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DAY 1, Season 11

Hellooooo, my juicy Co-creators :)

I will be using this forum as a daily Gratitude Journal, with 5 (or more!) points of Gratitude every day for 100 days!

Today, I'm grateful for the bursts of purple and yellow crocuses in my front garden. For the beautiful Allegri mass I sang this morning at St Clements, and for all my colleagues there. For the dear people I know and love from St Clements, musicians, friends, and parishioners alike! For my sweet Cheech and my beautiful studio,…


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Wow, so much change has occurred since I set my Intention to fight for my space... I had an Open House at my yoga studio!!!! It was successful in that the space wasn't officially emptied and clean until the moment the Open House started, so it is actually better that most of the people who showed up were personal friends and not potential clients from the neighborhood. Now I can have another Open House, be more prepared, and give my all promoting it (I sort of half-ass promoted it bc I…


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DAY 4, Season 9

Aaahhh, so much gratitude! For the first time in a long time, I'm feeling hopeFUL, not hopeLESS, and it's in large part due to this amazing Cocreating Challenge! Thank you, Lilou, for creating this format! Grateful for the budding Japanese maple just outside my window. Grateful for my sister-in-law Jen, who basically saved my father's life this weekend, by recognizing an emergency and calling an ambulance. Grateful for rejection, because being rejected actually means being released from a…


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I don't even know where to begin. How about this? I've made a series of bad choices and bad judgments and now I feel completely stuck in this situation I created for myself. I probably need therapy, not a blog, but, with a blog, I don't have to get out of bed, or get dressed. I'm kidding, actually, although I did have the thought this morning that I wished I could just stay in bed and cry all day. One of my next thoughts was to challenge myself with this 100 Day Reality Challenge. 

So,… Continue

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DAY 87, Season 8

Gratitude and Shadow Work

I'm starting to get into a groove of easy, yet financially and musically rewarding singing jobs, and teaching yoga regularly at a couple studios really close to me in Philly. Everything is falling into place, schedule-wise. I'm filling the cracks in my singing schedule with yoga teaching gigs. And all this Abundance has everything to do with me just sitting back and patiently waiting for the right opportunities to come along and using my Intuition to know the…


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DAY 53, Season 8

When the Universe has a COMPLETELY different plan...

HA! So it's been a long time since I put the Intention out into the Universe to manifest a full-time career in yoga and to go more part-time with my singing career. But the Universe is just like, "Nope."  Every yoga teacher job I am offered by studios or gyms are for just one class a week, and they usually offer me the worst possible day/time, like Sunday morning, when there's NO WAY I'm giving up the $110 I get singing in the…


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DAY 44, Season 8

Trusting in the Process

We're always talking about "Being More, Doing Less" but it's so much easier to talk about then to put into action, or non-action, or, well, I think you get my gist. Especially when all "conventional wisdom" tells us to set a goal, make a list of steps to achieve that goal, then check off each item on the list a quickly as possible. And, of course, most of us here have lived and died by that "wisdom" for most of our lives. I had that exact mindset when I started…


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DAY 12, Season 8

"Often when you think you're at the end of something, you're at the beginning of something else." (Fred Rogers)

Well, my juicy co-creators, those of you who read some of my blogs know that I lost my dearest pit bull boyfriend of 16 years on June 15th. Unfortunately, on August 2, I had to say good-bye to my 15 year old cat, as well. If it hadn't been for the loss of my PBB (pit bull boyfriend), I probably would have noticed my cat was sick sooner, but, as it was, I attributed his…


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DAY 71, Season 7

How Jeni got her groove back...


Today is the first day since my sweetest pit bull boyfriend passed that I have given Gratitude, and I already feel so uplifted and purposeful! It's a game-changer!

Gratitude was a daily habit for me, until those last agonizing couple of days last month before my pit bull boyfriend passed and, since his passing, gratitude has been completely off my radar. Funny how easy it is to abandon one habit for another one, but it…


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DAY 56, Season 7

Happy July, my juicy co-creators! My goal for this season is to live from the heart, now and forever. 

But my heart is heavy.

On June 15th, I had to say goodbye to my sweet 16 year old pit bull boyfriend and I am still mourning him. 

