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Achievement #70 - Choosing what is

I've been quite sick all weekend - sore muscles, headache, lethargy, the works. While reading Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle, I remembered that a lot of the unpleasantness from one's life situation can be removed by simply 'choosing' your situation, and acting like you are where you want to be. It helped me to see the positive side (in this case, the importance of taking good care of my body). Still sick, but now it's just a fact, not a source of harmful opinions and resistance.

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Achievement #69 - Playing

I've been reading about creativity and spontaneity, and how you can use it to flirt and have fun. I practice on my g/f (who is a great flirt herself), and got a lot of great laughs out of it. Next, I want to see if I can use it in my dance lessons to keep students laughing while they learn!

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Achievement #68 - Social socializing

I am normally rather quiet at studio socials - I dance with as many people as possible, exchange a few words, and leave. This time I actually started a few conversations with some of the newer students. And as it happened, on of them was looking for private lessons! So now I've a new student, at least for the next few weeks :)

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Achievement #67 - Bouncing back

I sometimes have a fear that I can't keep up with the amount of info coming my way - studio meetings, large gatherings of friends, any time I may be put on the spot and asked something I may not know much about. The meeting yesterday was one such panicky experience, but I breathed deep and managed to get out most of the questions I needed to ask, and the rest later by e-mail. I occurred to me leaving the meeting that, why I still got anxious, I was much better at calming those nerves then I…


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Achievement #66 - Acting on the inner voice

I almost don't want to put this as an achievement, because it came so naturally yesterday... But then, it took a lot of time and understanding to create days like these :) It was a day to myself, and I spent it well, getting some work done, but also catching up on sleep and getting started on an unexpectedly good book (IMPRO: Improvisation in the Theatre). In the evening I took myself dancing almost 'til midnight and came back sore but happy. It was wonderful and rejuvenating.

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Achievement #65 - Making a different choice

It's easy to feel like your path has been set for you, and you've no choice but to follow it. Maybe that's true, but you can still choose what you learn from the experience. Like yesterday morning, I was feeling lousy from a difficult weekend and wasn't looking forward to a long working day. Thinking about what my students needed from me helped me pull myself together and decide to make this a happy day instead. It was long, and I won't say I wasn't very tired at the end, but I felt…


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Achievement #64 - Little things

The day was full of little achievements. First, I pushed through and taught a good group class, followed by negotiating prices with a new student, despite having difficulty staying focused. Then I had another great conversation with my life coach, and learned a few things about her, as well as how I might be able to help my studio better market itself (she used to coordinate marketing there). Throughout the day, I keep focusing on little moments in the day and appreciating them, even if they…


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Achievement #63 - Appreciating the moment

I've been paying more attention to enjoying the little things from moment to moment: The warmth of a chair, the smile from a friend, and interesting conversation. Yesterday I had a great time with some friends I haven't seen a while. I've felt awkward around them in the past, because I was always thinking ahead to what I wanted to say next. It was a relief to know I didn't have to do that, I could just focus on the moment and respond to the moment, and my responses were more confident…


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