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What would you like?

I would like to order a loving honest single man who loves me and my kids, is a man of his word, would never knowingly do anything to hurt me, is fun, sexy, liberal, Jewish, manly, someone who is my best friend, lover and biggest fan. Someone who accepts and appreciates my love, support and friendship as I do his, who always checks in, and knows how to communicate and wants…


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I'm Back with Gratitude

This has been a hard weekend but I am giving myself the best present tonight. I'm back on this site in order to turn my mind set around. I'm giving myself the healing loving gift of GRATITUDE.

Dear Universe, I am so grateful for:

my house, my boys, their health, my health, my work, new…


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Settling In & Making *ME* Time

Packing up a 2 bedroom condo and moving to a new big old house was very overwhelming but I did it! I am enjoying the house although it's A LOT of work. Luckily I have been helped by a few friends. I'm very happy with the neighborhood, the community, my new commute. My boys are settling nicely into their new school. I have much to be grateful for!…


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After many obstacles, I am finally a homeowner! I didn't know how I would buy it, and I still don't know how I will keep it, but I am determined to do my best and give my kids this experience. I have already experienced 2 miracles in this process, so why not expect a few…

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Amazing Manifestation!

On Day 101 of my season, I went into contract on my first house! It might be the only goal I achieved for this season but I'll take it! Now my goal is to get through inspection, financing and appraisal. I will own my first home in less than 40 days! THANK YOU…


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I have a question

I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong if anything. One of my wishes was to catch up with my work. I have wished this for a long time. I hate the feeling of being disorganized and behind in paperwork. Well I finally caught up, but it's because business is way down. Now I find myself wishing that I was behind again, because that would mean I would be busy and making more money. I"m hardly making any now! Is this a cruel joke by the Universe? I'm trying to figure out why this happened and…


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Magic Wand--Make a Wish!

What do you want? Be my guest to use my magic wand and wish away!

I am wishing for my beautiful, spacious, everything-that-I-want house to become mine very soon! I am so excited…


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We Got This!

Ask, believe and receive! I'm up against the odds, but I will find the perfect house, and MY offer will be accepted. I cannot let everyone's fears stand in my way. Me and my boys deserve to live in a beautiful house in a good neighborhood. I have wanted this for a long while. I have asked. I am taking inspired action. I am ready to make an offer when the right house appears. …


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Love and Gratitude

Feeling love and gratitude! I'm so thankful for the loving monetary gift that will help me to buy the beautiful home that is coming my way. Also I'm so proud of my boys for giving an amazing musical performance, and so happy that they had this positive experience to help them feel good about themselves. Thank you Universe for…


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Ask Believe Receive

I have asked for a gift and tomorrow I intend to receive it! I feel so excited and also so lucky and grateful! Thank you…


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Love Yourself More

As Valentines Day approaches I hope that everyone here is planning what to do for your most special Valentine--you! I really have been trying to be good to myself. Some nice things that I have done for myself are taking some relaxing epsom salt baths, lighting reiki candles, and I gave myself a facial. I have been meditating and focusing on gratitude. I have shown the world…


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I can buy that house!

I can afford a beautiful old home in a great school district! It is within my reach to have a 4BR, 2 BA home with a finished basement, fireplace, new kitchen, family room, solid roof and windows, and beautiful hardwood floors. I'm on my way to getting a lovely house with friendly neighbors and only a short walk to school. I am so excited. I drive through the neighborhood and…


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Goals for the Challenge

I guess I should mention my goals.

1) My first goal is to turn my thinking and feeling around. To have an attitude of gratitude at all times. Feel hopeful and excited. This will set the groundwork for all other goals. I'm already making progress on this one.

2) Next goal is to resolve all the work problems. Get paid properly. Start earning more money. I love my…


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New Season, New Outlook, New Life!

I am going to take the plunge and start a new season (#13). I have not done this in well over a year. I cried so much today. Nothing has been going right in any area including my health, my kids, work, money, love life. I know I need to change my attitude from hopeless to hopeful. I started today by taking an hour long walk, and during it I repeated over and over, I am…


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Welcome New Blessings on this Harvest Full Moon

The Full Moon on October 27, which is also a full Harvest Moon, brings with it a host of promises and blessings that are going to touch relationships. And that’s a good thing for those wishing to see their current relationship status get a little boost, no matter what your current relationship status is. A Full Moon is always about transformation. Release once and for all all the expectations, reactions, behaviors and attitudes that no longer serve you. It's a time of reflection,…


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You don't have to know HOW, you just have to believe it will happen

I have been saying for at least 2 years that I must buy a house. My kids can't go to middle school next year where I live currently. The schools are just not good. I know which school district I want them to attend but there are no apartments or condos to rent there. I also really want them to know what it is to grow up in a house. I have no choice but to move but I don't know how I will do it because I have no savings at all for a down payment. Well that was until last weekend. I found out…


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Wish on the Blue Moon Now Through Aug 2nd

Either tonight or tomorrow night is Full Moon night (depending on which part of the world you live in)! And this Full Moon is a powerful Blue Moon with a glorious Full Moon in Aquarius! We always say, when it comes to the Full Moon, make your wishes count. …


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How to Grieve, Not Give Up Hope, and Be Grateful all at the Same Time

I am struggling with hope and gratitude because although things are going fairly well for me personally, my niece, whom I love like a little sister, had a stroke and now has severe brain damage. The chances of a meaningful recovery are slim to none. If anyone has any ideas about how to cope with this, please respond. There really is no answer but I would appreciate your prayers for her. Sending out love and light to everyone...

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It's sad that I just saw an ad for shale drilling and "hot asian women" on this site. Doesn't really go along with spirituality... :(

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