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Body told me how it felt! In no uncertain terms!

Last night I was thinking, briefly, HOW do I feel more love for my body

when I HATE my body? (I am working on this though - a LOT!) And

STRAIGHT away, I swear to you I felt my kidney? twinge. It was like my

body was immediately reacting to that and so I was like OK, OK I love

you, alright? And it stopped. Swear to goddess.

But really, I DON'T hate my body, I would prefer to be slimmer and in better condition and

I will be. I wish I had spent more of my life… Continue

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Where I am so far since October & what's in the pipeline. (Yes I KNOW it's ALL in the pipeline!)

OK so far these are good things that have happened and good

things in the pipeline.

Good things that have happened with travel: I went to Egypt

in April & saw Alexandria, re-visited Sharm El Sheikh…

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My latest LOA dream, It's not ABOUT age & weird but cool thoughts on vibration

My latest LOA dream:

Last night I had a dream, which I remember but THIS is the part I want to share with you:

In the dream, several times I said to myself, "There is no lack. Think abundance."

It's not about age:

In the park today I thought "It's not ABOUT age, (how old you are) it's about VIBRATION."

Louise… Continue

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