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day 4-5-6


not much to tell. . . i am still ill (cough) so i hurt my back again and also a muscle between my ribs. auch!!!!!

and that while i have a week vacation at work. grmbl

waiting is all i can do

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day 3 - being grateful

Here in Belgium it is now 9.30 pm so not much happened today.


But my boyfriend goes to the doctor with the results from the hospital.

I am gratefull that we have such good doctors and medication.  When we have a headache, we take a pill; when we brake an arm, we get a plaster in hospital. It seems normal to…


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Day 2

I had a busy day at work! But I like what I had to do, so no problem.

Yesterday i went to pick up by boyfriend in the hopsital. He has to do more test but in the hospital near home.

My aunt came to watch my kids for that time. I am thankfull for that.

I am very very tired, but I want to wash some clothes tonight, iron and take a…


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My new start

Today I start all over again.

I have a tablet now, so it is more easy to come on the website on a regular basis.

I have a busy time at the moment. My babygirl is having a cold and my boyfriend is in hospital which is an hour by car. Maybe today he can be transported to a hospital near home.

When he is home from the hospital i want…


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my first blog

So, I am new here. I was just looking around in the blogposts and I found a website with health affirmations and I am going to write down what is usefull for me right now and read them some times.  

My language is Dutch so excuse me for mistakes.

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