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Changing The World

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Sexiness, Speed or Status? (Thanks AM for inspiration)

Are you looking at the glamour appeal and boldness of your fave sports car, if you have one?  

Or are you viewing it as how other people will see you?  

Is what you are looking for a response from people and the attention that you crave?  Or are you excited by the aesthetic beauty or the exhilarating acceleration…


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Some Powerful Questions To Ask Yourself:

 Some powerful questions to ask yourself and I’d love to read some of your answers in the comments section:

(With thanks for inspiration: AM)



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Red Dwarf and Manifestation


I’m a bit of a Sci-Fi fan among other things and love the TV shows

Quantum Leap, Dr Who and Red Dwarf.  Recently, I saw an episode in

which one of the main characters in Red Dwarf – Rimmer – was visited

by an alternate version of himself.  (Hey, it’s Sci-fi.  All sortsof crazy things are possible and plausible in the context of Sci-fi!) Anyway, this alternate Rimmer had made one choice differently than the original Rimmer and as a…


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