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Day 19: Season 3

I am having a really laid back weekend having worked 7 days in a row. I struggle a bit at work as I don't really enjoy it nor does it fulfil me, but I am relishing living in abundance and have already lost 4lbs, another 12lbs and I'll have reached my goal. Things are positive but I find myself looking at training to become aprimary school teaching, returning to teaching is like wrapping a blanket around myself in the face of a hurricane, it feels safe and comfortable but ultimately its not…


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Day 3: Season 3

Yesterday was a really difficult day, I was hit hard following the death of Daddy's partner who passed away this week, my father also passed away 4 years ago and I was overwhelmed by how sad it is that two beautiful young people are gone from this life. It was difficult to be positive, because this was at the back of my mind all day. All my books and everything I enjoy tends to be about moving forward into a bright new future but with such a loss and the added anxiety of possibly being made…


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Day 2: Season 3


I lose weight quickly and easily.

I love my body and affirm its beauty.

I paint and draw amazing creations I am very proud of.

I write amazing stories that I love and are in turn loved by the public.


I am grateful for the wonderful food I eat.

I am grateful for my hilarious aunts.

I am grateful for this beautiful day.

I am grateful for my new laptop and the creativity it unleashes.

I am…


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Day one: Goals

My Goals for this Season, Season 3 the magical number of creation.

Together with the universe I have created the following:

I have written my novel which will soon be published.

I weigh 9st

I am getting ready for my exhibition

I have an abundant income achieved from joyful creative means.

Woohoo! I can't wait to begin this wonderful new part of my life!

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Gratitude: Day 54

Dear Lord,

Thank you for

My Business idea

The happiness and excitement I feel when I think about my new plans for the future.

My magnificent family and friend.

The beautiful product I'll be offering.

The hope I feel.

My new purposeful goals I can work towards.

The wonderful food I've been enjoying.

A lovely day I had at the cinema today with my stupendous friends.

My make-up.

I cant wait to manifest my dreams thank…


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Gratitude: Day 39

Lord Thank you for:

The recruitment agency I've signed up to

My upcoming trip to Birmingham

The lovely school I'm interviewing with

My amazing supportive family

A lovely dinner

A great night at the cinema


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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A big thank you to the lord for:

My Reference being sorted

A lovely dinner

A beautiful drive in the countryside

Lots of fun meaniful jobs to keep me busy

And wonderful programs on TV

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

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Things keep on coming and they are most welcome

Well today was such a wonderful day so I'll just jump into being thankful for it.

Thank you so much Lord, the universe and angels for:

My Aunt's assessment being a success

A terrific run

The energy to exercise

My learning through tefl

The wonderful job interview I have next Wednesday

The lovely slice of chocolate cake I got

The way you can always change things for the better.


A million thank you's.

And joy love…


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Wow the power of gratitude!

Well God and the power of the universe really give you more of what you put out. yesterday I was committed to posting a list of all I am grateful for even though I was feeling pretty hopeless and not in a very grateful mood. Today I have an abundance of new things to be so grateful for.

I've booked a trip to Salou in Spain and have enroled in three fantastic course that make me really excited.


So today Lord thank you so much for:

My family and their tremendous…


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To the Lord, Thank you so much for:
My fantastic family, pets and wonderful friends.
My beautiful home.
The purposeful work I did outside today.
My clothes and make up.
My magnificent car.
My faith and beliefs.

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Season 2: Day 18 Whats my next big adventure?


I realised today that I have reached the end of my goals. All I have worked towards is on the verge of fruition and I think that is why I am very frustrated and am having great difficulty manifesting. My life thus far has been focused on becoming a teacher, going to college and learning all the skills I need to be a teacher. The reality is that I am coming to the end of this…


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Day 5: An opportunity

Well I have a wonderful interview tomorrow in a fantastic school but I find I am nearly scared to be hopeful as this is my 7th interview and I am frightened of having a bad interview moreso than not getting the job, I feel not good enough. How strange when I know that there is no such thing as being not good enough we are all the best at being who we are. Fear of failure is creeping in as I don't feel…


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Season 2: Day One- Thanks for the Wisdom Past and welcoming the new.

Nearly 3 weeks ago was my birthday and though on the surface I had a list of wonderful achievements in reality I kept asking what have I done with my life that has been worthwhile and given me joy. I felt that for the past two years I have been a drift hoping for a better future rather than embracing the present. I felt I was a victim of circumstance and though I had the tools to create my reality, I felt trapped…


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I am ready to let go

Everything is working out so well. I have finally decided to release my desire to be a teacher, if it is meant to be it will find me and I accept that with joy. I have realised I have been struggling with myself and the universe to manifest a job which I thought was my vocation but I am starting to doubt. Your vocation should be your vacation, it doesn't mean that their won't be hard work involved but you should feel energised at the thought of that…


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Day 100

Well its day 100 and I am proud to say I have manifested a lot throughout these past 3 months that have been wonderful:

I began a Law of Attraction group in my home town.

I had 4 interviews for a teaching job

I have lined a new school to substitute in.

I got Sky Tv which I have dreamed about since I was a child not to mention a new 32 inch TV.

I had loads of work in my part time job in the chemist.

I started writing a book called manifesting for…


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Day 91: Its time for Big Statements

9 Days left and boy have I had some wonderful experiences which Im going to go through on Day 100. Today I'm ready to make some big statements about my new job which is ready to manifest that make me feel great at a very practical level.

1. The next time I go to a school will be to start my job as a religion teacher with steady hours.

2. This Christmas I will be teaching and will only be working in the shop to help out.

3. If I was offered a religion job tomorrow I'm…


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Hi Guys.

Well its been awhile but I think I am actually starting to make progress. I finally found out what I need and want, it sunk in that I need to devote my time to experiencing real happiness and joy, because up to this I have been trying to prevent unhappiness rather than allowing happiness into my life. I also discovered in terms of finding a teaching job that I have been settling, I have applied for every job I am qualified for when I really want to be a Religion teacher,…


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Catch up

Hello my fellow Co-creators,

Its been awhile since I have posted but thankfully that is because I have been so busy. I have been working a grat deal and have secured enough work in my part-time job until the end of October. I've also had some substitution work in my wonderful school and so far have worked 14 hour which is a could start as I need 300 teaching hours to be fully qualified so I am thrilled with how…


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Day 41: Manifesting Happiness with TV

Everything is going so brilliantly and its because I'm just so happy. I am enjoying life and I am manifesting so much because of that. I have already manifested a job interview and 3 full weeks work because of that. I am in such a positive frame of mind and I know exactly why and what has been missing in my life. My favourite TV shows are back now that its autumn and  my imagination is working overtime and it makes me happy. I have been so focused on attracting…


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Day 28: Forced out of Hibernation into an amazing new world


So excuse me as I faint from sheer amazment at the law of attraction and pure exhaustion. I finished my last post with 'Who knows what brilliant news I'll have for you tomorrow.' Since then I have completed my first teaching day subbing in the school where I trained and subbed last year. I actually did not sleep a wink last night I was so excited (and frightened I wouldn't be well enough to teach a good lesson). I kept…


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