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Achievement #424 - What feels good?

Yesterday was lovely, mainly because for one of the first times, I gave all my actions entirely over to the question, what feels good? By focusing on what felt good in my body, I was able to avoid many distractions that might have felt pleasurable for a moment, but wouldn't have felt so great in the long term. I also caught several moments where I started to choose what was right over what was good. In other words, when my ego wanted to be right in a situation instead of accepting…


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Achievement #423 - I am not shy

Had an awesome weekend, letting my nerdy side hang out with friends at a table-top convention. I have many fond memories, not least of which was the re-affirmation that I am not shy, at least, not by choice. I simply don't have much opportunity to be around people who are interested in the things I am interested in. For someone in an industry which requires a lot of face-to-face contact, this is an important reminder.

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Achievement #422 - Successful meeting

Myself and a fellow instructor had to make a presentation at the general meeting yesterday. We'd put together a basic idea of what we would talk about, but I had several lessons before the meeting, so we couldn't refresh beforehand. Though I was nervous, the presentation went very well, and some very good questions were raised about how our programs should be presented. Which means we have to do it again in two weeks :p

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Achievement #421 - An exercise in being social

I tend to enjoy my quiet time, especially on the weekends. So meeting some colleagues of my wife's for brunch, followed by seeing my family for dinner, was definitely a test of my energy. Despite that, I still managed to keep from zoning out (too much) and even learned some things about both groups I didn't learn before. The food was delicious too :)

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Achievement #420 - Being there for others

Yesterday delivered a lot of opportunities for me to practice empathizing with others. First I walked in on one of my coworkers crying in the staff room because her dog is very sick and she needed to put him down. I didn't know her well, but I did my best to listen and tell her how lucky he was to have her. Then I visited a student of mine who's been hospitalized and might have brain cancer. She was trying to stay positive, but was understandably scared. Fortunately she believes in a lot of…


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Achievement #419 - Quietly productive

Sundays are usually rest days for me - that means very little work gets done at all. I often feel a bit uncomfortable during these days, because part of me would like to do more. So I made yesterday a 'low-impact workday', meaning I did some work on the computer, in between gaming and other things. It left me feeling the day had been relaxing, but still fulfilling. A good way to go into the new week.

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Achievement #418 - Unexpected challenges

Yesterday, the thing I kept being afraid would happen, happened. I went to teach chair dancing at a long-term healthcare centre, and left my speakers at home. There was some panic-y moments en route, but I used the same to select the songs with the loudest beats, and pumped the volume as high as my laptop could allow. The result? It was still a great class, and no one complained about the music.You might say the hardest part was all the stressing I did about it beforehand ;)

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Achievement #417 - Never giving up

It's been a scary few months for me: Students have been leaving or getting sick faster than new ones have come in, and savings is lower than it's ever been, and tax season is coming up. And yet, never before have I been as determined as I am today. Setbacks which would have made me give up now only make me grit my teeth and try another way. The fears which would have me stay safe within my comfort zone grow a little weaker everyday. And yesterday I filmed another set of instructional videos,…


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Achievement #416 - On giving advice

One of my students started crying yesterday. She was upset because she was moving out of the city, away from the studio and the people she knew, to care for a relative's child for several months. Despite the panic-y voice inside that unhelpfully shouted 'quick! say something comforting!' I simply got her a tissue and listened to her a bit. When I felt it was a good time to speak, I suggested she focus on one day at a time, rather than get wrapped up in worst-case scenarios about the future.…


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Achievement #415 - Presence in Conversation

Yesterday was spend with a number of nerdy friends of mine for a rousing session of Dungeons and Dragons. There is usually a fair bit of socializing throughout the day, and as I'm relatively new to the group, it has caused me to be inauthentic at times in order to protect myself. This time I tried to apply more presence to the situation, the intention being to allow myself to listen more, think less, and allow the thoughts that naturally arose to come out. It was difficult, and I noticed…


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Achievement #414 - Crazy day!

I just wanted to say that yesterday I survived 6 hours of wall-to-wall dancing, plus a workout, and I still found time to get groceries and visit my friend in the hospital. And yes, I do believe I deserved that pizza and wine dinner. Thank you.

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Achievement #413 - Leaving it to the Universe

Another technique from Ask and it is Given I've started trying: In my daily to-do lists, I separate my tasks into two groups. The first is what I want to do, and includes all the absolute essential things I plan on finishing no matter what. The rest I put under another heading, What I'd Like The Universe To Do, and this is the less important things that I'd love to do if some time opened up. The idea is by reducing my own list, it's much less stressful to simply focus on those, and…


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Achievement #412 - Business Diplomacy, Part 2

Challenging day yesterday! First, one of my frequent couples was frustrated with each other, and there was a lot of finger-pointing going on. I managed to diffuse the situation by focusing on how they could move together as a team, instead of laying blame. Then in my group class, one woman got very distracted and started dancing her own movements! She was our only follower, so this was definitely a problem. I 'laid down the law', and pointed out that having fun was great, but not at the…


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Achievement #412 - Returning to social dancing

I recently started kizomba lessons with my wife, and we headed over to a dance hall yesterday to practice. It was the first time in a while I've social danced apart from my studio, but I had a fantastic time! It was awesome seeing how what I'd learned so far could be applied with different people, and gratifying that it worked with almost everyone I danced with. Can't wait to do it again!

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Achievement #411 - Business Diplomacy

The studio got a call yesterday from someone who manages the accounts and schedule for a couple I just started teaching. Kind of caught me by surprise, since they hadn't mentioned him. It was a bit worrying when he explained who he was - I suspected I was about to get shouted at for talking them into using money without his permission - the secretary warned me he was a bit 'odd' when she gave me his number. I managed not to overthink it however, as I dialled his number and introduced myself.…


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Achievement #411 - Conveying authority

Sometimes I have trouble acting like I know what I'm doing in a lesson - I frequently ask my students how they like the pace, what dance they want to work on, if they want to practice a step one more time or move on, all under the guise of 'I need to make sure they feel included in the process'. Thing is, I'm coming to realize that many people don't want to question the process like this - they just want to be directed, so they don't have to think. Yesterday, I used this greater authority to…


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Achievement #410 - The Art of Allowing

I've noticed lately, that I have more moments when I can back to myself and feel the emotions that are arising in response to a particular situation. And when that happens, I feel a greater sense of control, that I can release the frustrations I feel simply by allowing this moment to be. I've read a good deal about how all negative emotion arises from resisting the situation I'm facing at the moment, but this past week represents the most consistently I've ever applied it. It has created…


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Achievement #410 - Shifting Preferences

I was playing a video game yesterday, like I used to. I also used to play far too much of it. I noticed before too long however, that I was growing bored. It didn't seem to have the same power over me it used to. It felt good to stop on my own accord.

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Achievement #409 - The Prosperity Game

I've begun a game as a way of raising my vibration and invite more abundance into my life, and I enjoy it more every day. It works like this: Create an imaginary bank account, either with a table on your computer or in a notebook (I use the latter, so I can carry it everywhere). At the top of the left column, write Deposits/Withdrawls, and on the right, put Balance. On day one, write an imaginary deposit of $1,000. Then spend it all! Write down thing you bought, the more detail the better,…


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Achievement #408 - Awesome weekend

Spent a lovely romantic weekend in Elora with my wife - good wine, good company, and much needed relaxation. And I even got in some good filming while I was there :)

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