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Post Season 7 - Start date 1st July 2015, end date 8th October 2015

My Intention for this season is to manifest a better more joyful and balanced life over the next 100 days.

These are the areas I will be working on and the goals I am setting

Finances - financial stability

A safe and reliable car of my own

Debt Free

In credit for my bills

Independent income of $1000 a week minimum consistently, working from home around my kids


Happy and healthy…


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These are my Afformations for this season

- Why do I have balance and harmony in every part of my life

- Why do we enjoy routines in our days

- Why am I focused and productive in my work

- Why are my relationships so supportive and joyful

- Why do we have a great new home

- Why am I able to manifest everything I want and need with ease and grace

- Why am I able to support my families

- Why are all my online business successfully generating $10k a… Continue

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Season 6 - Day 7 - I'm starting to reconnect

Since starting this season I couldn't seem to figure out how to do it all again.

Reading back on my previous seasons I felt very desperate to get back to that person, to feel those feelings of joy and gratitude and see the good and happiness in just being me.

I didn't realise till that point that I had changed so much and that my life had taken such a new path. It scared and depressed me for a few hours. I started to re-trace the steps I had taken and I see it all a little… Continue

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Season 6 - Day 2

Another less than ideal day full of chaos lol. After reading back on my previous post it feel so overwhelming and negative. And I woke up today in a less than ideal mood.

However I'm just going to put it down to being a little burnt out right now. I'm heading to the docs tomorrow to sort out my anaemia issues and get onto some sort of contraception. I had a few dizzy spells so I really need to address a few things health wise to align myself with my "healthier me"… Continue

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Season 6 - Day 1

In all honesty I'm really struggling to get started.

I'm not sure where my head is at and even with all my good intentions I had a shit day lol.

My two baby boys were such handfuls today. My 2yr old has suddenly decided to start throwing projectiles, big and small, at either someone or something.

His 9mth ol brother is now sporting a big bruise on his head from a toy that was lobed at him while he was on the floor playing. A cup on the bench was the next victim… Continue

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Season 6 Intentions

Season 6 Inten

Create and build on incorporating ways to live a life of balance and harmony for myself and for my family. This I will achive as follows:

Become a healthier version of myself by eating healthier, incorporating fun ways to excersie into my day and working on becoming smoke free.

Healthy eating

I have a 4week meal plan set out and because it's spring here in Aussie there are some great specials on current seasonal fruit and… Continue

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Season 6 intentions

After around 3yrs of changes I seem to have come full circle.

I give thanks to the universe for leading me back to this positive space and for giving me the kick in the ass that was need in order for me to finally move forward.

So as of October 1st 2014 I am going to be starting my 6th season.

At the moment I am in the process of setting out my intentions for this season but will post when I've had time to meditate on it and bring it into clarity.

In… Continue

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Do over of Season 5 - Day 17 - seek and you shell find

I am grateful to say that I have finally landed a job. Not just any job, but a nice easy call centre job, close to home, well, sort of, and one that only goes for 3months. Exactly what I was looking for. Amazing!!!!

In conjunction with this, although things have been such a struggle financially since moving back to melbourne, we always have money to feed ourselves. There always seems to be something coming in that covers us enough to be able partially pay for some other things…


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Do over of Season 5 - Day 5 - quote of the day

Found this quote on a friends Facebook page and I feel it represents what I've been struggling with over this last few months.

"The thing is, we have to let go of all blame, all attacking, all judging to free our inner selves to attract what it is we want. Until we do, we are hamsters in a cage chasing our own tails and wondering why we aren't getting the results we seek" - ~Joe Vitale

This has been a vital issue in my life recently. Judging others by my own…


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Do over of Season 5 - Day 1 - Reflection

After a short stint on my last season 5 attempt, Ive decided to do a do over lol.

Its been so long since I actually had a season on here that I am truly befuddled as to how to restart. So i thought a bit of reflection would be a good place to start.

Looking back on this last year, I've made so many new life choices and steered myself into so many new directions that I feel like if I made a map of my last year it would look a little like a maze lol.



