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Season 2.5, Day 38: a little bump...

Hi folks,


I've just found out that someone special will be moving to America next year for at least a year. We're not officially in a relationship, but have been very close for the last five years and live together... On one hand, I recognise movement needs to happen - and it is a year away! On the other I'm totally gutted. :( I know sometimes sweeping change has to happen, and I can't move on while we stay this way... But it still shakes me.


So I've had a…


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Season 2.5, Day 36: Reflecting on positive change

Hi folks,

I hope you are all well and happy! :) I have had a really lovely weekend. On Friday at 5pm I realised that I had been really enjoying my work (amazing!!!) and even planned to do some at the weekend. I took Saturday completely off and went to the local museum - it was really great! I felt inspired and refreshed. I did some yoga and then pottered around. Today I realised that I didn't want to do any work - and that the reason I'd enjoyed work last week was that I had taken the…


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Season 2.5, Day 32: It's ok to ask for help...

Hi folks,


I hope you are all well! :) I've been struggling/worried about something at work for a while. I'm supervising someone else and have been worried about making sure I do a good job. Today I decided just to check in with my boss and ask if I was on the right track. I am. And just like that my worry vanished! I guess I need to remember that it is perfectly ok to ask for help if you need it!!! That feels like a big lesson.


I've been tired this week - I…


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Season 2.5, Day 30: networking!

Today I tried something new. I went to a women's networking thingy. It was awesome - the business stuff was cool, but the ladies were just lovely! Bright, enthusiastic, friendly! There was also some wine (which never hurts, right? Well, ok too much can hurt a whole lot, but...) & yummy nibbles. It was 100% out of my comfort zone. A room full of strangers where you just have to go in and basically stroll up and introduce yourself. Then a kind of speed dating type scenario where we moved…


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Season 2.5, Day 29: new benefits from yoga...

Hi folks,

My main goal for this 100 days has been to recover from a long (long) period of insane stress and pressure.


I'm really starting to get there. Pressure has been taken off at work and I feel like I'm starting to get on top of things. Now the pressure is off (well, still pressure, but normal life pressure rather than crush your soul pressure!) I decided to just chill at the weekend.


I finally made it to the next town - we moved early last year…


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Day 24, Season 2.5: new perspective & a practical approach

I feel like I'm really starting to see things in a different light.... I really see how much I can control how I feel. Particularly, I've noticed that I create a lot of low grade stress - a number of small things which are always niggling at the back of my mind. Together these really build up.


So, I'm going to try having a 'daily check in' with myself to just note how I'm feeling and notice if there are things niggling at me. Then write them down, acknowledge them and make a…


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Day 22, Season 2.5: Lovely long Sunday

Hi folks,

I think I had the loooooongest day off I can remember! It seems really odd - usually when things are going well and I'm having a nice day it just whizzes by. Today time seemed to stretch out and I feel like I had 2 or 3 days in one. It wasn't particularly special, but I just rested, did yoga, tidied up, surveyed the garden (time to think about spring 2012, hooray!) and then tidied up some things for work tomorrow. It is so strange, but I'm very grateful and happy to welcome…


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Day 21, Season 2.5

Hi folks,


It was mot time again today and when I got up this morning I was conscious of the usual sense of dread - my car is becoming 'mature' and I was thinking about  how many hundreds of pounds worth of repairs she would need to get the certificate. Then I just checked myself and decided to take a different approach - there was no need to create that mentality so I just imagined her sailing through. Which she did - well with the exception of two small bulb changes.…


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Season 2.5, Day 19

Today I am grateful. I've made it through a reallly tough course and after 5 years have passed my viva. I can't begin to express how relieved I am and how grateful I am for the process (even though it has been painful at times). I'm also so grateful for this community, which has really been such a support during the difficult times. 


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Season 2.5, Day 13: More positive change

I think the thing that always surprises me about this challenge is the power of just beginning. It feels like it opens such a window for change & fresh air into my life!


It hasn't been two weeks yet, but I've noticed some pretty huge changes in the workplace, which have really reduced my stress levels quite dramatically. I'm just so relieved.


