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If you need a recipe..

I'm a cooking fanatic, I just love to cook, it's like meditating to me hehe...but I thought I'd share one of my all time favorite recipe websites, it's

It's great,Chef John demonstarates everything with his videos, so really you can't go wrong. You should try it sometime!

Bon apetite. ;-)


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My Mantra that ALWAYS works.

     "May today be easy,beautiful,and full of gifts. May You guide me, and…


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A case of the Grumps?


I cannot for the life of me find my wallet anywhere!!! Its bamboozled, gone,kaputt,vanished,disappeared, gone awol, it's M.I.A, and uncontactable.

So while it's away on holiday, doing whatever wallets do, I managed to sift through almost everything I own, and prove newton's impeccable laws of gravity by turning every handbag upside-down. Still…


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Synchronicities and perfect timings...

Story of the day goes like this;

I was invited to a diwali festival in town by some friends last week,  it was really last minute and I hadn't been planning to go, but heck, it sounded fun, and so me and my bf decided to go  (even though he was doubtful about finding a carpark,and we were a bit late already,since we just found out about it on the day.. i was optimistic. He wasn't hehe) -so we agreed to go and look for parking, and if we'd find one, we'd stay.

Not only did we…


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The Morning Bell...


First thing this morning, while getting ready to brush my teeth, I heard a distinct bell "Ping" sound from within the bathroom, just above me. Of course, there was nobody else there with me, and I hadn't moved or put anything down that would even come close to recreating that sound, and it felt special and comforting at the same time. Odd, but sweet!

It is important to keep your eyes and ears open to what blessings and amazing little things may come your way during your day.…


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A gift from the Universe...Literally!


The gorgeous thing about the Universe, (or God, or angels or forces or good energy or spirits, whatever you call it that has meaning to you),  is that everyday there's always a gift. Sometimes its so subtle that you only realise it at night just before you drift off to sleep, and other times it'll be quite in your face. I like to think that it has a sense of humour - that wise, all-knowing kind of sense of humour. If you think about it, I bet you'll agree with…


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