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Day 63/100 Good things of learning lessons

The past 2 days, I have been thrown off my path :-( However, I refuse to get thrown off and choose neg. :-)

As of yesterday, I have decided to take back my pos. path and learn from my mistakes.

I know in my heart/soul, that the lessons I am learning now in life -- is only to help me become a much stronger/better person. I need to go through this turmoil, in order to learn my lessons in life.

I am thankful for everything in my life without any regrets! Because this… Continue

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Day /100

I am manifesting so much during my 100 day challenge, including.....time, love, material things and much more. I was feeling that there wasn't enough time in a day to get things done. During this challenge -- I am really feeling like I am accomplishing alot and still having alot of time in the day.

I feel like there is so much time.....that I have plenty of time to create my artwork. Here's a few creations that I recently did.

There is… Continue

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The Crafty Castle - New Shoppe Coming Soon in Minnesota

Yesterday, I started organizing and setting up my new shop! I took a long break during christmas time. Now, I am excited/energized to get it open to the public. YAY!!!!!!!!! I feel I am going to draw tons of customers, that will love and admire our artwork! I see them telling there friends and the word spreading like wild fire!

xoox Gypsie

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Change Is The Key To My Happiness:-D

I have been going through great change in my life the past two years.

It has been quite the roller coaster ride, with great turmoil in my life and throwing off my path (quit a bit).

I have found the by changing my thinking/ideas into positive things/thoughts in my life, has helped a great deal!

Despite for everything I was going through!

By going through these different experiences/feelings, has really helped me know who I am and what I really want in life!

I take 100%… Continue

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Day 40/100

I had a fabulous day today! I manifested in a new computer ,that has a webcam - Yay!! Once I figure this thing out, I will be making more youtube videos.

I also picked up some really cool beads for my daughter and I. We will be making some really cool jewerly with them very soon! I can't wait to get started!!

Today, I stopped in an art shop. The lady who owns the shop "The Crafty Mauve", gave me some info. on where to purchase stores used display items and maniquans. I… Continue

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Day 39/100 -- Dreams and Angels

I have been asking the angels to help me out alot lately. I have been waking up early in the mornings around 5 - 6 am. I am awaken from dreams that make me feeling scared, guility, and sadness. However, feeling relieved..... after about an hour of thinking and everything making sence to me.

I feel/believe, that the angels are giving me message from my dreams. From these dreams......I am figuring out what I really want in life and what I am supposed to do in this life time. These… Continue

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I would like to wish you a safe and Merry Christmas!!!! I appreciate you all! This is my coffee cup.....that I see every morning. It reminds me of what I really love and want in life:-) Let's have a morning cup of coffee, shall we? xoox Gypsie…


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The Crafty Castle - My new shop coming soon in Minnesota


I am getting ready to open up my new shop in Minnesota. I still have some work to do but here is a picture of what my shop is looking like - still under construction. Shop opening soon!

Items available in my shop.....handcrafted jewelry, paintings, sculpted art dolls, embroidered clothing, painted shirts, essential oils, candle holders and… Continue

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My new oils in my Etsy Shop and more coming soon!

money oils ' />

I am excited to share my new oils with everyone:-) All my oils are handcrafted fresh upon each order.


Simply rub onto money, purses, wallets, and place around the base of green candles during money and abundance spells. Put oil on after a ritual bath for additional strength to your spells.


Visit my Esty… Continue

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Day 36/100

I am not very proud to say this......but I woke up in a neg. mood this morning:-( But that is ok because, it is my choice to change this:-) So, I did!!! I love the feeling of being happy/pos.!! It is my choice and I choose positive. I am looking at things in a pos. way!!

I am still here on earth, creating my dreams -- as I await for divine timing to take it's course and unfold, putting all the peices together. I choose to live my life to it fullest. I am thankful for: my… Continue

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Day 35/100

This morning I woke up crying from a dream I had. I felt very sad for about 10 -15 min. Until, I decided that I wasn't going to let this damb dream ruin my whole day;-) I am the creater in my life and I CHOOSE to be HAPPY!! I know this dream was telling me I am looking at it in a pos. way and being thankful for this dream, as it is helping me in my real life! I have learned something from this dream. Sometimes the truth hurts but it takes a strong person to accept your… Continue

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Day 34/100

I am full of creative ideas -- YAY!! Today I have been creating alot lately, which is coming easily/effortly these days. I got some pottery clay, that doesn't need to be fired. So, excited to have found this clay. I made a really unique art doll a few days ago and made another one today.....just need to wait for her to dry so I can paint her:-) My life is so full of creative ideas and I LOVE it!!! I will post pictures of my art dolls real soon! xoox Gypsie…


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Day 33/100 Season 3

This morning I am feeling full of good energy with a positive attitude:-) I am happy to have found a new shop in Cannon Falls, Mn -- to put some of my prints of my artwork and jewelry in. It's called "The Picket Fence". This shop is full of great energy and I love this shop! The owner is so full of life with an awesome personality! I just adore her:-)

I am also excited about my new shop, which is located in my home:-) Good things are coming my way now and great things will continue… Continue

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I am having a FREE Giveaway (Framed) print of my Angel Card

I am an artist the enjoys painting angels. I want to giveaway (FREE) one of my angel prints. Drawing will be held this Monday on my youtube channel. I will be taping the drawing. If you would like to enter, please contact me w/your name. My email is:

Be sure to watch my video for more info.:


Peace, love, and light xoox… Continue

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Day 1 of Season 2

Today I decided to end my day of 92/100, I could start a new with with my co-creators. I am so excited to start this new challenge. It came in perfect timing. as the new year has just begun and my season 1 was almost completed. I had some good practice with my season 1 and am now ready to start my new year fresh with lots of meditation. Great things are coming for the new year! I can really feel this great energy. During the middle of my season 1.....I was really focusing on… Continue

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Season 1 Day 72/100

Hope you all had a wonderful christmas! Yesterday, we spent christmas at my sister's with our family. I wasn't going to go, as my aunt was going to be there. She is a very ill (mentally) person and she had done something really awful to me in the past. Knowing my aunt is ill.....I have decided to let it go and bring peace to our family. So, I decided to show up, as that was all my sister wanted for christmas. I thought this would be a great start for me to forgive and make peace with people… Continue

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Season 1 Day 70/100

My dream is to be a very famous artist! I have even sculpted a monkey for a movie several months ago. Thought this was it....but actually, wasn't. I kinda stopped dreaming for a while....thinking.....yeah right! It's not going to happen to me! Until, the day me and my sister Kelly, watched the The Secret.dvd (last year) . I was going through a deep depression for quit a few years. The Secret brought me to reality and opened the doors to a new improved life. I have always been strong minded but… Continue

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Season 1 Day 62/100

Update on my 100 day challenge: (I have been wanting to post this for quit a few days but just found the time now.)

I found a very special star ring after 6 months of it being lost. It was in a box that I had my ebay things in. I was going through this box and dumped it out and heard a...... ting ting ting.....I looked and it rolled out onto the floor. I thought....what's this? Then, I noticed it was the ring I lost. I thought to the hell did that get in there? HMMMM… Continue

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Day 61/100 Season 1

Update on my day 61/100 day challenge (This is my very first blog/update on my challenge):

The law of attraction is really working for me!

What has happened so far of my 100 day challenge......

* My depression has improved for the best (no longer need meds) Wha Hoooo!!! This is HUGE for ME;-)

* Glass Head from London wants to do a story about me and my monkeys/artwork. I haven't agreed to doing the story yet. They will coming to the US in Jan. to film… Continue

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