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Food Inc.

I've been following lovely Megan's 100 Day Fitness Challenge - not doing the fitness as I already workout but am always interested in the food advice as eating right for your body, lifestyle, age etc. is crucial.

I gave up meat a few months ago because of many reasons but mostly because I hated the fact that I was one of those people who got so upset when I watched Fast Food Nation or saw or read anything about the goings on in abbatoirs but then erased it from my mind when I tucked into a… Continue

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Tonight, MONDAY 19 JANUARY 2009 at 19.00 hours UK time (that's 20.00 hours for me here in Switzerland) I am going to light a candle and meditate about all of us Co-creators; our hopes, our dreams and the journeys we are about to embark on. I STRONGLY BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT. JOIN ME.

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Feel The Fear and Do It Again and Again and Again and well....infinitely.

Day One, January 1st. Starts well, 20 minute meditation, cat joins me (always a good sign that I am receptive to the world). Crack open Abraham-Hicks book Ask and It Shall Be Given. Realise where I am going wrong....Need to slow down, concentrate on the good emotions, take more time and to savour the good moments not to dwell on what didn't work.

Whilst I was meditating I realised I had forgotten to ask the Universe for more radio work. In 2008 I gave two live radio interviews which… Continue

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Day 62!!!

Day 62, First Season. Ayar's Abraham Utube link was just what I need right now. I started off this whole 100 Day Challenge with a Bang with some amazing things happening and now I have fizzled out into a wimper. BUT I WILL NOT GO QUIETLY OR EASILy!!! I am back in the saddle now vibrating/pondering/thinking only good things and ready for the next rollercoaster wave to hit me. 2008 was a fabulous year and 2009 can only be better but if it is the same as 2008 I will be more than happy MORE PLEASE… Continue

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Jewel Chic

Here is an email I sent to Jewel Chic, it says it all.

Hi Megan,

Your tribute to your friend Sally Bailey on Utube was touching, lovely, heartfelt and made thousands of us not only cry but think about our ephemeral time on this earth and how important it is to care for each other and spread our love around.

I was listening to an interview with Martha Beck yesterday and she believes that the grieving process enables us all to reach our core… Continue

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You Go Shopping!!!

Thanks to Donna and Karen for their advice. Just knowing that someone out there was "getting" what was going on for me really helped. Anyway I got my hair done and then went shopping - which I hadn't done since June so it was guilt free. It was good to spend the whole day out of the house and to be thinking of other things, talking to people in shops, however, frivolous the conversation. The tide will turn and you are right I just have to be kind to myself, re-charge my batteries, spring-clean… Continue

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When You Hit a Fallow Period What Do You ALL DO?

New York was great and it is especially nice to celebrate with family and to welcome two little people into the world. However, I realise how attached I am, and how important, my daily practices are. At home, because I'm a writer I am a bit of a recluse spending the 4/5 hours of my day when not being a mum either reading or writing with the odd hour of exercise and dog walking and this I love (until about one week a month when I get sick of myself and ring all my friends and arrange to see… Continue

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Bring It On!!!

Tomorrow I leave for New that is not a sentence that I write very often but boy! does it feel good. "You've been upgraded" is another one I love to hear but so far has only happened to me once in my life time but it was at the start of my honeymoon so I am still eternally grateful. "Would Madam like to taste the wine?" Goes down a treat as well.

Anyway, since I started this journey on 16 October I have had an article accepted in the UK press (my third to date) and now I… Continue

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I've been in London for the last week hence my silence. I had a great week as usual and am more fired up than ever to fulfill my goal of living half in London and half here in Geneva. Just before I left I heard from a UK newspaper that they had bought another article of mine so one baby step closer, I hope, to getting that regular column which will enable me to pay for a mortgage.....I had dinner with my life coach Suzy Greaves see and she told me about her conversation with… Continue

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The Rollercoaster is Starting....

Day 4 - no hangover so clearer headed and nicely calm to start the day,which always helps when you are a writer otherwise you start out to write War and Peace and Noddy Goes to Toy Town appears on the page - best go hide under the duvet with a box set of DVDs on days like that.

But today would be a good day, I could sense it. Surfed the papers and rewrote my son's essay for school (sshhh....)and then in the shower had the inspiration to write a really funny blog about the Madonna and Guy… Continue

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It's Official I'm a Writer!

So Day 3 Sunday. We had a party last night with some old and new friends around and I gave out my new business cards. They are the mini cards from and are really me, quirky, pink (of course!) and not at all business like. I have been meaning to get business cards done for the last year. I was having an interesting talk with a, get this, forensic economist, he basically investigates fraud in the banking/credit card sector (as far as I can see he's guaranteed a job for life) and he asked… Continue

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Here We Go!!!

Get ready for a ride of a life time! Well at least let's hope so. Oh no, that's not very affirming, it will be so!

I'm a freelance British writer working out of Geneva Switzerland. I have had moderate success in the British Press see but my goals are to have a regular column and to live half of my life in London which I miss. Oh and I want my book With Love From Neil or In His Memory (can't quite decide) based on a true story about a school reunion I organised for… Continue

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