My first thought was to just scrap this season completely and start over whenever I felt whole again...

But that seems sort of inauthentic. Because this is Life. You're in the Flow, then suddenly you experience a painful loss that…


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DAY 1, Season 7

Living from the Heart Part II

Last summer, starting in June, I embarked upon the "Summer of Living from the Heart"... following my bliss and living as if money was no object. I had the most amazing summer. I lived this way until my 2015-2016 singing season kicked off with the Jewish High Holidays and singing for Pope Francis in September. 

Today is Day 1 of "Living from the Heart Part II" and, this time, I will continue living from the heart now and from this day forward and…


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DAY 84, Season 6

Living Outside the Comfort Zone

As a professional singer who has long lived with performance anxiety, I live my life outside of the comfort zone. When I was about 25 years old or so, I completely gave up singing because it was so stressful: At auditions, I was such a nervous wreck that NO SOUND would come out of my mouth. Fear overtook my body so viscerally that I was physically unable to sing. 

So... I gave up music and became certified as an advanced hypnotherapist. The plan…


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DAY 67, Season 6

Today is the first day of Spring and the first day of Holy Week. As a musician, I make bank, and I also get to sing the most sublime music with some of the area's finest singers <3 I'm so grateful for S Clement's, my church gig. I'm also grateful for other musical opportunities--- 2 upcoming concerts, one of which I am the soloist for.

Grateful to be learning so much about yoga, especially Baptiste yoga methodology. I have been participating in workshops and programs with the…


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The world is finally recognizing what we here already know! You are a true inspiration! Much Gratitude for all that you do!!6-Spiritual-Youtube-channels-you-need-to-subscribe-to/u4zij/56ba23ee0cf2b4e0b622712f

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DAY 27, Season 6

The Tipping Point

First, there is the dawning of the dream. Then you set your Intention and Align yourself with your Intention. The momentum of energy surrounding your Intention starts to build and suddenly... it seems inevitable. It's the Tipping Point. The Point when you realize that your dream WILL come true, it MUST come true. You don't need to hold yourself to any timeline, because you trust that everything will unfold for you in just the right time, in the right way. You don't…


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DAY 11, Season 6

I am just so In the Flow. Everything is happening, yet I am not making anything happen. I don't have the need to be "doing" all the time. I am content and happy knowing that I am on the Right Path. 

I've committed to teaching a small posse of friends at my home studio on a weekly basis. I am really excited to do this, so I can try my own yoga flows out on people :) I am excited for the feedback. 

I've also been accepted into a Level One Empowerment Program at Hotbox Yoga which…


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DAY 7, Season 6

Wonderful miracles occur when you sit back and do NOTHING!

On Day 1 of this Season, I set my Intention to manifest a successful career as a yoga instructor (while maintaining my singing career). To that end, I set a goal of creating a resume and sending it out to area health clubs.


I created a resume, but when it came to sending it out to health clubs, I froze. For some reason, although it seemed like the next logical step, my heart was telling me I wasn't ready.…


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DAY 5, Season 6

It is a bitter cold and windy day here in Philadelphia, so I am giving Gratitude for all that warms my body and my heart: my home, my furnace, my snuggly doggy and kitty, my clothes and blankets, my family and friends, yoga, which I am about to practice to build heat in my body, and coffee :^)

Namaste, cocreators! I hope you all have warm hearts and if anyone living in a warm climate would like to invite me to visit, I accept your invitation! :)))))) 

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DAY 1, Season 6

I am super excited to begin a new season today!!!!

This season, I will be focusing on building a NEW CAREER as a yoga instructor, while maintaining my singing career. 

Because I am a big fan of "fake it till ya make it," I have already been telling anyone and everyone who will listen that I am a successful yoga instructor... now I just have to allow reality to catch up :^)

I was officially certified (RYT-200) on November 24, 2015, then December happened. As a…


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DAY 100, Season 5

Today is the first full day of winter, which means the light is increasing :) I feel as if my light is also increasing. In 2015, I wasted a lot of time doing. Now I am just enjoying Being. I have no real agenda. My intention is increase. Increase Gratitude, increase Abundance, increase Joy, increase Love. I will follow my bliss! Namaste.

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