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Season 1 Day 73


I've been off doing lots. Like going taking a course on getting better and moving across the country to be with my family. I've been keeping up with some of my goals and some a bit less. I wasn't one to put much belief in positive affrimations but after doing them and witnessing what happened I was a bit startled at the results.


Change isn't easy, for me it means having to look at why I do these things that I do that are unhealthy and believing that change is…


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Day 14 season 1

I'm seeing results and they are coming easly. This season is all about health...healthy mind, healthy body and healthy spirit as they are so interconnected. I've been going to this program to help me with my depression and finally came across someone who called me out on a behavior I was unaware of but could be a big piece of the puzzle. It was difficult to hear and process, I had a bad headach afterwards but I believe this is going to be huge!


I'm not drawn so strongly to…


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Day 12 season 1



Wow! My dreams last night where just amazingly vivid and wild. I don't know where to start. I've always been a dreamer but last night made me feel all stired up. Ever since I started to take time to get better my dreams have been increasingly vivid. Not that they are all good dreams.  I had to roll over and write it down while I was half way asleep so I wouldn't lose the details by morning.


Anyway I have a lot to process today. I'm not a very good…


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Day 10 Season 1

Ha, taking care of yourself is not as easy as I thought it would be, perhapes thats why I've gotten here. I feel myself getting stronger though. When I'm with my friends now a cheery side of me comes out that has been hidden in me for so long.

Although I still indulge in unhealthy foods my desire for them has decreased as I've increased my intake of nutritionally dense foods. I bought a whole fast food meal because I was in a hurry but as I was eating it I finally heard the trigger in…


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Day 7 Season 1



This morning I feel good balanced and content. I manifested somthing unexpected.  I had been loney for a long time and now I'm facing big changes in my life. I kept thinking how much I NEEDED support, I had to find MY support then these past few days I've been surrounded by my friends beyond that I've been able to relate with them.

The Best to all of you out there. Have a wonderful day!



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Day 4 Season 1

Today I made breakfest, even added a little green pepper and strawberries from the garden. Don't laugh this is huge for me. I'm I was a big fastfood junky despite my disgust for everything it stands for.  ; )  Thankfully when I have fresh produce from my garden it makes it a bit more meaningful to use these little gifts. Today I manifest healthy food and eating habits so tomorrow I will be able to manifest the more flashy stuff.…


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Day 2 Season 1

I'm thankful for the resources I have. I'm thankful for the help I've been given. I'm thankful for this time to rebuild my foundation and align my path with the universe.

Day two has been a lot of guiding myself out of habits and talking rather then chewing.  I keep popping up to get something to munch on, only to remember its not food that I'm really looking for. Today, I controlled my impulse to eat more then I needed and that is awesome.


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