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Achievement #482 - Fulfilling obligations

My wife almost didn't fulfill an obligation she made to herself yesterday. It was late, and we were about to turn in for the night when she realized she still needed to finish something that would take another hour. She was tempted to put it off, but I suspected she would feel bad about it tomorrow, so I told her I'd stay up with her (we could still talk while she did what she had to do). It felt good to provide a gentle nudge to help her keep integrity with herself, and it makes this sleepy…


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Achievement #481 - The right attitude

Sometimes, you get the feeling that they day's going to be a sh*tshow, and you let it get you down before it even begins. I had a similar feeling about last night, but I was determined not to let it get to me. So instead of letting myself get slow and depressed, I charged in with both guns blasting. I taught a great kizomba class, even though the only ones to show were instructors from the studio. When my evening students cancelled last minute, I compensated by transcribing an important…


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Achievement #480 - Supporting my partner's dream

This past weekend, my lovely wife made some important steps towards a dream of her own. We traveled across the country to visit a town where she's planning on purchasing our first investment property, and came across some promising options. I learned a great deal about real estate in the process, and am so glad I could join her on this journey. It's exciting and uplifting for the both of us to be striving for what's important to us, and I know we'll be there for each other if (when) the…


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Achievement #479 - Getting the work done early, pt 2

Continuing my trend from Monday, I completed the single biggest non-personal business task yesterday, and made a good beginning with what I have left. Aiming to finish everything before Friday, leaving me three whole days to edit videos and research marketing to my heart's content. What a great start to the week!

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Achievement #479 - Getting the work done early

After an incredibly busy last week, I've learned I need to get the bulk of my non-essential work finished early in the week, so I don't have it adding pressure to the days when I would normally focus completely on my business. Yesterday was a great start, allowing myself time to both rest and work, and after today, I should have the majority of the work finished. It's going to be a great week.

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Achievement #478 - Third bank of videos complete!

Finished filming for the first 7 tango steps yesterday! We're getting faster now, managed to correct some things we'd missed in the previous 2 sessions - and still got out an hour early! Hoping we can get 2 different dances done at once in future sessions.

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Achievement #477 - A moment of reflection

Yesterday provided an opportunity for me to take stock of my life in recent months. I realized that, thanks to me ongoing dance project, I've been working harder these past few months than I ever have in my life. But at the same time, I don't regret the work - in fact, this has been the longest time in years I've one without ending my days feeling guilty, as if I'd missed my potential. There was also a recognition of how much I've done to get here, and wonderment at the seeming randomness of…


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Achievement #476 - First filming for front page video!

Moving forward on yet another project: Making a compilation video of people of all ages and walks of life, dancing in various settings, having fun, messing up, and enjoying themselves - to show people that dance doesn't have to be scary, and if these people can do it, they can too. Yesterday I worked with my wife's very accommodating parents, and while they had trouble with it at first, they gradually worked it out. Lots of great smiles and laughs!

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Achievement #475 - Action-based Language

I learned about a new way of speaking I'd like to permanently add to my social toolkit: Action-based language. The idea is to express all challenges in terms of how to move beyond them, rather than focusing on past events that led up to them. Obviously this won't work for every situation, but I've had it explained that it can be very effective, especially when dealing with very goal-oriented people.

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Achievement #474 - A diplomatic email

I've been planning on messaging a student who's been absent a great deal, and whom I've suspected is frustrated with my style of teaching. I finally sent out a very tactful email yesterday. I was rewarded with a response - she finally explained what's been bothering her. I'm not sure whether she will continue lessons with me or not, but at least now we can move towards a resolution.

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