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Day 4 - Season 4 - Aligning with Self

Doing well. :)

Its 1 hundred percent centering in on your own well-being, on how you feel and what makes you happy. Do not take on peoples negative vibrations only follow your own guidance and intuition. We all make mistakes but only bad mistakes when we are thinking out of alignment with who we really are. You must learn what you do want from what you don't want. Focus within. No need to escape yourself. You will guide you perfectly, if you let it, if you give it the chance, if you… Continue

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Day 4 - Season 4 - A slip up but still strong intentions

Friday was very hectic running around helping some friends move, I think spirit was giving me practice for our moves coming up.  My partner got confirmation of a house acceptance, which is good but at the moment it will be her and the kids or perhaps her and we sharing kids.

In the day/evening I was really craving a drink, specially being Friday, but I resisted.  I went to the pub in the night and had a soda water with slice of lemon....  Then I got bought a wine, which I had and…


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Day 2 Season 4 - Hectic but good.

Well 4 days now no booze.  I haven't slept properly since I gave up, I managed to get 1 hour last night!!  That's just not good right?  

I ran around all day today trying to get money together to pay for essential things as we are so broke right now, money still comes fairly easily it just goes so fast lol... MY car is broken but is becoming fixed in vibrational escrow and all is lining up!

I was so tired all day but I soldiered on till 9pm and managed to get 3 hours sleep!…


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Day 1 (RE-Boot) - Season 4

100 Day Challenge Day 1

I quit drinking on the 26th February 2012, 3 days ago.

Went to pub today (twice), first time since giving up, drank half coke, and on the second visit a soda water with slice of lemon (squeezed in), was OK had fun, urge to drink only crept in a couple of times but then disappeared.

NEW Aims & Objectives:

• Stay off drinking for min 100 days

• Totally clear up and paint my current house

• Find another place for me and…


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The Optimist said to the Pessimist


The Optimist:

'So finally I am truly contented and blessed with a happy and healthy life, full of all that I ever desired.  You are still left unhappy, unfulfilled and even more physically diseased than when I last saw you.  Will you now perhaps understand the power of thoughts and start to listen to your Inner Being?'


The Pessimist:

'It's too late.'


The Optimist:

'It's never too…


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Tick Tock Goes the ‘Countdown’ Clock

Even after all,

We've avoided the fall,

I take that which I desire,

Which facilitates and gets me higher,

I ask you to give me strength, you do,

I wait while you move, while you re-coordinate your power,

Only to find time, eating away at my life, hour after hour,

Chewing away the moments I need more of, limiting aspect, limiting me,

So give me mastery of myself to become free,

Not limited by anything or anyone, but not the fool either,

Oh looking good in… Continue

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Zig Zigs - 8 Steps to Success

8 Steps of Success – Zig Ziglar


1> Do not judge the day by the weather.

2> Look for the good in every situation and in every person.

3> Greet people properly whether on the telephone or in person.…


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Day 95 100 Day reality Challenge Season 3


I'm feeling positive tonight. I have been very good on the no drinking front, in 3 months Ive had 3 sessions! That's pretty damn good when you consider I was drinking practically every other day before. I believe I've really got it under control now, it was a real factor in helping me find out who I am and where I ‘m going. Admittedly there has been a decrease in exercise, which I look to improve shortly, and I have been smoking a bit more pot and eating a bit more chocolate.… Continue

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Dan's Day 71 - S3, Rising from the Trenches, personal progress update...

Day 71 Season 3

Personal Progress:

Still keeping off the booze although had a few little lapses, which just convinced me more that I’m on the right track by not drinking, it just doesn’t feel good anymore, or at least the majority of the time, yeah I enjoy the initial buzz of alcohol but the bad feelings, dehydration and hangover effects just aren’t worth the few hours of pleasure.

Been going through a lot at home, my partner is going through a miscarriage (hence the… Continue

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Dan's Day 42, Season 3 – Better and better, everyday.

Personal Progress:

I gave up drinking nearly 3 weeks ago now. It was my own decision and not due to anything too bad, just a choice to feel better, for longer, not just up and down, peaks and troughs all the time, but more of a constant OK feeling, hopefully rising to a great feeling of happiness...


Things are looking up, I have designed some amazing leaflets to distribute for my Web company, thing is I never knew I was capable of such design, not meaning to big… Continue

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Holy Hot Potatoes! - How crazy is this? Dream signs...

I had a dream last night after a heavy Abraham watching session on youtube. I was in a small villiage there was various people around, all seemed incredibly peaceful, there was a lady, I think she was carrying milk from milking cows, I distinctly remember some calling the name 'Tamera' like calling to someone, sounded like a girls name, I wondered wether it was the milk girls name, but I somehow felt it wasn't.

Anyway distinctly remembered that name today. I only just had a flying… Continue

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Finally done my vision board it's nutz lol

Took me about 12hours, no really! But I finally got something together in A3 300DPI, which my designer mate is gonna print on high quality photo paper. Anyway here's the link if you want to have a look:

I done an Inspiration one also with pictures of all the people that have inspired me...

Love to… Continue

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Sun, & clouds, strong wind & slow wind. - Thought, Feelings, Action.

Do you even know how powerful you really are?

You want your proof perhaps?

Perhaps listen to strong wind or stand outside on a very windy day, when I think to slow the wind, and I feel it slowing already, it starts to slow... I think, I feel and I act by having already put myself in line with the thing I wish to change.

I have influenced the clouds covering the sun a few times, I can make the sun shine through all the clouds, I have concentrated on the suns rays… Continue

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Jewel Kilcher's - Success Story - Amazing!

My name is Jewel. Jewel Kilcher. (Yes, Jewel is my real given name). I am 5'6”. I have green eyes, like my grandmother Ruth. Ruth was an aspiring opera singer who left pre-war Germany, got on a ship headed to Alaska to marry a man she hardly knew because she felt her future children must be born somewhere free.

She married Yule Kilcher, who was a young idealist who hiked across the Alaskan glaciers by foot, with a ladder on his back, which he used to bridge crevasses in the ice… Continue

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God Please Help Me & He Did!!

I wrote consciously what is written in bold text, the rest just came with the flow.

God please help me.

I wish to know what I need to do?

What do I really want? Beyond everything?

To feel happy -
Feel happiness, feel joy, see beauty in all things, focus only on the good and positive, move away from negativity quickly.

To feel content - find space inside your life for yourself, your expressions, your hobbies, your… Continue

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The comfort and protection of the highest power

Time just flys by, don't it just!!

Time just flows and flows and flows.

It seems to beat it's drum so quickly, like all the hours in the day just float away.

It's always seems so early or so late, but not so much the happy flow of unlimitless opportunity and balance, it's here or there with little inbetween. Am I fighting it's flow? I am improving in my perception and perspective. I am learning and accepting more and more each day. That the power within is…

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I can't even remember writing this, seriously!

TTD (Things To Do)

Let the light consume you, let it take away all negative emotion.

Let it focus you and inspire you to live your dreams, one step at a time. Everyday making achievements, moving towards the life and existance you truly want and deserve. Love and light my friend, no more waiting and antisipating, only inspiration, motivation, achievement, reward, completions and more reward. Work for your happiness, set your goals and achieve them, one by one. Create your… Continue

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