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Day 5 thru 8 Season 10

Day 5-8 Season 10 Sept 29, 2014

Not a lot is going on. Under the weather and waiting to see what blood work up tells.

Mostly been keeping with my goal of listing on line. My Etsy shop is filling up slowly but surely. I have kept with my goal of 4 items a day.

I do realize that this is not my favorite thing to do, however it needs to be done. I would much rather be in my sewing room creating instead of looking at this screen. I guess that is the creative blood running thru my…


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DAY 4 thru 13 SEASON 10

Day 4 -13 Season 10
Sept. 25, 2014
Needless to say I manifested 9 days in and out of bed. I guess the Universe wanted me to really relax and rest.
Today will be another day of the same.
Off to the Doctors this afternoon.

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Sept. 14, 2014

Day 3 Season 10

Today was a day to relax.

I kept with my goal of listing 4 of my pieces on line.

I chatted with another CCOR member from the past, and she is called to do the 100…


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September 13, 2014

Today Day 2 of Season 10

A lot going on today. I made a trip to one of my retailers to stock our display. I did a lot of prep work for this trip yesterday so things went quite smoothy.

A noticed synchronicity of the number 4. Four sync's…


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Day 1 Season 10

September 12, 2014

Today Day 1 of Season 10.

I haven't been here for nearly a year, taking stock and exploring the Universe and all its confirmations.

God/Universe/Source thru Synchronicity is what brought me back to start another season. I do my best not to ignore the Universe/God/Source when it is trying to point me in a direction that would lead to my…


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100 days starting 10-11-12

Hi All, Heck its been a long time.

I am starting a new group called "100 days starting 10-11-12".

It will be a setting where you can blog in a smaller more intimate setting.

All are welcome to join.…


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Buying my seeds for this years crop.

Hi All,

Well its that time again. I finally decided what I'm gonna grow in my garden this year. Yum

I planned on buying heirloom seeds (no hmo's) and totally organic. As I was checking over my list and searching the site I buy from here in the Pacific North West I noticed that they posted a video.  Heck I said to myself...I wonder what this lil gal has to say. So I tuned in. It is a real eye opener and I think every child should be educated as well as adults.

Tune in for…


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S7 Day54 & Day55

Day54 ~ 11-11-11 and Day55 ~ 11-11-11 BLOG

Heck, I have no idea where the last two days went or this morning for that matter. I am in the current Day 56 writing about two days that went by in a blur. What I did on Day 54 is beyond me. I know that I spent several hours cleaning my sewing/office space. It was getting so up-side-down that I was finding it…


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YOU'RE INVITED to the next 100 DAYS STARTING 11-11-11 Read More...

Hello all my wonderful Co-Creators,

Several of us will be starting our next 100 days on 11-11-11 and I will be starting a group to document the event and to assist in keeping everyone on track as a tool, and to encourage one another toward our purpose.

It will be a wonderful way…


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SPAM ALERT Dont reply to Tabitha Sanchez email Dont enter your email

If you received an email from The 100 day reality Challenge asking you to watch a video and enter your email, it is a spammer trying to gain access to your email and personal information.


Update...she has been removed from the site, but if you have already received the email in your personal email , delete it and don't respond.

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Good morning lovely Co-Creators,

I will be starting my next season on 11-11-11. Wendyz, brought the date to my attention and I was inspired by her to start my next season on that date.…


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Mail Alert

Hi all,

I just experienced something rather odd with the Co-Creator system. I was sending out an email to 28 of my over 200 friends on my friends list and the system randomly picked other friends to send the same message to.

In my case the message was not personal or private and no confidence was breached.

I have reported the issue to the powers that be and hopefully it will be fix.

In the mean time, take caution when sending personal or private emails through…


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Good Morning,

In my last 100 day season I talked about my garden quite a bit. I posted pictures of the garden and talked of my red currant bush that was just showing signs of its fruit.

Here is the picture I posted at the beginning of the season. And this time I marked the red currant bush.We have several in the garden...I think 6 in all.

Here is now the…


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Between 100 days and still manifesting and creating my best life EVER.

Hello Co-Creators, I have not written a blog in quite some time and just this morning I found myself catching up with a co-creator friend and writing this letter to catch her up on all that has been happening with me. I decided that I should share it with you all. Even thought I am not doing a 100 day thing...I am still creating my reality. Its a way of life now for me and I am celebrating it.

I have been so busy. The Universe has been so gracious to give me extra time to come on this…


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Two blogs in one DAY...A first for me.

Well today was a reminder of my Elk Totem...I was visited by some awesome elk and I actually pulled up a chair and had a chat with them. You can read about that in my other blog.

But just now I realized that I had another visit. It happened several days ago.

You see I have been a little disgusted with my weight gain…


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I wasso inspired by Elise this morning that I took some of her tips and applied them with in minutes of her talking about them. Here is her post if you find you might be interested.

When you visit her post you can see by my comments I was keeping myself pretty busy. While posting my comments, Abby...started to frantically bark outside.  This was not her normal "I'm barking at a bird…


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Spiritual GROWTH ~ Something to Consider "With every moment A BOX"

Hi all my wonderful creative C0-Creators,

I awoke this fine day with a desire in my core to seek more spiritually. As I see around me the Law of Attraction. I see that it (The Law) is a chamber in the Nautilus. For many it is what brought us here to the "100 Day Reality Challenge" via the Lovey Lilou Mace. The day I found this site was the day I discovered Lilou on Youtube showing how to make a…


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I Manifested ELK

After my two cups of coffee and reading the blogs this morning on Co-Creators I looked out my kitchen window.

A herd of ELK walked by.

I have known for quite sometime that elk are in my totem.

Here is what the elk totem says:

Stamina, Strength, Nobility…


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Good morning,

Lets see I'm on my second cup of Joe and wanted to share my yesterday with you.

I spent most of the time in the garden. The day before I had trimmed up some bushes and left a pile of debris in my wake. My intention for yesterdays garden experience was to clean up the debris. As I was raking I was close to a post that secures the wire fencing. Heidi was with me. Heres Heidi.

She is goofy looking but my delicate flower none the less.…


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That was the question this morning.

As I was enjoying my cup of Joe on my little bench overlooking my garden I eyed our garden shed and thought I would like to paint the door a bright and cheerful color. Blue, green, or yellow maybe is what was going thru my head. When I mentioned it to my son he suggested that I check into the town of Longyearbyen and then decide.

LONGYEARBYEN ! ! ! I said....where the heck is Longyearbyen and why check there first I asked.

He explained…


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