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Intuition is a very simple and complex human sense like taste. It is our birthright like air and many are reconnecting to it. Most books, classes and teachers don't tell you that it starts in the heart.....( where science has "discovered" there are more brain neurons than in the brain!). Intuition always starts with truly opening our heart to the hope and belief that things CAN be better even if they are not now. Intuition IS co-creation....and you have a right to it!

I am so honored…


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OK, Semi-shameless, but completely sincere shilling to follow;

It is amazing to see how just a short conversation can become such a big break through! I LOVE LOVE doing clairvoyant intuitive psychology with astrology readings at .....And YOU know I love what is inside all of us to evolve, feel great and find the our answers!

...AND there's another sale today 'cause there's…


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Last night I realized that the most fulfilling things in my life right now, all started here at 100 Day! I am the newest Intuitive, Clairvoyant  Astrologer & Adviser at My intention to use my 20+ years of empathic counseling to the max and for the good is rockin' & rollin'! Come visit me (I'm Adviser 72893). There's a big sale all day Sunday, June 12th, so call 1-888-626-7386 or click to…


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“What if” thinking is the best! “What if” is the thought that gives birth to every great creation and manifestation. This is the story of how anyone with enough faith in their “What if…” can change the world. This could be and probably is/will be you! THE COLLECTIVE HEART & GENIUS OF HUMANITY IS UNSTOPPABLE……everybody is needed!

How do I describe the beauty of pools filled with enormous Egyptian Yarrow plants….and where am I? One of the most delightful experiences I have ever had was… Continue

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I’ve been away so long, writing a book and much more that I’ll tell you about later, ‘cause I have been around sooooo many inspirational people, people who are manifesting the world that they carry in their heart and I’m going to tell you about each one. We all carry a dream of the world we want for ourselves and others in our heart. We all have the power to bring our spark of that world into being. Read on for real life miracle makers.

I’ve got to start with something happening this… Continue

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Inspired to blunt honesty by Lilous vlog; "Financial Crisis Guide" and by Sabines amazing creativity, Inspiration for all in financial fear...

Financial Crisis or Spiritual Awakening? Oh Sabine, you are so brilliant about yourself...I hope you see this, I have been a stay at home mom for years for my special needs child. In April my husband was downsized from his "bullet proof" job. I completely agree that Polly is your path! Our family has experienced so much in these past six months. I have swung back and forth between my inner Polly voice (the voice of my joy, also my uniqueness) and my inner land lady(the voice of my fear and… Continue

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Once upon a time, there were thousands of you!

SHORT (did you believe me?) review of S1; Got everything & much more of what I focused on. What I gave my attention to blossomed, but unconcious fears grew. I think they knew I was ready to transform them, so they became more obvious after the season was over. I REALLY, TRULY think this is a gift. So often we are run by fears we don't see, so getting big old, buck naked in a flat field, fears...out in the open, was like a vacation! Transforming fears is very gratifying. I have done it for… Continue

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Making Love to the Universe, While She Makes Love to Time....

If someone were to tell you to love you neighbor as yourself, maybe they meant it.....maybe they meant that your definition of self could be enlarged......maybe we haven't quite yet gotten the beauty of that picture. I am a great believer in social consciousness seeding. Although I still don’t "get" how I was seeded…I sure was! 100’s of thousands of people all over this planet have been activated to take action on behalf of the environment, core ethical changes in industry, medicine, politics,… Continue

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This is a real life big miracle tale. Once upon a time there was a man who got layed off of a job he was very good at. It was a big surprise…nahh, SHOCK! So his wife joined 100Day to pull them through better than they had ever imagined (& to come out of the spiritual closet). He took his camera to the beach; saw an… Continue

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All right friends, this is a DECLARATION moment; my real life story is the trip from fairly mainstream paradigm through experiences (given by teachers who NEVER identified themselves as teachers), who brought me through extraordinary (and deeply mundane) experiences so rooted in the joy of my senses that I could never forget them...and could never go back to my former way of seeing the world or our future.

The world they took me from was beautiful, full of material wealth,… Continue

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S1, Day13 Hormones Help Manifestation....Lucky 13!

Oh Hallelujah!! I got my period, which accounts for a whole lotta why I was SPRONGGGG in my last blog....ahhh, the bliss! Hey, why the bleep am I getting a period (again)! I'm 52 years old for cryin' out loud! I thought we were done with that....integrating all those physical cycles into a vast cornucopia of wisdom(??) as exhibited by... !? Anyway, what a relief.....and wonder of wonders, those issues make perfect sense now, IN NO SMALL PART BECAUSE OF THE INSIGHTS OF THE 1OODAYERS WHO… Continue

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S1, D11 Must be a hormones loophole in LOA!!

I want more than anything to convey the ideas/philosophies and information I have been quietly putting together for (at least) 30 years. (So I really do hope you will take a listen to the radio segment I blogged and vlogged about.) But, I'm finding myself sad and nervous today. It seems to me the outcome of these ideas (that I must communicate about) is a revolution of less, not voluntary simplicity, not "go green", but a kind of depth sensuality that only comes alive when folks are able to… Continue

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I'll be on the radio! S! Day3, Miracles!

Whoopee! I’M GOING TO BE ON THE DR. PAT BACCILI RADIO SHOW highlighting people, groups & events that are expanding & deepening our conscious connection with each other. My first segment is Tuesday, May 20th at 10am Pacific Daylight Time USA. Tune in! This is a very amazing and very recent co-creation for me and it is a direct result of the 100 Day Challenge (and the amazingly intuitive Dr. Pat)! Our, how to look good & have a great time while being a visionary,… Continue

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S1 - Day1 Just in Time for Dreamtime

So here's the thing, I made a great first vlog 4 days ago.......only I've never done this and, well, it was 23 minutes long, so simple edit. Ha, ha.....simple? I just added learn to edit my flogs (cause it's flogging me!) actually that was a typo that just worked out....ahhh....manifestation. The universe does have a great sense of humor. Ok, shoot and edit my VLOGS with ease as my final for S1 (HA, final did I say) goal!!! Magic Alert; I think I started this thing over a month ago and sooo… Continue

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