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Day 57 Series 3 and now to work on my sucessful business!

It's been one awesome week, what with selling our house, getting the finance together for our new house and planning our move.

Sitting in the spa, talking to my partner this morning, we reasoned that we had hit a stalemate in our lives for the last 10 years almost. I know I was craving stability but in creating that, I held us at a standstill to a detriment of the family. I had an abusive childhood, and with having 2 kids diagnosed with autism, it was just all to much. I wanted something… Continue

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Huge Awesome Manifestation of Life changing quality!

WE SOLD OUR HOUSE AND WE GOT OUR FULL ADVERTISED ASKING PRICE!!!!!!!! More offers came in today and we accepted the highest. We are so pleased as it was a good $25000 more than we thought we would or could get. We have spent the last two weeks lovingly preparing the house and the estate agent said that when she opened the door for the open day it felt like she had opened a display home door of the most trendy and welcoming house. We had vanilla candles burning and every light on, the house was… Continue

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We had an open day today and already we have had 1firm offer and 2 potential offers!! All the hard work has paid off. All the painting, all the landscaping, all the little things like new towels and nice yummy smelling candles have paid off. The offer we had was just below our asking price which was way over the expected sales price...
Looks like the Roberts family are moving on to bigger and better things!!!

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26th March...not sure what day.

Well, its been a busy sort of week! We painted the house in 4 days......right through, every room, floor to ceiling. I have never felt so sore all over, but at least it was great exercise. Oh and it looks terrific! Even the estate agent said what a different house it was compared to last week.

Our house is now officially on the market with people going through it every day. We are having an open day on Saturday. I am so hoping we sell it this weekend as it has been quite… Continue

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Day 43 series 3 We bought a new house!

On Friday, we bought a new house! We have to sell this one now......Busy repainting right through as it looks really tired and old fashioned. I rang a 4 painters and you know, none of them could do it until the end of April, so Im having to do it myself. Steve is not a good painter (hes alright if you want it all over the floors and places its not supposed to go) so he is relegated to washing the walls. We are all so happy to find a house we love and to have a big enough back yard for the kids… Continue

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Day 32 series 3- House hunting & camping

This morning we are going to look at a house I really love. I know I love it already and it has lots of the qualities that I want. I can see our family living there. I can see the children happy in the back yard. I can see Steve out the back shed brewing his beer and having the space all to himself. I can see my office. I can see my biscuits baking in the oven. I just love to cook and it has a huge oven. The universe is aligning so its ours.

Just packing up the caravan for this… Continue

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Day 31 series 3 Looking forward to....

Today is a day of preparation.

I had a lot of printing done yesterday of brochures for my business. Today I am preparing as many as I can and delivering them and getting artwork done for my advertising posters.

I will be working on getting the house spotless, and making sure the laundry is up to date and then packing our caravan ready to go tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are going on a short holiday down to a beautiful isolated little spot. Its away from the crowds, very… Continue

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Day 30 series 3 An Interesting lecture

Last night I went to Alumni event, a lecture on Happiness. They were measuring the level of happiness across Australia over a period of 18 years, every year over 2000 people (different people each year). What they found is that people have a set point of happiness of around 75. It varies very little over the years, only about 3%, regardless of what has happened in that year. They also looked at different income levels. It seems that once you hit a family income of 80-100k, in Australia, the… Continue

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Day 29 series 3 - Cool Manifestation & whats next

I have been using EFT and meditation concentrating on manifesting money. "money comes frequently and easily". Well, yesterday we got a totally unexpected gift of $3000 from the Australian Tax Office. AWESOME!

I'm concentrating on increasing my business 4fold or more at the moment. Im also working through my business plan to help manifest this. I even made a day by day plan. I am making the most of all opportunities and developing relationships with people helpful to what Im… Continue

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Day 27 series 3 A day of reflection

Its Sunday morning after a pretty socially full on weekend so far. Friday night we headed to Lygon St Melbourne. Lygon St is a pretty amazing restaurant district, full of Italian restaurants which all compete against each other to get your business. Amazing stuff when you walk up and they corner you and say.oh eat here and I will give you 1 bottles of wine and garlic bread, then when you look as if you are going to keep walking they offer you 2 bottles garlic bread and entre. We were taking a… Continue

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