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Seen Seven Pounds today, got me thinking..

The hole day I spent with my wonderful boyfriend. He always makes me laugh, I had a super day, cosy and snowy!

Later we watch the movie Seven Pounds and I just fell apart, I couldn't stop crying! Such a beautiful movie. The people in that movie like Ezra (played by Woody Harrelsson) is just, ah, wonderful person. And it just gives me such warm feeling. So great acting by all of the cast.

There are some sad thing happening on my boyfriends side of the family, some really… Continue

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Looking forward to the works "Inspiation days " in STOCKHOLM.

YEAHHH, looking forward to my work having the Insiration days in STOCKHOLM. I work at a gym and each year the ship all the employees to Stocholm were we stay for 2days. We are going to work out one day, at each class we are about 200 people and there are 4 classes each our. Man thats a lot of people and this is the first time I get to go.

There are some famous people in Sweden who's going to instruct the classes ;). One of the our's I am going to have Yoga with Malin Berghage who's… Continue

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Yeahhh my grandmothers operation when well...

Iam so happy my grandmothers operation went well, it manifest. Acually things manifests too fast for me so I have to slow down a bit and focus on what's inportant, and right now I am so happy. Becose every day, I am getting more and more intouch with myself, I see more love, and u you do bring about what u think about.

I will be honest, before (in the past) somethings had happend to me so I got all negative and angry with god, and the universe. I feelt they treated me bad, and gave… Continue

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Today is a new day.

Well, so now I really start my 100day challenge. I've started 3 days ago by eating much fruit and vegetables becose I really want to be more healthy and not eat sugar and drink coke all day. Don't get me rong Im not overwieight or something but I've noticed what that kind of food does to your body! :) And not in a positive way. And I accually work somedays at a gym...

But I feel so much more energetic and happy that I acually started with that!! And tomorrow Im gonna go and work out at…

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Well Iam about to start this callenge and my Season 1. And Im not so well, I've caught a cold so Im not the most energetic person right now. But thats ok, I will apreciate being well afterwords. :)

Right now I am thinking about what I really really want becose Im in a place where I don't really know what I want, exept that I want my acting career to kick of, and U know what, I've recived two emails from people who has project on the move!! So thats fun! And I really what to be healthy and… Continue

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