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day 13 100 day challenge - second chapter

the 13th, how very unlucky day but is it? Luck has nothing has nothing to do with it, attraction is mine whatever I do. Today will be a clearing out day... the type of days we never look forward to but one that will release the potential to get to the top once more. I will do it with spirit, strength, enthusiasm and professionalism. 


Next week i will build on these small steps to create an amazing start to February, 

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100 day Challenge - the next chapter

In July 2009, I wrote my first blog, at a time when nothing seemed certain, nothing was clear and I struggled to find the inspiration and direction i so needed. 


For me it was the beginning of a new journey that has taken me from an empty space with nothing but confusion at the end of 2009, to 2010 that brought me so much more than I ever though possible: it was the start of my abundant life. 


At the beginning of that year I started working with a company I…


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Back on track (almost)

It has been ages since I spoke on the blog as it were. It seems ages since I focussed on myself and became distracted from the source of all things.

I have made amazing progress and then again, I chose to ignore things and I lost it for a couple of weeks. It is now time to take charge again. It is now time to find myself and the things that are important to me. It is now time to embark on my second 100 day challenge and this time, I will stick to the path I know is…

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20 days have come and gone - why is progress so slow in season 2?

After a strong first 100 days, I almost feel embarrassed by the lack of progress I have made in season 2 and wonder how much of it is down to me? My motivation, my direction is being hampered by sluggishness, self doubt and lack of focus.

I look daily at the good progress my fellow co-creators are making and feel like I'm letting the side down. So much so, it's bewen the longest since I wrote anything meaningful. Any suggestions?

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The day before the first day of the rest of my life!!

Tomorrow I will begin my second journey - my second 100 day season making a difference to my life.

I thought it strange a couple of days ago that I should take time out from the journey - not starting immediately on the same road - but sometimes life tells us something very important. To think first then do the best you can. Think of the things that matter to you - not to the outside world. Think deeply and begin that journey in the right direction, with the right road maps, the… Continue

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100th Day Season 1

It's been an amazingly positive 100 days. I have learned the value of true gratitude. I lost track of things for a while and look forward with abundance at the next 100 days which I will start on Monday 9th of November. I need to re-connect with the source again. It is the only way to live ones life. Being in full control, co creating my own reality on my terms. Being the centre of all things that are good and letting the universe give me what i need, want and always will be.

Thanks… Continue

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34 days left season 1

Amazing times are on me. I know this will be happening for me in the timescale I just need to focus more strongly to gain my will.

Today will win the gains I want for my car and my feelings of independence.

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The most inspirational video I have ever seen

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Day 58 season 1

This has and continues to be a real voyage of discovery. One in which I realise more and more, my faith courage and creativity are more powerful than any external obstacles placed in my path. Attraction is self fullfilling and by opening my internal doors to positive thoughts, I destroy external pressures.

My goals are only limited by the confidence I have in myself. As I become more confident, my desire is becoming focussed, my acceptance more enjoyable and my life less stressed and… Continue

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DAY 25 Season 1 - What a day!!!!!

This week has had it's ups and downs and as a result I have spent the last few days refocussing big time and yet again, as a result, I can see a massive breakthrough in everything happening all at once. So nervous about telling the details but I will... very soon. My 100 days is up on 4th November and I hope to be able to let off some fireworks on 5th November! Have a great day everyone.

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Day 16 Season 1

Everyone of us have through this website accepted a challenge. In 84 days I will have achieved my goals. By November 4th I will be looking at a completely different landscape, a completely new vista, a completely new mindset with which to grow more fully in appreciation, understanding, love and fun!!

I refuse to focus on what I don't want, this has failed me in the past and proved the power of negative attraction. Today I did not get a business contract I thought I had won. The… Continue

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day 14 Season 1 - a blank sheet to fill

Back at work after 7 blissfully happy days with my little boy and I have a "blank sheet" feeling again. Not an empty feeling as i used to get, but a blank sheet with the capacity for me to fill in the possibilities that the universe opens up. to Blank is good. Fill in your own blanks today and make it juicy!

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Day 10 - the review

Well I've gone through the things I wanted from the Universe and discovered one or two basis thing:

1. The essential elements I needed to change in my life (To have freedom to choose what I want to do - To take on new challenges with excitement and enthusiasm and ABOVE ALL - To fear nothing) have all happened in less than 10 days!!

2. If you miss things off your list and try to achieve them without manifesting them they just don't happen!

I have achieved a lot but a lot… Continue

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Laugh in the face of adversity

Today I had planned a fun day out with my little boy and two of his cousins. Then... the car power steering decides to pack in, the plumber arrives today to dismantle the entire water system in the house and none of us have showered yet!

I can only laugh and think there is a reason behind all this that will make sense in time,

Have a great day everyone,


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Day 5 season 1

This whole visualization thing is beginning to make me both nervous and happy. Above all grateful for the things that are.

On Day 1, I wrote out my objectives and joined this website. Fuul of hope and promise.

On Day 2, I played guitar and sang a full set in front of 50 people for the first time in over 25 years and it felt amazing.

Day 3, I started working on a project that looked promising and today I realize that it could help me to fulfill all my wildest… Continue

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Day 2!! What a great day

Just got home. 2am in the morning. Today I was so apprehensive but I played my first full 90 minute SOLO set for 20++++ hyears and it was amazing. This tuff really works XXX

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The first day

Well not quite the end of the first day but the first few hours of the first day.

Had a few reasons to be fearful today on the business front but, nothing ventured.. I responded and will know the results by tomorrow. If it comes off, I will win a major commission and become part of a top multi national team for the UK. I'm just about to knock off and prepare more music for my first proper gig in... 25+ years tomorrow night.

These two separate events could determine two of… Continue

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