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Achievement #444 - Planning the day

As I lay awake in bed yesterday, I visualized how I wanted the day to go, when I would get different parts of work done, and so on. It's amazing how big a difference a little preplanning can make. Some things took longer, but the beautiful part of having the plan was I knew how much time I could afford to deviate from it. Not only did I get my work done, I was far more relaxed doing it, and connected much more with the people around me. 

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Achievement #443 - Last video filmed!

It's getting close now... My wife and I finished filming the last video we need to create the promo offer for my dance website yesterday. Now I just need to edit it and get the mail service setup, should be ready to go in a week or two :)

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Achievement #442 - Penultimate video complete!

I've finished my second-last video for my promotional offer yesterday. One more to go, and plan to get it done by the end of next week.

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Achievement #441 - Teaching different levels

Yesterday I faced a unique challenge in my salsa class: a student who's danced for a long time, a student with only a little experience, and a student with no experience at all. I got around it by teaching more fundamental steps, but giving more styling tips to the more experienced dancer. Everyone seemed to learn and enjoy themselves as a result.

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Achievement #440 - Seeing the story

I've had a run of cancellations from various students lately, from sickness, procrastination, and work obligations. After the latest one yesterday, I was tempted to validate myself with thoughts about unfairness and being a victim. Instead, I watched those thoughts and feelings, without judgement. I recognize this is a pattern, one that ultimately does not serve me. But I knew resisting it would only make it stronger. So, I simply watched, and in time the feelings subsided. I went to bed…


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Achievement #439 - Balancing work and play

Some mornings I feel so burnt out I just want to relax in front of the computer and play video games. The problem is, those games usually bleed into the afternoon as well, and I'm left feeling discouraged about a wasted day. Yesterday began that way, but I used a lesson at 2pm to break the pattern and refocus myself on work. And I actually got some important things done before the evening. So it felt like I'd gotten a chance to recharge, and a chance to be productive.

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Achievement #438 - New connections

I attended a networking event for young professionals last night. This is always a nerve-wracking experience for me, because I encounter a lot of people who represent very different walks of life and want to make a good impression. At one point, the effort of focusing on conversation got so exhausting I had to excuse myself to use the washroom, but I persevered. In the end, I got business cards from two people interested in the promo offer from my website, and connected with one person who…


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Achievement #437 - Another video down

Finished editing the second instructional video, covering the first three steps of Rumba. Two down, two to go before my promotional offering is finished, which I can use to start generating a larger email list.

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Achievement #436 - There's always something

I was stuck in an unusual situation yesterday evening: I had nothing to do! Neither of my two group classes ran, and my computer ran out of juice, so for a few minutes I was at a bit of a loss. There was a feeling of fear I hadn't expected, a fear of time passing and things not being accomplished. But then again, I remembered there's always SOMETHING I could do... Even if it was as simple as meditating. As it happened, I decided to practice my kizomba and bolero, which kept me busy and happy…


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Achievement #435 - Giving attention means giving respect

I reflected this morning on the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, when he described the reducing of the aliveness of another human being to a concept as 'a form of violence'. It occurred to me as I wrote and reflected that it was just a form of violence; it was the gateway by which all other forms occur. Only after a human has filtered out the humanity of another can they be violent to them in other ways - otherwise it would be like doing violence to themselves. It was both an exercise in…


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Achievement #434 - A patient lesson

Good group class yesterday - a couple follower's were having trouble getting out of their own heads, and kept anticipating movements before they were led. By going slowly and pausing at places where they had the most trouble, we managed to make some real progress. One of them said she felt 'much calmer' about following those patterns by the end compared to before the lesson.

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Achievement #433 - Surrender

I just had a revelation I wanted to share. I tend to try and view things that happen in life as potential lessons we can use to get more good stuff and avoid the bad stuff, to put it simply. But what I realize is, it's very easy to start attributing intention to these things, as though they are 'meant' to teach us something. And then I grow upset when life seems to be trying to teach us too much at once. We call life unfair, cruel, harsh. Yet it's me who gave meaning to these things,…


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Achievement #432 - Testing new steps

I went kizomba dancing for the first time in a while yesterday. I've been learning with my wife in private lessons, but haven't had a chance to test them out in the real world. I was surprised by how nervous I felt on my way there! Nevertheless, I had a great time, and got a much better idea of where I needed improvement, and what steps worked best with beginners vs advanced dancers.

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Achievement #431 - Vlogging

Yesterday I tackled another thing I've been procrastinating about for my business: Video blogging. I'm not yet entirely comfortable in front of the camera, and it took a long time to get everything set up the last time I did this, so it's not my favourite thing. This time however, I had a much simpler setup, and picked a topic I was more familiar with. I got it done in record time.

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Achievement #430 - Video Security

Finally made it to a part of my project I've been waffling around for months: Security for my instructional videos. Of course, it ended up being a lot more complicated than I expected, but I've learned a lot, and starting to get a sense of what to look for from future video hosting. One step at a time...

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Achievement #429 - Bunny Meditation

We recently adopted a bunny, just the cutest thing ever, except he loves to chew on pretty much everything. This makes my morning meditation a bit distracted, so today I called him over and started scratching between his ears. He loves this and settled down in front of me, leaving me free to connect with myself in meditation. Not only did I still get the focusing benefits, he got a lot of attention himself!

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Achievement #428 - Monk Mentality

I've been reflecting on how short our attention span is lately. Everything around us is designed to hook our attention, pull us on to the next thing, the next thing. As a result, we (myself included) rarely focus deeply on any one thing. And as a result, we miss out on much of the true depth of life, that which can truly satisfy. I've begun to infuse this idea into my morning meditations, and when I'm out and about. With each part of my day, I decide in advance what I would like to focus on…


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Achievement #427 - Burst of productivity

I spend 3 hours a week doing analytics work for the studio website. I can be the most boring work there is sometimes, so I often delay until the last minute. Yesterday, I knocked all three hours down. One less thing to stress about for the rest of the week.

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Achievement #426 - Reconnecting

It's been some time since I've really listened to myself. Partly because I didn't feel I could do what my body was asking me to do. A part of me is always wanting to push forward, learn more, try more, and that's beautiful. But it's also exhausting. So this past month I've been recovering from burnout, and that means a lot of relaxation time. Now, I'm glad to finally have some energy again to get back on track with my business and other projects. Here we go!

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Achievement #425 - Conquering feelings of inadequacy

Every once and a while, I have a conversation that allows me to do what I love most - hear the frustrations of another, and be invited to offer advice in return. Yesterday was one such occasion - a coworker was feeling she didn't deserve a particularly generous couple she had started teaching, because she felt out of practice with her dancing. After talking for a bit, she realized she had beliefs about worthiness, and I think I gave her a few ideas on how she might lay those beliefs to rest.…


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