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Day 3 Season 2

Hello! Today is such a beautiful day. I am grateful for being able to ride my bicycle to work every morning and this morning in such amazing weather here in new england, the fresh breezes and the warm sunshine :)

yesterday I was able to complete some of my intentions, I made a new recipe from my raw foods book for a raw bloody mary that was delicious! I feel so confident in my diet and my health, I can already feel everything progressing so nicely, I can feel my hair growing!…


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Day 2 : Season 2

Hello beautiful co-creators!

Today is my second day of my second season, and my first day was amazing! Everything is so amazing! Happiness to all!!!! I can't stop smiling and laughing, and I don't want to stop! Haha, but yes, I am opening up my co-creations with other people in my lives, and they are opening up and everything is going to erupt as a spider web outwards into the brilliant radiance of life!

Today, my intentions are to:

1. look into and research…


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Hello! how is everyone?? / Season 1 completion!!

How are all of you beautiful souls doing on this fantastic morning??!

I'm doing awesome. Spring is here and new vision is on the horizon! I have been away from this site for a while but am now back, and I can say that I have finished my first season of the reality challenge, although I haven't been doing it the way I want to now on this site. It's really awesome to look at all of my goals on here from last August and see how many I have fulfilled and how many I have kind of forgotten…


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Day 1 Season 1

Hello my fellow co-creators :)!

Today I started my (2nd) Season 1. I feel a lot more focused on the goals I have chosen for the next 100 days.

In the next 100 days, I intend to manifest the following goals:

1. I will receive a promotion / new position at my place of work.

2. I will continue advancing my new band's goals, such as:

- finding a very dynamic, capable, motivated drummer to round out our sound.

- getting signed to a record label

- recording an album… Continue

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starting season 1 August 30

hey everyone!
i hope you are having a wonderful summer (or winter ^_^)!
i am going to be starting a new season here on August 30th. From now until then I am going to be doing a lot of meditation and preparation to make some HUGE goals in alignment with HUGE dreams. life and I are getting really well and I hope it is the same for all of you!

Much love and I will have my new goals all ready for Day 1!
Very excited :D


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update / life purpose / destiny

hi friends!

how are all of you doing? i've been away from here for a little while, but that doesn't mean i haven't been expressing powerful thoughts everyday into the universe and haven't been missing you all, of course, i have.

that being said, i'm wondering if you have any suggestions about how one can find her/his life purpose. i understand that this varies for everyone (is highly subjective) and may take a long time to realize. however, i wonder if you've learned any tricks… Continue

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update ++ good news / starting over

hi everyone! how've my beautiful fellow cocreators been?!

i'm doing amazing.

it's been some time since i've been on here, but i've been keeping myself very busy, soul-searching and continuing on with everything. on a side note, it's the most beautiful lightning storm outside right now, it's like, every time i blink, it lightnings, i feel completely one with it. you're probably wondering why i am on here when i could be enjoying it completely! haha

i've been having nonstop… Continue

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day 19 season 1

hello my fellow co-creators!

i hope you are all smiling very much!

today has been a very pensive day. i woke up early to drive up to portland with my mother and was hit in the chest immediately with throbbing muscle pains. it's because i had tried last night to put all of the stuff i would need in my bag and test out how the bike would work. well, i didn't end up going and i am still in some pain. i am beginning to wonder whether i am going to heal in time before we leave. i… Continue

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day 16 season 1 i got my hearing back! job offer! epiphany

hi everyone! how are you on this beautiful moonlit evening?

i'm doing wonderful :)

i feel truly abundant today and surrounded by family and friends that are loving, caring, awesome people.

and i got my hearing back tonight! we flushed out my left eardrum with warm water several times and my hearing came back. it feels so good! clarity!

i also was talking with my mom briefly this morning about los angeles and that i had a long conversation last night with my good friend… Continue

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day 15 season 1

hi everyone!

hows it going on this beautiful evening?

so i've been preparing and thinking a lot of positive thoughts about my future after the bike trip, and i created a sort of music resume if you will. i contacted two bands that are looking for members and they responded! i'm going to hopefully have a meeting on the phone with one of them (in Los Angeles) tomorrow. The other band is in New York and I'm going to meditate on a little more, as I am not sure if I'm totally vibing with… Continue

