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Day 2... :)


First of all, happy easter to everybody who's reading this! :) I hope you have a lovely day.

Other than that, my first song is almost completely written... I want to meditate a bit in a moment, as I felt kinda bad for post-poning another "task" that needed to be done, because the deadline is on Tuesday, and the task related to this is focusing on negative things that have happened (It is necessary to do this, unfortunately. :\) and I am scared of feeling…


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No excuses. (DAY 1)


I recently found a new way of writing songs, that I wanted to give a try... I know my song is not complete yet, but thus far, I am really, really fond of what I have written today! :) I already have a name for the song, and I already figured out some new chords I could use within the progression. It is a song on a topic I have been dealing with for quite some time now, and I hope I can get around to finding some people who'd be willing to e. g. record their drumming for…


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Another attempt, unsure about the number of seasons?

Hello there.

I know I have been away for so long, and to be honest, I didn't reach any of my goals the last time I attempted (five years ago). I know it was because, maybe secretly, I was not ready, I was not commited, and I didn't know what I truly wanted. Now, this is another attempt...

Since my actual "Season 1" was never completed, as I quit midway, I chose to call this attempt, the following one, which will start tomorrow, "Season 1". I hope this will be…


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Day #3

Heyho everybody :)!

I know it is day #3 already of the challenge, and so far I have been kind of busy. But first things first I*d say :

One day before the challenge even STARTED, I had an appointment at the employment bureau. The woman who I talked to was extremely nice and I told her about my story so far (so that she understood me better), and that I am definitely bored at home and that I want to prepare for getting a job and so on. Anyways, she told me about…


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Planning, pt. 2

Hello :)!

Today I bought a journal that I will be using as some sort of mini vision board. Yes, I stole this idea, but I totally love it!! I also bought some gluestick, scissors, and felt-tips (?) in 30 colours. This will add greatly to the coloured crayons I already have. I am currently working on a picture that has - as most…


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Introduction & Planning, pt. 1

Hello everybody, and welcome to my blog.

At this point, my personal challenge hasn*t yet started, which doesn*t mean I am being lazy, though. I am using the time before to think about the things I can do that will help me achieve my goals.

However, I would like to introduce myself :

My name is Rina, I am 27 years old, and I live in Germany. I am a huge music-addict; I love listening to music of course, but I also play several instruments, and I…


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