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I'm always surprised...

...everytime I'm coming back to my 100 days reality challenge :)

Actually I post an intention, a wish, a goal..., I'm coming 2/3 times in the following week and then I forgot, just because I have so much things to do else.

After about 100 days, something (like a post on Lilou's facebook page) reminds me that "oh, but I put a challenge some times ago !"

I'm coming back and I realize my intention, wish, goal... is becoming real !!!

So don't stop to believe…


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Be positive !

If it was easy to find and say 1 NO per day, the "self motivation" action is really much arder.

Yesterday I came to an expression, that i used actually when i left my partner and I think it's more positive and will be as a result more efficient.

So WHAT DO I WANT FOR ME is the question !

And this cover also the 1 NO per day, but this one i will keep it apart.

And you what do you want for your !

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Meeting Lilou

Since January the 6th, when I posted a video describing my dreaming job, i didn't do anything except sending resumes here and there, and whining :) Then I totally forgot this 100 days thing...

And yesterday, I met Lilou at a conference in Belgium. She reminds me the season I began here and i suddenly realized that my goal was actually achieved !!!

Indeed, on day 97, i was proposed a job meeting my criterias and matching 100% to my personality, my experiences and my…


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