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So I started to feel relaxed and free, because I felt there would be a way out.  But now it's 10 days later and there's been no movement in any direction and the more I looked at the town I thought of moving to, the less I like it.  If I had a nice place there in nice area, then ok, but

personally I want to move to Iowa.  Problem is, most of the places I like are higher rent than I can afford.  And then signs that…


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Upset (don't read if not wanting upset)But send positive thoughts...tks

Never, in a million years did I think I'd be in this position again.  I'm being thrown back to a very bad time in my life.

My roommie let off on me claiming that I brought his kid into it.  The truth is, he brought his kid into it and is projecting his lack of responsibility onto me.  Fine.

But I have nowhere to go and very little money.  I was paying him a rental fee and…


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Limitless Wealth

Feeling rather good right now!  Had a breakthrough. I tend to not listen to my own reactions to things, until I get tired of it and think, what is the problem here?  This time, I was thinking of obtaining money, in a certain amount.  But I saw this, "Limitless Wealth" and my whole body relaxed.  It had been bothering me this whole time, the "limited" amount I was going for.  When I saw those words, I realized, OH!  That's what I'm wanting, accepting,…


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Be Still and Know~

If I could just remember to just RELAX and be in the knowing mindset.....

I push and push and push till I'm disconnected from the Divine and I end up willing things and feeling this kind of odd aloneness...I do this every time, yet I still haven't gotten it.

SO this time.....just relax, it's all taken care of, don't worry be happy, stop leaning forward in your chair,…


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A Request For All CoCreators of this World!!!!! Please read and consider~

Ye old site was down for awhile, but now it's back up! yay!

I was gonna start out with the usual contrast but changing mind thing, but I realized that I do that often.  So that has probably helped to keep the negative around and SO, I know better than that!!!!

What was going thru my mind was that if every single person on this site, sent one thought daily or every…


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Like Vibrations Attract Like Vibrations~article

Ok, so I've been doing a lot of healing, adjusting to people that are not really like me, but at the same time are excellent mirrors for growth.  Thus, I am learning a lot from them.  

And have been changing my mind rather frequently about what I actually want. To the point that, I'm beginning to see, I am flip-flopping a lot…


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From THE SECRET Website~Reinforcement

I did NOT write this.  

Written by Frederica~

If You Believe You Always Receive.

At the beginning of September I moved to a new city where I would start a new academic year at a new University. I was very optimistic and happy to be experiencing new things, and I was sure I would find the perfect friends to…


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On another note

I have just learned something. I basically don't do artwork and the like because I don't feel like I'm ever in an environment that I can do it in.  However, what I just noticed, was that this is some form of subtle dodging of what seems to be a deep-seated issue with me and creativity.

It's like I'm just not really addressing…


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Change it to what you want

Last I was on here, I wrote that I had been deceived by my twin soul.  However, as with many twin souls, there has been a kind of resolution of sorts.  I have learned that when it comes to this kind of relationship or any kind for that matter, one has to think on a more Divine level.

It's clear that I was sensing something wasn't right and so now I know there was another. However he…


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I moved!

What an incredible process it has been!  I finally moved!  Not in the way I thought, but as always, the Universe has my back and it worked out great!  I listened to my insides and a thought popped into my head suddenly and I gave it a shot and it worked!  I have a roommate now and pretty much everything I asked for in a place.  …


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Love Came Back~

So he came back.  We discussed, readjusted and we are twin souls, so we are gonna hand it over to the Divine and we'll see what is for us at a later time.  We both really don't want to split from each other, so ....done deal.


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Single Again

So the love of my life broke it off with me today because he wants kids.  I don't blame him for that, but I was really hurting.

But then,

The Universe suddenly sent me this song, I knew it was meant for me intuitively. I…


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So Let's Talk Money

So I realized something really important for me personally.  I have trouble with the idea of just obtaining money and that's it.  I realized this morning, that I like money that MOVES!  Yes, I like it to flow and have purpose.  

I guess I'd forgotten I am like this, or that I didn't quite know that I'm like this.  When I was…


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From The Secret Website: The Orange Futon

I did not write this.

By Joy

The Orange Futon

This manifesting story is also related to the house that I bought. Even before I had found a house, I knew that I wanted to turn one of my bedrooms into a library. I knew that I wanted the walls to be dark turquoise and that I wanted to have an orange futon to…


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Recent Cocreation

So with the recent ice storm that is going around.  We knew of it's coming about 5 days in advance. People went and got supplies and such, my neighbor telling me that power could be out a full week.  I had been holding in my mind that it just dissipate or something.  I knew that if I had no power for a week in this weather, I'd not survive.  So, I just thought to just not have it happen.  I kept this and even defied…


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Thought this was good, I thought I'd put it here as well as in video section.

Thought this was good, I thought I'd put it here as well as in video section.


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From THE SECRET Website: Belief

I did not write this.

By Eva N

This is my second story that I’m writing for this website, and it’s still just as wonderful as the first.

This year I found out one of the scariest, and joyous things of my life; I was going to be a mom. The thought terrified me. My husband and I live alone with no family for miles and miles up here in the north of the country.…


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The Creator brought me my man!

Ok, so today I found a list.  This list was for my mate, future husband, love of my life.  I do not remember writing this list and as I read it over, I was FLOORED!  Because every single thing on it, is exactly what my boyfriend is.  I am amazed!!!!  I have read so many times how this has happened to others with lists, but this just about took my breath away!  It was so specific!  …


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From The Secret Website~It's that simple

  • By~Awobajo Flourish C.N

I came across this book, The Secret, from a friend and ordered it from Amazon. Back then life was full of struggle. I started chapter by chapter. First l noticed that l was looking much younger because I was able to let go of all the pain from the inside. Then I bought The Power and it was the bomb. My love life changed, my love for everything in me, around me and about me changed We were able to get the land of our choice and have built…


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