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The Most Beautiful Halloween

What an amazing Halloween that was! Not, that I celebrate it. It was just the best version of this day, and it happened that today is Halloween.

I always liked though the Christian equivalent of Halloween – All Saint’s Day. I liked the warm light of red and yellow lampions, the smell of stearine, a multitude of colorful (especially violet) chrysanthema. The energy… That is tomorrow though.

Today I had my first professional singing class. I don’t know if I will continue that,…


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New Beginning

It is a beautiful Autumn this year in Poland. Today’s date mark also first year since I came back to my homeland, so it is a great time to start the second season of co-creating my reality.

I have to admit, that I wasn’t particularly consistent with my practices during the first season. This refers especially to my blog and meditation. It went far better with my gratitude journaling though and I am very happy for that.

Despite that I have achieved my goal! I’ve met great…


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A simple tool

It is a challenging time. And it means that I can handle it. I am learning and growing from it. I am becoming a better person, ready to meet others, who are loving, compassionate, strong and creative.

To help myself, I will write affirmations. Each page - one affirmation, written several times and adorned with small drawings. Like a child learning to write, I will plant those seeds in my unconsciousness for them to grow and blossom, even if I'm not consciously remembering of this…


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The Logic of Universe

Universe is giving me gifts that I'm going to give You when we will meet :)

Universe, thank You!

See YOU soon :)

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Being Grateful to Universe for my Friends

Universe, Source, Love, Light,

Thank you for the the people that you directed towards me, and me towards them. Thank you for my new friends. Thank you for crossing our roads, which from that first moment become one. From now on we follow together into the same direction. We support each other, inspire each other, share ideas, guide eachother in loving way. We act together for the collective good. We enjoy art, music, journeys, food together. We empower eachother. We believe in one…


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The Hands Net - Loop 1

And so the first day of my 100 day challenge has past. The frist from 100 days during which I will call on the people of my tribe to gather around me, to enter my life. Men and women who are on their way of awakening. Of getting to know what life is really about. The path isn't straight or smoothe, so we tumbled from time to time, and probably we will again in the future. But we will always get up. And being together will make it all easier for us. These new connections that we will make…


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