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Days 12 & 13/100

9th & 10th of May: I'm finding getting a handle on being organized the hardest part of this challenge. Some days are easier than others.

1. Started revising for exam and also listening to audiobook on how to study more efficiently. Interesting, tho not sure if I'll put it into practice.

3. Done a small amount of cleaning and tidying in kitchen and bathroom.

6. Finished and posted new article on website, and added to Pinterest

8. 13 mins jog Fri morning - in…


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Day 11/100

8th May: not much today, though I spent a fair bit of time researching about how to learn faster.

2. Work on financial spread sheet

3. Tidied kitchen, put a load in washing machine

8. 13 mins jog

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Day 10/100

7th May: I feel like my self discipline and enthusiasm is starting to wear off. Maybe because the challenges I set are too much too soon. There's only so many hours in the day and I have to take into account resting also. Nevertheless, I'm still hopeful and confident that I'll achieve the tasks I set myself by day 100.

3. Did some tidying and cleaned bathroom sink well

6. Worked on new post for website (way overdue)

7. Continued reading my new book on CBT



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Days 7, 8 and 9

I've been away for the weekend as taking some quality rest is becoming more and more important to me. A few tasks on my list have been attended to:

2. I've been making notes of spending on app

3. Tried to catch up with tidying after getting home and today also

4. Calendarized a few more items

6. Replied to comment on site

7. Found an excellent CBT book whilst on vacation, and really got stuck in!

8. 13 mins jog on Sunday and 20 mins yoga today. Did a…


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Day 6/100

3rd May: the days are going past so quickly! Had a reasonably good day as regards to goals. I'm starting to find my limits, and habits. For example, I spend a lot of time on certain tasks and not on others. I think maybe getting into perfectionism trap?? I also lose interest and get tired at particular points during the day. I may have to re-think when I do things.

Anyway, today's achievements:

1. Played tutorial recording from Thursday night and made notes re exam preparation.…


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Day 5/100

2nd May: Had a stressful day at work, and when that happens I ususally lose all track and enthusiasm for my goals. But here's what I did;

2. Finance update. The final aim is to know every day what the bank balance is, so that I can plan forward. 

3. Tidied up kitchen and put stuff away lying around, washed a load of laundry.

6. Sent emails to subscribers, so that they 'remember me'

8. 13 minute jog

9. Contacted a fellow blogger

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Day 4/100

It seems like there isn't enough time in the day to do all that I'd like. Especially when I have to do unexpected run arounds... :(

2. Updated more finance stuff

3. Tidied kitchen and living room in the morning and the evening. Also still looking into the best way of creating a permanent daily routine. Jotted some notes down in lunch break of possible daily plan/cleaning rota.

8. 16 minutes yoga.

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Day 3/100

30th Apr: Today, even though I cheated a little, by taking the day off work, still only managed to do a bit towards my goals:

2. Worked on finances most of the day

3. Scrubbed kitchen sink really well, and tided around

4. Was looking at options for how to get organized.

8. 13 minutes jogging

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Day 2/100

29 April: My second day didn't quite go according to plan, because our little furry friend had got injured, and had to take time out to look after him. These things will happen, so just prepare for them as best as possible and deal with the events as they unfold. I still managed to achieve a few of my goals;

3. Put away some paperwork

4. Calendarized a few items ready for the week

5. Binding my time at work :)

6. Made mental note of few ideas for website



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Day 1/100

Good start to the challenge, I've made progress towards the following goals:

1. Attended online tutorial for uni

2. Made a note of spending for day

3. Washed dishes

4. Calendarized items wanted to get done for day and stuck to them!

8. 13 minutes jogging in the morning

9. Did a favor for a new (online) acquaintence

10. By attending tutorial, I faced one of my fears of being recorded in front of group

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