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Achievement #129 - Being there for the kids

I'm not normally good with children, or anyone I can't reason with, for that matter. But I recognize that's something worth improving. Over the weekend I shared a cottage with some young-uns on my girlfriend's side, and I feel I handled the situation pretty well. In particular, I managed to take some pressure off the rest of the family for an hour or so by playing with their 3-year old on the trampoline (don't worry, it has walls!) Another time I calmed down their 1-year old long enough for…


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Achievement #128 - An unbiased conversation

Had a great talk with a co-worker yesterday about being both a follower and a feminist. She explained that it was hard for her to reconcile her belief in equality with ballroom dancing as it's commonly described - as a dance where the follower, usually the woman, is lead around by the leader, usually a man. I explained how it's actually an even partnership: the 'follower' doesn't get to lead, but she does respond and interpret the leader's movement as she likes. She gets the advantage of…


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Achievement #126 - Keeping my head

Yesterday I met a potential contact for a gruelling 3 hour breakfast meeting. The contact knew a lot of potential clients, as well as how to get more involved with various networking opportunities, but he wanted to make sure I was worth investing the time in. I'd never done something like this before, and I was terrified. On the way into the meeting, I did everything I could to calm myself: I put a smile on my face I didn't feel, told myself this was just a meeting, to just relax and get…


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Achievement #125 - What I 'should' do, VS what's best

I have trouble taking breaks. There's a voice in the back of my head that constantly tells me what I 'should' be doing. 'You should be working on the blog! You should go to that party and network!' One of the advantages of not feeling well is you often hurt enough to tell that voice to go stuff it and instead do what you NEED to do for yourself. Like last night for instance, I nearly went out dancing, knowing I wasn't feeling well, AND had an important meeting next morning. Instead I rested…


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Achievement #124 - Recharging, without guilt

Yesterday I woke up tired. I wanted to crawl back into bed and stay there forever. I didn't want to deal with anybody or anyone. Unfortunately, that's really not an option at the beginning of the work week, so dragged myself up and faced the day with a smile. BUT, I did make sure I got plenty of time to myself in between hours, and I didn't let myself feel like I was wasting time, like I have in the past. And the best part was, I felt so much better after a while, I even got some extra work…


Added by DarknessCannotDriveOutDarkness on August 25, 2015 at 10:58am — 1 Comment

Achievement #123 - Walking meditations

To move forward, one must try new things. I've recently started walking meditations, which I've found to be more challenging but also more enjoyable then sitting ones. It gets me fresh air, at is more relatable to other activities I do during the day. Hopefully this primes me to keep that meditative calmness for longer periods throughout the week :)

Added by DarknessCannotDriveOutDarkness on August 21, 2015 at 9:06am — 3 Comments

Achievement #122 - Calm in the face of adversity

Yesterday I received an e-mail from one of my students. An e-mail that I found to be heavily based on untrue assumptions, with borderline insults directed at areas of my personal life. It was very, very hard to continue with a productive day after reading such an e-mail, but I promised myself I would not give this person control of my emotions. It took a while, but by the evening I was able to go social dancing and even see her there without feeling any undue hostility. If I hadn't…


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Achievement #121 - Everything's a Dance

So I'm a dancer, and therefore it's not surprising that everything tends to get related to dance when I'm trying to understand it. But it wasn't until this Saturday that it occurred to me how like a partner dance ALL human interaction is. I mean, dancing is just talking with your body, right? Like in dancing, you need to focus on your partner, and sure everything you do compliments what they do (or say), and take the initiative should they falter. Thinking of conversations this way helped…


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Achievement #120 - Updated music

It's always a relief to get one of those chores done - you know, one of those things that you never have time for, but niggles at the back of your head until you pay attention to it? A big one for me was adjusting a bunch of songs I'd bought to ballroom dancing speed, so we could play them at the socials. Well yesterday, I had far more time then excuses, so I pushed myself through all of them. Got several compliments on the music quality that night too.

Added by DarknessCannotDriveOutDarkness on August 14, 2015 at 7:28am — No Comments

Achievement #119 - An early start

This an achievement for today - this very morning in fact. Sometimes we wake up early and it's hard to go back to sleep. Maybe we feel restless, or can't turn our brain off. I've heard how it's often good to fight off those feelings and try to complete your sleep for the night. That said and excluding insomniacs, I've never known a person who couldn't sleep long and deeply when they were sufficiently tired. So this morning when I woke up an hour early and couldn't sleep, I figures 'hey,…


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Achievement #118 - Recovering from a setback

Yesterday I made a terrible discovery: all the notes I'd collected over my recent 5 day dance camp were gone! I must have deleted them by accident. My memory is my notes - if I don't have them, it's almost like the camp never happened. I was tempted to just be miserable about it, but fortunately better senses prevailed. I immediately began restoring the notes between what I could recall, using the videos they let us take to remind me of things I missed. It took two hours, but I ended up with…


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Achievement #117 - Keeping the lesson flowing

As a dance teacher, I have to stay on guard to make sure I don't get lost in explaining everything. This only bores my students, who want to get into the actual dancing as soon as possible. Yesterday however, I taught a great group class, and kept things moving quickly. I tried a few tricks I hadn't used before so we wouldn't get bogged down by every question, and we covered a lot more new material, without anyone being overwhelmed.

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Achievement #116 - Fear VS Understanding

My ongoing self-reflections turned to look at fear yesterday. Why do we fear things in our life? Or put another way, why do we let them control our emotional state? As I wrote, I realized that fear, overwhelming fear, resulted from a lack of understanding of the thing or situation that caused it. A schoolyard bully, for instance, only has control of you until you understand he/she has no power in the face of your confidence. A presentation tomorrow is only scary when you start…


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Achievement #115 - Survived!

Phew, what an incredible experience! After a 5 day dance camp, in which we spent more time dancing then sleeping, I feel exhausted but exhilarated. It's been an incredible learning experience, and I can't wait to try out my new tools in the field. Plus, it was a great opportunity to get to know a lot of people in the dance scene I'd only known as faces in the crowd before. It was all easy, and sometimes it was downright frustrating. But it was ALL worth it.

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Achievement #114 - A revelation

A number of things clicked together for me yesterday. I'd been doing a lot of self-searching about who I really am, the principles I stand for, and what I want to become in the future. During this time, I noticed my discipline seemed to have improved. I didn't waste as much time on the computer, and go more work done. I was - and am - more focused then usual. Suddenly it hit me: what if the reason we engage in self-destructive activities is because we've lost sight of where we're going? What…


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