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on this day of all days such a tragic and dark one when we lost our saviour i give thanks to God for sending his son to us and giving us the ultimate sacrifice,amen

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just watched lilou

on you tube the one from Abraham Hicks where you pretend youve got $100 cheque in you wallet to spend each day,im sure i can do that.........EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tks LILOU!!!!


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small things

i have noticed i always seem to attract parking spaces.i think about it just before i get there and it manifests!!

i also the other day wanted to get a smile from a pretty girl and that happened too!!(it was probably at the man behind me)LOL but never mind that counts!!

Gazz xx

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today being a Sunday i will put aside some time to Thank God for this abundant life we lead and to meditate.


Gazz xx

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but havnt added anything for 2 days
been really busy
will post tmw

Gazz xx

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will feedback later!!


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i didnt get a job i applied for
oh well with the positivity ive gained with the challenge i just know that there is something better planned for me!!

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theres so much on here and it is so inspiring.
but i am a bit lost as to what im supposed to be doing and posting each day?
anyone help pls?


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group vizualisation exercise

as a group we are having a synchronised visualition tonight.
we had one last night but i was so relaxed and zoned i actually fell asleep!! lol

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group visualisation

we are trying via the ynevano group to organise a group visualation(Raluca from Romanias idea).
hopefully we will be able to do this as it could be very powerful!!
will let you all know how it goes.

Gazz xx

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S1 D10

I have purchased and am listening now to the Secret audio CD!!

have an awesome weekend!!

Gazz xx

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s1 d9

have just done my daily you tube meditation with lilou......................thks Lilou!!

Gazz xx

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wise words

When you were a small child playing make believe, do you remember how convincing your imagination was to you? Well, this is what you must do when you want anything. Secretly, inside yourself, pretend that you have what you want already. For example, if you want friends, make believe or pretend that you have great friends now.

The moment you tip the balance by imagining and feeling that you have great friends now more than noticing that you don't, you will have great… Continue

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the lilou meditation manifestation from you tube

if anyone wants the link its

Gazz xx

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an email i got today

which may help some of you-its very uplifting from The Secret!!



A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne

Creator of The Secret

Be in Joy now and everything will change

In the moment that I discovered The Secret I realized that I had been living my entire life backwards. If things were good in my life, I was happy. If things were difficult in my life and everything was going wrong, I was stressed…

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lost count of what day it is but Season 1 anyways

What a magnificent and truly staggering book Conversations with God is!!

Its only possible to read about six pages at a time as it is so challenging and really makes you think!!

here goes with another truly inspiring day!!


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one thing i need to work on

dont let other peoples moods bring me down
ie my son
its difficult when hes crashing and banging around the house to stay calm!!hes 18!!

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this weekend

I am really going to work hard at taking on board the teachings of the Secret.

if i just have ti think it and thoughts become things how easy that should be but we make it hard.

You want a change in your life and here it is the Secret but do we really want change?

is that whats behind the difficulty of manifesting?

i have lived so long with the philosophy of dont hope for too much or youll only be dissapointed that its a hard one to shake…

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day 3 season 1

well that mlm company that i tried out transpired to be a waste of time,but another opportunity has sprung up so i will be getting my money back on the 1st and investing for just 7usd in the second one.

have just started reading Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsh which is an amazing book.but there is so much of importance in it that i can only read a few pages at a time as i have to take it all on board!!

Done all my gratitudes for the start of the day.

God… Continue

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its another beautiful spring day in the UK today.

said my Gratitude prayer i have a different one for each day i got from the Internet.

listened to chapter 2 of the Science of getting rich from u tube...many of the principles of the secret were gleaned from this book.

I have joined up yesterday with MLM company My World Plus and i am eager to press on with this today and start making money.

not a good start though as i would have expected to at… Continue

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