Usually when things go too welll I try and pull back, but not this time. I'm ready and willing to welcome in more…


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Season 2.5, Day 10: Lots of positivity

Hurrah, I've had a day full of positivity! I'm so grateful to have had one goood thing happen after another. I accept it and welcome in more positivity for tomorrow.


I also noticed that I've reallly gotten used to having nettle tea in the day rather than black tea or coffee. I'm also noticing that I feel so much better for taking my lunch in to work and eating a little every couple of hours rather than just having one big feast at lunchtime. My energy is really much more…


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Day 9: Soy puzzle

Hey folks,


About a year and a half ago I switched to soy milk as it felt right for me. I've since had a non-stop stress fest and have gained a stone and a half (eek!) to the point I'm now at the top of the healthy BMI. I was this size when I was a teenager, but hit 16 and hit my comfortable weight and never drifted more than half a stone than that until a year and a half ago (16 odd years later).


I put it all down to a bad combination of stress, too much…


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Season 2.5, day 8: dusty life???

Hey folks,


Well, I had quite a stressful, yet surprising first week back at work (and start to the challenge). Everything went better than expected, although I still have a couple of challenges to face.

I've been meditating more, doing more yoga and generally reflecting and a really strange image popped up. Essentially it was like my life was dusty - covered in a layer of fine soot. It reminds me of the fairytale of sleeping beauty, when the court is abandoned for 100…


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Season 2.5, Day 3: Over the first day, hurrah!

Hey guys,


I survived my first day back! My office mates weren't there, which was both good and bad. They are super cheery girls (uh, ok,say 5 years younger than me, but today I feel a cranky 85!) who can both really lift my mood and sometimes drain me if I just need my space. Today I needed space.


Thankfully there were no major dramas over Christmas (shock horror, the world doesn't need me fretting over it to still spin, who knew?!). ;) I had a surprisingly…


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Season 2.5, Day 2: Positive spin on first day back at work tomorrow

Hey guys,


I'm trying to put a positive spin on getting back to work tomorrow - it is not exactly my favourite place... I guess I'm not the only one who has a giant weight in the pit of their stomach thinking about going back to work - although I'm really trying to turn it around. There are some positive things I can take forward.


1) Last year I worried too much about what others thought. I know I got great feedback, yet I still tied myself up in knots about…


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Season 2.5, Day 1

Hey guys,


I'm back for season 2.5! Season 2 was awesome, it helped me get through what was the toughest year of my life. I kind of disappeared half way through though as my workload skyrocketed and I was only barely getting through the days... 

The focus of my 100 days will be on recovering my spirit...

Good luck everyone!





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Day 56: Wowza...

I haven't been blogging for a while...mainly because life just got really intense. I can't really put it into words, but it feels a bit like having several layers of skin blasted off/surviving being burned alive.


Everything went haywire. I have had my uni stress/dissertation to worry about, stressful job, breakdown of a very close relationship where we've been confused about our 'label' for several years now, and lots of body issues etc. I've never experienced anyting quite…


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Day 31: reflecting

The first month of this 100 day challenge has been amazing. I've been really touched by what a supportive, caring group of people use this site. I've also been amazed at some of the progress I've made.


In the last week I've made a pretty big break through regarding not feeling overwhelemed by the work I have to do - which usually stops me, or at least severely hinders my progress. Last week I had a magical day when I was able to just sit with it and move on anyway. That was…


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Day 27: 'It's ok button'

I don't know if you guys have seen this ? A friend sent me the link today and I love it. I've often wished I could have a reset button for when the day starts badly and just gets worse and worse... And this is a bit like that. I love how it stands for the fact that it is usually about our perception of something which is making us unhappy... And it is cool too. ;)


I've had a strange couple of days,…


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Day 25: A bit overwhelmed

Just when I feel like I'm getting my body/health in order, I seem to lose my head for work! It is so strange! I managed to make lots of good health choices yesterday (and today), but now am looking at my list of 'to dos' and feeling a bit stuck. I practice mindfulness meditation, yet am having such strong resistance to using my tools...


So, I'm choosing this as a valuable opportunity to practice sitting with this feeling of being overwhelmed and choosing to start working on…


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