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Achievement #462 - Surviving

Yesterday was wall-to-wall busy, and I needed to pick up my energy more than once. I managed to get a short nap in the middle of the day, but otherwise it was about 12 hours of moving, working, and dancing. I'm glad I managed as best as I did, and a bit proud that I didn't lose my centre like I might have in the past. Daily mantras are paying off.

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Achievement #461 - Milestone on my journey

There is friend I know from university who intimidated me somewhat, because he was pretty suave, gave off an aura of confidence, and generally seemed to have his sh*t together. It's remarkable how much our relationship has changed over the years, as I've gradually come into my own and developed my own confidence in myself. He's been away for a while, but yesterday my wife and I paid him and his fiance a visit as they travel across Canada towards their new home. It felt, maybe for the first…


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Achievement #460 - Correct bad habits

One student of mine has a bad habit that he's been struggling with for years: He moves his partner by pushing forward from his shoulders and arms, rather than moving his body. Yesterday however, we had a breakthrough. I had him dance facing his partner without contact, then instructed him to think about moving her 'with his belly'. To my amazement, he made a full pass around the floor without hunching forward! His partner was very grateful, and I'm excited to have finally found something…


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Achievement #459 - A friend I haven't met yet

Got an important piece of advice from my life coach yesterday: Treat every new student like a friend I haven't met yet. People tend to enjoy learning from from they genuinely like more, and they're more likely to continue with that person. I applied this (with some difficulty) to some newer students I had later - good thing I did too, because the woman was very stressed out from a long day at work and having a little fun and humour helped improve her energy. Looking forward to practicing…


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Achievement #458 - Catching up with my partner

The hard part about rushing to meet business deadlines is that I don't always feel as present as I want to be when I wrap up for the evening. Much as I would like to have gone dancing, or just go to bed early, I'm glad I took some time to catch up and reconnect with my wife. She has been incredibly supportive throughout this journey, and so much has been easier because of it. I made sure she knew it too :)

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Achievement #457 - It's done

As of yesterday, the membership area of the site went fully live. It's been a crazy ride, learning about forums, payment schedules, site security and so much more... But I met my deadline. There's a few odds and ends of course, and there will be ongoing maintenance. Still, I've earned myself a bit of rest I intend to take advantage of VERY soon.

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Achievement #456 - Payments accepted!

I had to extensively test two plugins over several days, but finally got my site to accept it's first payment yesterday (just as a test, not from an actual customer). It's funny... I'm working harder than perhaps I ever have in my life, and yet I'm kind of enjoying myself. It gets more exciting as I see things take shape. We're nearly ready now...

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Achievement #455 - Site Secured!

I don't have much time before my website goes live, but I'm steadily working towards my goal. Yesterday my single biggest accomplishment was securing the site so it can accept online payments. Thank goodness I know a bit about coding, or some of the instructions would have been very confusing...

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Achievement #454 - Lots to learn

Yesterday I may have worked harder than at any time in my life. It didn't start that way, was just supposed to be setting up a paypal button on an email people could use to access certain parts of my site. Before I knew it, I was messing around with membership plugins, site security, payment integrations... I'm still trying to wade through it all, but I understand a lot more than I did yesterday. Can't wait to work the rest of it out, so I can go sleep for a million years.

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Achievement #453 - Catnap

It seems I've been working myself harder than I knew. Was very tired yesterday, despite having slept like a rock the night before. In the past, I wouldn't have allowed myself to rest, telling myself 'you've already had a full nights sleep, stop being so lazy!' Not listening to my body has sometimes caused me to become very depressed. So I made sure I squeezed a short nap when I could, just 20 minutes. It improved my mood considerably, and helped me get through my last two lessons. Then I…


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Achievement #452 - Seeing it from their perspective

Had a frustrated discussion with my wife yesterday, about communicating when something is wrong. It's worth remembering how much tougher it to see a person as someone who's finding their own way to happiness when they've made you upset. Nevertheless, I learned a few things about why she behaves the way she does, and that will help me be more patient about similar issues in the future.

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Achievement #451 - Sometimes you gotta push through

Yesterday was hard, and I'm not sure why. Maybe I was just tired, but my headspace was off and my focus was suffering. But there was no way I could take it easy either - I had to get my second promo email ready to go, plus I had several lessons to teach. And my video host was being REALLY flaky. It was frustrating, and I wanted to punch things a few times, but the end result was I got it all done on time, albeit in a lot more time than I hoped it would take. Sometimes, you just gotta push…


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Achievement #450 - Pleasure in conversation

I've noticed lately that I enjoy talking to people more, when previously I would automatically look for a way to distance myself from them. The secret lies in the Dalai Lama's book The Art of Happiness. When I meet people now, I remind myself that they are like me in the most fundamental way: they want to be happy, and they want to avoid suffering. This helps me care more about those people, so I listen and connect better with them.

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Achievement #449 - First promo email - sent!

It's been possibly the busiest week I've ever had, but it was worth it. After messing around for hours with video hosting sites, email automation, and half a dozen other things I've never had to learn before, I sent out my first promotional email yesterday, enclosing the link to my first instructional dance video. I can't express what a relief it is, finally taking this first major step towards my dream of an online dance business. Phew!

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Achievement #448 - Getting better at keeping my cool

Had another meeting yesterday, where I had to talk about our sales approach. I was nervous, both because I don't like public speaking and I know many of the staff were resistant to some of the ideas proposed. I think what got me through was remembering that we all essentially wanted the same things, even if we had different views on it. That reminder of our common humanity helped keep me calm, so I could listen and respond better. Actually, I felt remarkably focused, more so than I've been…


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