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I'm Moving!! ~ same ning new page!

i'm still on ccor but when you have more than one ning they will keep all of them together if you use the same email for each one. well, this is the only one i have used a different email address for which makes it harder to keep this updated. i am so out stretched over the web.

i am still on CCOR as i said but using another email address. so please come and friend me there. i will not be using this account… Continue

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How to Get Rid of Toxic Negative Energy!

Take a shower, light candles, burn incense, make it special. While in the shower imagine that the water is washing away all the black negative energy off your aura or your body. imagine the sphere of energy around your body and black gunk on it. As the water washes over you it washes over your aura and washes the black gunk/negative energy away.… Continue

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old and new intentions for the record

i want a lot of the same things i did last season. i've shown where i have had manifestations mostly through my own doing but some miracles have happened so to speak. i have been changed, this has helped me to focus to bring into being the things i want and the rest the universe will have to do because i can't!

These have manifested:

[done but still paying] My dental work completed and paid off.

[in the making] house

[getting more] money

[manifested!] more and… Continue

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Things Change

I walked around one day with the thought, ‘it’s not going to happen’ ‘I’m not getting the house’ impressed on my mind, more like filled up in my belly. I just new that this plan we had was going to fall through but I didn’t know how. Well, my x lost his job and he won’t be able to fallow through with our plan, his promise. I understand of course, it’s not his fault. I think it was for the best because I was freaking out about… Continue

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Help Change My Son's Life!

I know that I am not starting my 100 day challenge officially till my new year on October 31 but I still have needs that have to be met. So two intentions I have right now are:

~Bullying of my son to end and turn around where he walks in favor with the faculty and students.

~Receive $500 from a new source, monthly, reliably, freely, easily.

I would appreciate any positive thoughts sent our way supporting my goals. I would also love to have some resources, vlogs,… Continue

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Join my new group here at CCOR! -- 'Pagans, Witches, & Wiccans'

Dorothy Morrison says, “-- a prayer that brings wants and wishes to fruition contains at least four components: intent, focus, concentration, and a hefty dose of strong will. And those are precisely the components necessary for successful results in spell casting.” from her book “The Craft”

“All these [magic] traditions teach practices that involve entering a meditative state, visualizing your goal, creating energy, and directing that energy toward the goal.” Vivianne Crowley, “The… Continue

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the only place i can get internet is my library right now since my home flooded a bit. just wanted you to know because i wont be able to make post hardly but not vids at all.

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The Affirmation/Mantra I Promised

yesterday I finally wrote my morning mantra that I’ve been trying to do for years. since I changed paths I didn’t know quite how to word things since I was used to taking words directly from scripture. So I have prayers, affirmations/mantras done for both my son and me! It feels so great to have that done finally! doing my daily mantra was what kept me sane and connected to Spirit. It works wonders with the mind and the ability to go into trance so quickly and easily when practiced for a good… Continue

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Vision Boards Done!

Saturday I did my long term big goal vision board then yesterday I did another vision board with more immediate goals. You all can see my l o n g list about! I know I can’t get it all done in 100 days and that I need to narrow things down and I have. Down to seven. Of these seven there are a few that will not take a great deal of focus but I feel they all need to be dealt with now.

I’m hearing a lot about intention and dream list’s and other things. Where are you people getting this… Continue

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I've Started!

this is day 3 of the challenge. I decided that I wanted the 13th to be my first day of 100.

the first day I started reading “A Little Book of Prosperity Magic” by Cynthia Killion for the audviose reasons and then “The Love Spell” by one of my favorite authors Phyllis Curott for the husband I want to manifest! I feel I need to learn all I can in both categories to be successful in meeting my goals, so I am ready to receive.

yesterday, day 2, I started going through… Continue

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