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Day 27 series 3 A day of reflection

Its Sunday morning after a pretty socially full on weekend so far. Friday night we headed to Lygon St Melbourne. Lygon St is a pretty amazing restaurant district, full of Italian restaurants which all compete against each other to get your business. Amazing stuff when you walk up and they corner you and say.oh eat here and I will give you 1 bottles of wine and garlic bread, then when you look as if you are going to keep walking they offer you 2 bottles garlic bread and entre. We were taking a… Continue

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Day 25 series 3. Manifestations yesterday

I said at the end of my post yesterday that I would manifest 3 things. You know what?? I DID!

I went to the dentist slightly early, walking in at 11.50am thinking that I would smooze with the receptionist as she is interested in buying a house. Ha, the dentist came out and said OH cool, you are here early..I promised my MRs I would take her out for lunch at 1 and now I can. I got in the seat and he did a great job, even fixing the tooth next to the broken one, so now my front teeth… Continue

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Day 24 series 3 A busy day ahead.

Today I have a busy sort of day ahead. Manifesting that it all goes to plan. I broke a tooth on Monday and the only day I could get it fixed is today 12noon. I have another meeting booked for 12.30pm 10 minutes drive apart. I am putting all my power into manifesting that the dentist is on time and the job is only small (its only a little chip) and that I make the other business meeting on time.

I then have a conference call with my franchise manager. I am putting it out there that he is in… Continue

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Change in perspective!

I have grieved today...a bit of self absorbing time to just feel it. Previously in life, I just would hold it in and pretend that all was ok. I was a total master at it but it was killing me inside. I got so good at pretending that my life became a pretence....I ended up feeling nothing, no joy, sadness, peace or anything...i became like a zombie, just going through the motions.

Today I just let myself be sad. Tonight, I will add Kim to my list of people whose life I celebrate along with… Continue

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Day 23 Series 3 A totally devastating day.

Today I got news that one of my best friends, Kim is dying of cancer. Apparently there is no hope for her. It is in her breast, liver, spine, ribs and neck. I have cried a bucket of tears.

I commuted on the train with her for 6 years, 1 hour each way both morning and night. She was one person who perhaps knew me best. She was there when I met my husband. She was there on our second date. When he was late, she held me there and kept me there the 90 minutes until he arrived. She was at our… Continue

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A challenging day yesterday but amazing!

I had a very challenging day yesterday. Sometimes Autism and all it brings into my life is just plain challenging.

Stef did all sorts of things (some very ewwwy which I won't mention too much here). Nasties in my spa, nail polish on my couch, and then the rotters (4 kids) ate the entire biscuit supply for the week in one 30 minute pig out while I was on the phone. Steve was away on a business trip and I was busy trying to work and the kids took advantage of that big time.

What did… Continue

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Day 21 Series 3

It takes so long for me to get around to doing a video, sometiems it will just be so much easier to write a blog.

Ok, where am I at. My goals for this 100 day challenge are to:

1. Get Stephanie(my daughter with severe autism) toilet trained.

2. Create a happier home with less fighting between the kids and more communication between Steve and I

3. Complete the house ready for sale

4. Sell this house for the right price with as little outgoings out of profit as… Continue

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