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Season 15 Day 9

Cruising right along.

I have decided that I can take longer to get organized to start a project than anyone I know.  I have been clearing out, updating, planning and who knows what all else, to get ready to REALLY get started growing my business.

Ya'll are seeing right though this aren't you?  Wow, what a way to procrastinate. 

I'm still getting things done, mind you, but if I wasn't spending all my time cleaning and updating I would be out there doing the stuff that…


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Season 15 Day 8

Sad to say I did not save my post from yesterday and it disappeared. 

I am feeling very positive about my progress towards my goals.  Very vortexy!  I have my strategic plan in place, which is a must for me, so I have something to do everyday.  I am not good at winging it when it comes to long range goals.

I actually enjoyed doing my "live" on FB today.  Normally I stumble a lot.  It is interesting how when I'm doing a video without an audience I'm much more composed, but just…


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Season 15 Day 2

Ah the highs and lows of starting on a new journey. I did not want to get up and meditate this morning, finally did but way later than I had planned.

Did you ever feel like you are on someone else's journey?  I just have no motivation to get anything done.  Like I'm waiting for something to happen before I take action, but I don't know what.  Purgatory.

So, I did work on my business.  I went to work, were rumor has it, I might not be working much longer.  It's…


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Season 15 Day 1

Starting a new season because the last 5 years have just not been very creative.  I guess I'm stuck in a rut of complacency.  I always enjoyed posting vlogs back when the 100 Day Reality Challenge first started.  There was a lot of comradery.  

Anyway, to the point, my intentions this season are to build my business to a leadership level, connect with 100 clients,…


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S14 Day 2

Today was give back to the community day.  I was rewarded with a client that showed up just after I finished painting the empty building next door.  All in all a good day.  Inspired and on fire.

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S14 Day 1

Hard to say how this day went.  Disillusioned on a couple of projects, but that forces one to think even more outside the box.  At the end of the day the projects might turn out better because i got a little "slap on the hand."  I have to say though, it was really hard to get re-focused after a creative project I worked on got shut down.  All's well that end's well.  I working on fundraising $12,000.  If anyone is in the giving spirit, you can donate at…


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Season 14

Ok, here we go again. starting season 14 Nov 1. Will find funding for Osceola Center for Arts and Heritage building, will re-brand Deb's Room to be as successful, or better, than it was in Allen, Tx, will have a usable kitchen.

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the day I really started

It is interesting how in the evening before shutting my eyes for sleep I am always full of wonderful ideas and dreams, ready to take on the world, sure of my success and then in the few hours that I sleep...this all disappears.  Today was the same.  But, somehow I pulled myself out of my slump and achieved things today.  I booked clinics, promoted products, worked with my clients and just had an all around productive day.  Thank you Universe!! 

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Season 13, Day 10 The why of it all

So, now on to the "whys".  I have always had "succeed at an MLM" on my bucket list because it sounded like such a cool lifestyle.  I don't really know if it is or not.  Perhaps I need to shadow an MLM success to see if that's true.  They seem to make a lot of money and talk about free time, but they also have to travel a lot to keep their business successful.  They work longer hours than I do, but I suppose if there is a passion there that would work out all right.  

I would like to…


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Season 13 Day 9

I have a long list of things to accomplish and attract this season.  For some reason however, it's all kind of blurry.  I believe I want to focus more on achieving a feeling vs. a thing.  I want to know what it feels like to be successful in Evolv, what it feels like to be debt free, what it feels like to win the lottery, what it feels like to open my first partnership/franchise.…


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Season 11 is awesome!

I'm not sure what day I'm on, but I know I'm starting week 9.  I have incorporated my business and am on my second admin assistant.  Hopefully this one will last.

Gaining great insight from a CD series by Mike Dooley.  It repeats a lot of things I already heard, but I guess I'm in a better place to hear them now.  Act as if...sometimes that's hard to visualize but taken in small doses every day I'm getting better at viewing my life, and living it as if I have already achieved my…


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Day 1 of Season 9

Spent a lovely relaxing day around the pool defining my resolutions for Season 9.

Business: define what marketing stratagies I WILL do vs. what I think I should do

Pay off remaining debt from spa closure in 2007

Personal: focus on attracting my perfect partner

Reduce alcohol consumption

attract right decor for new home

Spiritual: find a meditation practice that works for me

Education: Finish my professional CEU's for the year

Learn Spanish… Continue

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Coming Back from Feeling Scattered!

Wow! When you add a new part to your life it really throws everything out of kilter. I haven't dated in a long while so adding the romance aspect back into my life has really thrown me off from working on all my other goal projects. I feel so out of my own loop. It has taken 4 months to get the pendulum to swing back the other way and figure out the new time balance. I think I'm there now and can get re-focused on the projects I was working on back in May. I have missed the connection with… Continue

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What a Great Trip to Phoenix!

Although it is taking me a full day to recover from 4 days in Phoenix, it was well worth it. Lots of "Aha" moments, reminders, wake up calls and new methods for achieving goals.

I really wanted to share the affirmation/declaration clarity. When we affirm something we are claiming it as an "I am" statement and putting a date on it. Very powerful in itself, but when combined with a declaration it becomes even more powerful. Here are the examples given by George… Continue

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What a Great Life!

I am so excited about the great things that are happening right now. My Isagenix business is growing, my full time business, Deb's Waxing Room, is comfortably consistant. I am meeting new friends, going new places and totally enjoying the experience. I hope all who read this will grab hold of the fun and enjoy this ride called Life!

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