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My computer...

Last week my computer died. Right as I was working on it! I brought it into the repair place, and two days later, I got a phone call: "We have some bad news about your computer." Totally dead. Amazingly, my dad had purchased me a laptop two days prior to this computer dying!!!! He knew I needed it for grad school upcoming.... Also, I had wanted to find a way to take my ex's name off all the login stuff on the computer and get his music off of it - this was my way :) I was also able to save… Continue

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Summer (or Summah as we say in Boston)

Yesterday I went to the amusement park with a friend, who decided to play hooky from work and just be a kid. What a perfect idea! As I was riding on the swings ride with her, I realized that it is really, really necessary to just relax into situations to totally enjoy them. Before that, I was on all these rides, nervous and rigid, closing my eyes, and not trusting. After that one, I decided that everything is as it should be, and I want to be happy and enjoy my time (all times!) and so I opened… Continue

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My Goals for Season 3

1: Organized, Efficient, Functional Home: There has been too much time wasted feeling bad about or literally tripping over my clutter and not being able to find things. This can help me feel good and get things done, while also helping me to fulfill my other goals more easily!

Mini Goals: Clothes - only what fits! Only what makes me feel good! // Dining area: make one! No more rushed dinners at the coffee table! // Don't need it? Repurpose it!

2: To Pay off my debt by December… Continue

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Yesterday I discovered EFT - the Emotional Freedom Technique. I was looking on Youtube to see if there were any videos on it and ouila! (is that how you spell it?) There were some "tap-a-longs" that were awesome! So glad I learned it...most of my pain went away, and I tapped away any negativity I had. I was able to get out of the house for the first time since my surgery! Yay! I was able to have dinner with a friend! Today I was able to get through my work day and accomplish my "productivity"… Continue

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Manifestation (although a silly one)


So I am home off my feet after having surgery on both feet...anyways...I was watching a Today show segment with Kat Cora, the chef. I love cooking, my sister is a chef, and I respect female chefs since the industry can be very sexist. ANYWAYS, I started thinking about the word Kat for whatever reason. Being my name is Kate, I started daydreaming about if it were Kat instead, and wondering how Ms. Cora's name came to depth. Granted I have some time to think while being… Continue

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A New Day

I am moving forward on my organization goal! I am continuing to read "It's All Too Much" by Peter Walsh, and going through my belongings, and really just looking at what I own and why I am keeping it in a new light. I am also thinking differently about the items I have in my classroom...

This is a weird story, but it tells a lot about my progress. Yesterday, I pulled out of my parking spot, didn't see anyone, continued to back up and someone came at my car swearing. I am assuming… Continue

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I went away, then got busy or, if honest, just didn't put me or this first! Anyways, I reflected on my goals to make them more specific:

1) Positive outlook: I intend to work towards allowing a positive outlook in all situations I encompass / approach. I want to relax into each as I approach a situation so I can fully be giving within it. If I have an anxious or negative demeanor upon approaching something, I want to listen to and acknowledge it, as it may be telling me something… Continue

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I do it for the Joy it brings, because I'm a joyful girl...

I am in DC until tommorrow nite, enjoying my early 20s of my 100 day challenge. I am spending time with my friend Erin, enjoying DC attractions (the Newseum was fab!) and fitting in other mini-visits with friends. Most of all I am relaxing! My goal, like a lot of times, is to enjoy myself and learn something new.

I will have some downtime tommorrow and plan on making my 100 day goals more specific. As a special educator, I do this for my kids on a daily basis. Now it is time to write… Continue

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Its high time that I stop selling myself short...


So as I uploaded my video yesterday, I realized that I did not even talk about how I have finnally gotten around to making gratitude journalling a daily part of my life, and how much it has improved my attitude! I LOOK for things to be grateful for, and there are just so, so many. This grateful "flow" has also brought some great things to my life this week, such as a tuition scholarship for next year's master's degree program!!!!!! The letting go process has become quite easy for… Continue

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Day 4.5....

I was so sick yesterday with a migraine...ergh.

Anyways I wanted to mention that my 7th graders were watching Cinderella yesterday to compare to the similar story between 6 other cultures. As I listened, I thought what a good message! Remember this?

"A dream is a wish your heart makes

When you're fast asleep

In dreams you lose your heartaches

Whatever you wish for, you keep

Have faith in your dreams and someday

Your rainbow will come smiling… Continue

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Day 3

I was wrapped up in listening to others' stories today, and trying to see their points in a mindful way. Not easy! No video today, but will resume tommorrow. My tax payment may be less than anticipated, so that is good and good for my debt payment as well! I plan on buying / making a manifestation journal soon. I aim to manifest restful and rejuvenating sleep as well! :)

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