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OMG its nearly been a year

wow, its almost been a year since I was able to get enough access to the net to get back on here.

Ive sorely missed the positive and inspiring influences that have helped and guided me through some of the best and worst times of my life.

I am absolutely looking forward to starting a new season here. So many new experiences have been had since my last post and I feel like its all run into a bit of a blur and need to be able to working through some of the most major…


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Season 5 - Day 4 - Manifestation not only for myself

As per my previous blog post about one of my first manifestations, there have also been other things that have come to pass without me even really thinking about them. Im still trying to organise myself realy and here things are just coming together bit by bit.


With regards to my smoking, I seem to have taken a subconcious walk into smoking less without knowing it. I have smoked probably half of what i normaly would in the last 3 days and just figured that out…


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First show of the law of attraction has been manifested already

Since the loss of my mother, and the knowledge that went with her regarding our people (maori) I have been on something of a mission to regan some of that lost information. Being in Australia makes it harder but certainly not imposible.

Because my loss is so recent my mum has been in my mind and heart everyday and as I have searched online for information about our family history and culture, I have made a discovery of her on the net. She was a prominant figure in our tribe and…


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Season 5 - Day 1 - Starting at the Begining

Its been far to long since i was last on here and even longer since I was activily participating in the 100day challenge.

There has been one major event since I was last here, one that happend quiet recently actualy which has been one of the defining factors that has bought me back here to start over again.

As of the 5th of May my mother passed away back in New Zealand. Ive been through a number of feelings since coming back to Australia and the fact that my mum was one of the…


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Pre Season 5 - Note to self

Well, I had all intentions of starting season 5 on the 1st of August, however, as life happens, I lots complete track of time.

However, I have managed to commit to one of my season 1 through 4 commitments and that was to give up smoking.

As of July 19th I quit smoking. Its been one month and 1 day since I said goodbye to those nasty smelly sticks of cancer and it was pretty good going for the first couple of weeks. Yet, throughout this journey I have found myself at a loss. My… Continue

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Day 99 - Season 4 - OMG already?

hmmm, my 100days seems to sneak up on me lately, its almost over for another season for me, and its my 4th. WOW. Im getting good at this whole consistant thing me thinks, lol.

If you have read my blogs you will know what I have been blessed with throughout my seasons here on CCOR and I don't think I want to go into the materialistic stuff this time round, I really want to focus on the learnings and people and experiences of this last 99 days more because they have been the bigger… Continue

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Day 82 - Season 4 - I am Afforming my life into full manifestation mode

Recently I came across a man by the name of Noah St John and an invention that he came up with in the shower one day that is called Afformations.

I read up on Afformations and bought his book "The Great Little Book of Affirmations" and from the first day I

started using my own Afformations I was manifesting up a…


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Day 60 - Season 4 - "We think, therefore we are" and 30day Afformations Experiment

Well, its been many days since I last blogged. Mainly because Im on dial up again and it takes forever to load.

So up till now Ive been doing on and off focusing stints where some days everything goes to plan because im on track, and other days the day just passes me by without any awareness, not a good place to be really.

So things work wise have been exactly the same.

Ive been discovering more and more about the different universal laws and found something that… Continue

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Day 40 - Season 4 - Mothers Day Reflections

Ive never really been a fan of mothers day. To be honest I would use it as an excuse to have a lazy day on the couch and I refused to cook or clean that day, lol.

As I look back and reflect on this last mothers day, I say it was the best mothers day I have ever had. Not because of what I was blessed enough to recieve from my wonderful family, but because the mindset I had yesterday was far different, far more grateful and far more accepting than any of my past mother day… Continue

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Day 32 - Season 4 - 30day Update

Ok, so I wanted to set myself challenges over a 30day period rather than over the full 100 days and I actualy deleted my intents from here for them.

However, I did actualy achieve some of my intents for the first 30days.

1 - Launch 2 campaigns - Done and Dusted baby Yeah

2 - Cut down smoking from 20+ a day to less than 15 a day - I am now only smoking around 13 some days even getting down to 10.

Im not actualy sure what else I put, lol, however I am still in a review… Continue

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