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Evolving ~ Change is Good! ✌


It took a shift in my mindset, beliefs, habits, and courage to finally understand all that I've been trying to learn with my life. People grow and evolve. But I have to overcome my own fears in order to realize the mistakes I've been making. Most of my setbacks was thinking about not having enough. Especially money. Now I'm focusing on what makes me happy career wise. I'm not…


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Best Part of My Day ~ Changing Perceptions

School is back in session and I was partially excited and sad because that means another year they are getting older and more peaceful house with just the preschoolers. I woke up this morning dreading another day to take the kids to school and another tough of war with why didn't I just homeschool them this year? But when I came back home to sit down the preschoolers to go over their letters, it hit me that having just these two around allows me to focus on just them and they get…


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Easy Steps for Law of Attraction

That moment you realize that everything is going right, all that you need or want is coming into your life right when its suppose to be. Some call this luck, coincidence, or just plan chance, but I call this synchronicity or being in the vortex.

This whole week I have been focusing my attention on what I do want. Everything you can imagine has gone wrong and I just didn't let it phase me. I just allowed the Universe to do what it must in order for me to get what I need. I have been…


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Day 79 Season 17 ~ Manifesting!

When I went to the mailbox I received a packed that I remember signing up for, but don't recall the details of the blogging job. When I checked my archived emails I realized that this blogging job just turned into a business opportunity. The site that posted the job paid for me to join the opportunity and I got my Start up Kit in the mail today. I was shocked and unaware of what I was joining. I just saw an opportunity to make extra cash for the blog and it turn into something even more! I…


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Day 77 Season 17 - Manifesting & Refining

Hey Co-Creators! 

I have been trying to figure out what it is that I truly want.. And in the process I have refined my goals and action plans for not just right now, but what could shape the future... 

I manifested to pay off my past due rent!!! With hubby having surgery in July made us scramble for money to pay bills that were way past due and on Friday I officially gave our landlord the last payment to what we owed her since May!!! Thanks to online marketing, It felt good to…


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Day 65 Season 17

I'm back! 

The past few days I had to sit back and remove myself from all the internet chaos that keeps me distracted. I didn't realize the distractions, but felt good to get away. 

When things become or feel like a chore then its time to go back to basics. I lost some ways because I was more focused on other things that were not aligned with who I am and what I want. I must go back to the basics and go within. I stopped meditating, stop eating…


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Came Out My Comfort Zone & Entered a Contest! HELP!

I actually came out of my comfort zone and did a video so I can win a contest! 

All I need is likes and comments on this video ---->

Most likes and comments will win 200 clicks and $100! I want to use the cash to invest in myself! The clicks will help me generate more traffic to my businesses so I can make money and continue to build my business! HELP! I'm a little…


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Season 17 Day 1

WOOT! It's day 1 of my Season 17 and I've never been more excited to start a journey, but also curious as the month is the Mercury Retrograde. I'm not going to allow myself to let this retrograde affect me or my family. Refinement of thought and action along with the power of self-control are some of the things I hope to work on. Along with my talents of sales and writing. My focus can be all over the place and now I'm understanding that its hard to focus on what the tasks is at hand with so…


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Season 17 Starting October 1st

Got a job! WOOT! 

It's full time with overtime allowed. I package wall decals which I didn't even know that company existed in this town. lol It's a temp job, but there's an opportunity to get hired through the company. Having a job now takes off a lot of weight on my shoulders and not having to worry about where the rent or bill money is going to come. I like my job, its fast pace so my days go by fast. 

Decided to start my new Season 17 on October 1st which gives me enough…


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I should be angered.

But there's only peace.

I do not resist I insist.

This is bad. No its good.

I should cry, yell, hate.

I can't describe this mood. 

Numb. Love. Peace. 


I should be angered. 

But there's only peace. 

I do not resist, I insist. 

Is it love?

No, it's peace. 

I do not cry, yell, hate. 

In this moment, Acceptance. 

Respect, Innerstanding,…


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Day 81 Season 16 $500 Manifestation - I've learn my lesson

Yes! That's right, I learned my lesson in the department of allowing. I've done it before and held no idea of what to expect, I just keep doing what I needed to do to get myself there. I'm realizing that I tend to forget the powerful process in law of attraction. Daily practice is important. Writing, blogging, or vlogging (the first twice seem to help the best) in expressing my desires and fears. This allows me to be able to go back…


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Day 80 Season 16 Seasoning Coming to an End

Whoa! What a Season! It's all coming to an end and I have given up on stressing and just allowing the Universe do what its suppose to do. I have found a job , not certain if its full time or part time or how much I'll get paid. & I don't care! I know just the service will give me the abundance I'm looking for. …


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What's Happening with Hay House | Deborah King, Can Do It Conference, & MORE!

Hay House, Inc.


In this 4-lesson Live Online Course, join Deborah King—New York Times best-selling author, health & wellness expert, and spiritual teacher—in teaching your audiences to learn how to…


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Season 16 Day 13 ~ Better late than never...

To no prevail I have not been on track with this Season with staying up-to-date on the site, but its crazy how I am focused on quitting smoking. Been using cinnamon sticks and reading a book Easy Way to Stop Smoking, Eating healthier is now on the plan with hubby's intestinal surgery, Ventured into the Thai and more Asian dishes as my trying new cultural…


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Not Backwards . . . Onward

Most people would consider the events that are happening to be a set back or some sort of hell being raised, but I read a quote somewhere that instead of looking at things as a problem, but as a positive makes me ask the question: "What is the lesson in this experience?"

With legal and financial issues. I am not as stressed out as I thought I would be. Instead, the big girl panties are on and I'm checking out all my options before jumping. Money has always been an issue for me and I…


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Day 12 Season 15~

This morning while I'm working. I get the urge to start writing and I ended up writing a poem. I haven't written a poem in years and I think I'm starting to get out of my brain and focusing on the actually truth... love. 

heartbeat thumping

feeling the vibrating energy

flowing down her back

naturally breathing in-sync

like a rhythm to their favorite beat

fitting in the curves

hip to hip



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Day 7 Season 15 ~

Open your heart, and there you will discover the gift of service. It waits to be noticed and used in support of the betterment of all people and all of life. It is expressed in both big and small ways. It makes no difference. In the eyes of heaven, all service is a welcome expression of love. Call upon the gift of service in friends and neighbors in doing your part to make the community stronger, better, safer, and more friendly. Call upon the gift of service to bring support and…


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Mentally Preparing Myself

Open your heart to find the gifts of organization and order made available to you. In working with these sister gifts, you are able to center your thoughts and hold your attention on specific desired goals long enough to draw them into your life as manifest reality. Using these gifts allows you to rise out of the random chaos of reactive and unconscious victim hood and become an effective Master Creator in your human journey. Build your life as…


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Day 67 Season 14

Been too long . Too long . I just been flowing with how things are going . If you want , come join me on twitter . I'm always updating there . :) 

With all that's been going on with Hubby's family, allowing another family to live with us , & Andrea's doctor appointments. I am learning to show compassion for myself by allowing myself to be my authentic self within each moment. Letting ppl see me for me . Sharing my true…


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Day 54 Season 14 ~Half Way

Happy Holidays & a Happy New Years ~ 

Half way done with the Season . Power to shift my thoughts and being determine to achieve my goals/dreams. The past week was a success in doing my fitness/health goal . I got in more than enough miles and now my arms are sore , but it will be worth it. 

Hubby is supporting me while I am supporting him. I got up this morning for my monday routine a little late, but it was worth having the…


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