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dream journal 1

hello! i had a pretty diverse dream last night while i was sleeping and i remembered a lot of it this morning, which has been the first time in a while since that has happened so i figured i would write it here.

i met with my best friend who has been detached from his sister for a while because his family wasn't accepting or understanding (or allowing) of his sister's habits as a teenager. in real life she moved out west recently and had dropped out of high school. for some reason… Continue

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day 13 season 1

hi my wonderful beautiful co-creators! :D

today was yet another beautiful day!

i spent much of today thinking and focusing on my goals as well as taking some actions (through what i can do) to progress my life when i return from my bicycle trip. i created a new personal myspace account through which i added all of my intentions and goals as a musician as well as a link to my songs, and so on:

i told my parents today that i… Continue

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day 12 season 1

wow. i can honestly say that every day since i've joined this community my life has gotten better and better.

today was another great day. this morning i woke up without being able to hear with my left ear, i don't know why, i don't have a cold or anything. throughout the day i tried some remedies and stuff which seemed to temporarily work. i'm pretty sure it has something to do with wax getting deep into my ear and not allowing for the vibration of my eardrums. anyways, tonight, my ear is… Continue

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day 11 season 1


how are you all?

today has been another completely beautiful and amazing day.

i was able to complete my intentions and now have opened up a lot of time to finish my final project of college for the end of the week, which makes me more happy! i studied the baha'i faith today for my class, and i've been meeting more and more baha'is this year, i feel as though i'm subconsciously attracting them to me!

and! tonight while i was showing my dad an online guided… Continue

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day 10 season 1

hi everyone :) how are you?

yes i have been having a lot of epiphanies lately and today is no exception. my parents went to the casino today, which they rarely go and i haven't been since it wasn't legal for me to, when i was 16 in montreal O_o.. so yeah we spent the whole car trip being really positive and kinda obnoxious but it was a lot of fun. i usually would say no to going to the casino but i'm trying to actively allow things to happen in my life and i definitely think that my recent… Continue

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day 9 season 1

Today was a wonderful great day. I spent a lot of time meditating and visualizing my goals. Tomorrow I'm going to start a new pattern, spending an hour each morning studying some principles and writing down / transcribing all new songs that i write so i will have a wealth of music to bring to others. I also realized that I think I need to focus on attracting the wealth I desire rather than focus on ridding the debt that I have. Come here wealth! :P That is what I will meditate on before sleep… Continue

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day 7 season 1 deep realization!

hello! i have been meditating and fasting a lot for the past few days and have come to a deeper understanding and realization of what it is that i truly want. this sort of happened in connection with my new ccor friend Pilar who introduced me to The Science of Getting Rich, which is instantly reinforcing my decision to figure out my goals. life is so funny. i have been thinking heavily about music. i have been writing music since i was a young teenager, and have been in bands throughout high… Continue

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day 4 season 1


today i intend to focus on the rule of 5s, since i am already half way through day 5

I. i want to travel across the united states by bicycle: 5 things i will do to advance my goal are:

1. i want to research organizations / nonprofits that do these kinds of activities

2. i will post a blog about my wishes to do so on the social networks that i am a part of: facebook, myspace, vegspace, livejournal, couchsurfing. (add me :P)

3. i will create a timeframe through… Continue

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day 3 season 1

hello everyone!

today was a beautiful day :)

i spent a lot of time with my father and being pensive about the future. i put a lot of thoughts into the world and have meditated deeply upon what it is i truly want. so i have decided to change some of my goals until i feel that they are really truly what i want inside. i don't know if that happens frequently to people but it's all good.

i started to focus today more on my goal of paying off my college loans. after the house… Continue

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Day 2 Season 1 (+gratitude)

Hi everyone! Yesterday a lot of people came over my house, a lot of friends from high school who I haven't seen in a while and we shared a great amount of laughter, stories, and music. My two friends Erica and Mike, and I performed songs that we wrote for our friends and we all re-connected. It was wonderful. Sometimes, I worry when setting up a gathering like that that people might not show up or think that it's not a good idea, even though I do truly know that it'll be fun if people want it… Continue

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