done.

In the process i watched (again) You Can Heal Your Life by Louise say and listened to Wayne Dyer's 'Power of Intention'.

I think today is day 19 and i'm doing great so far, i feel great and think that like Abe Hicks says i'm doing the 'hard… Continue

Added by Chenelle on February 2, 2009 at 6:05pm — 1 Comment

Looking for Joy Rather than Strength

Having gone through some amazing ups and downs or 'contrast' through this month of January, i have significantly changed what i 'wish' / 'pray' / 'ask' for.

I must admit that i was inspired by Oprah and was an Ah Ha moment for me.

I no longer ask 'God' or pray for Strength.

I've had strength and i'm going to ba asking for Joy from now on.

My Ah Ha moment was that all this time i have been asking for strength when things were getting hard for me. I… Continue

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Day 12 x Season 7 | HAPPY & IN THE FLOW

This season has already been an amazing spiritual journey.

I am always being constantly reminded of things that i already knew, but thats what Abe Hicks says 'We are just reminding you of what you already know.

I have been keeping up with my meditation,

I have started Pilates this week which i love and will continue (hope to start Yoga aswell)

I also found the Channel that The Oprah Show is on in the UK, its DivaTV on SKY for those who want to… Continue

Added by Chenelle on January 27, 2009 at 7:17pm — 1 Comment

Day 2 Season 7 x Living my Life to the FULLEST & Having FUN

I had so much fun yesterday listing out my intentions, they are wide and varied but very realistic so it will be fun having those realised.

Things have changed for me in thr past couple of months, i have left the family business and am now out of my own.

I wanted this, i manifested this because i want to grow, i want to focus and grow my site, as well as a number of other online projects.

I have spiritually developed so much, im actually very proud of… Continue

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Season 7 - Pre Season Excitement

Im very excited to be starting my season 7 again.
This community has grown so much and the energy that it has is phenominal.
I have already written out my intentions for the next 100 A4 page full of business, personal, financial, health and fitness intentions.

My last point that i put on my paper of intentions was

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Dr Wayne Dyer Movie, Twitter + Positive Affirmations!!!

Hello everyone, i hope your experience's are going well and that you are manifesting everything that you want.

I just saw the link the Zara put up for Dr Wayne W Dyer's new movie, it is still active now and available to view for free from the Hay House website.

Thank you to everyone who has joined the Twitter group and the Positive Affirmations group it has been… Continue

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Twit twit twitter

I have just created a group on here for anyone who is on twitter so we can add each other and continue our co creating community whilst on twitter.

you can add me @womenforchange ,

Added by Chenelle on December 11, 2008 at 5:00pm — 1 Comment

Season 7: Twitter, Intentions & Eat Pray Love

Hi everyone, I am now in Season 7, i have just joined twitter so if you are on there you can add me @

I am listening to the Eat Pray Love audio book and it is fab, i am basically at the beginning of the Love part, not to give anything away. I can't imagine why i took so long to listen or read it. Everything happens in perfect timing though, although i do not relate to the author and her life i really… Continue

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Day 96 Season 6 x The Real Definition of Change

Wow nearing the end already, a fantastic season. I am away again and having a fantastic time, i wanted to experience the energy and potential historical moment of the US Election. I will have fun listing all of my manifestations because its been so much fun!!

Some tips i would give are

1. Always believe , believe in your desires, your instincts and God / The Universe / Source Energy

2. Have FUN

The following is an excert from my site… Continue

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