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Day 34 - On the horse off the horse, on the horse again

hi co creators

Its been a while since i wrote a post. I havent been consistant with my practises, but i do do some of them every day.. its having the list near to me that seems to me something to go back to. So yesterday i meditated, did my affirmations and today i went for a run, meditated and my gratitude diary. So somethign is being done every day and i am feeling more at peace with that now.

I realised i have too many goals, its a bit overwhelming to…


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Day 15 - Great day!

Life is such a roller coaster ride isnt it!  Two days ago i felt so rubbish and disheartened, and today i feel really fabulous!  Thank you from my heart co creators for all the love and support and the honest caring feedback you've offered over the past few days. It really has made  a difference to my mood and optimism, its so helpful to hear others opinions on things. Im so grateful to you all thank you.

Today i did all my practises, the meditations, the affirmations, the gratitude…


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Day 13 - Love Reality and the time of transition... mega confusion after watching this documentary

Two days ago, i received a link to a documentary.  It was 77 minutes long and it turned me upside down and inside out. It made me question everything i believe and question everything i am doing to open my heart raise my vibration of love and make a better life for myself.

I felt myself spiralling into a space of self doubt. doing this challenge helped me have some direction, some game plan so to speak and now suddenly i felt silly for doing my practises, felt i was taking the…


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Day 10 - Feeling overwhelmed but keeping with the program.

Im feeling a bit overwhelmed with the goings on in life, but im really happy i am keeping up with the meditations affirmations and daily gratitude posting so im sure the feeling will pass.

Its only early days so perhaps its the committment to a process that feels overwhelming, im not sure.

Getting more sleep has not got to the top of my focus list yet, im still finding myself online late at night. When everyone is asleep seems to be the time i feel most at peace, when i…


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day 8 - mental note ...Do exercise before computer

I am kind of disappointed with my last two days, they werent how i envisioned them to be. i know this is just the beginning of a long journey towards change and its not nice to be hard on myself as it seems to be taking a little time to get into the pattern and routine of how to fit the practises in around my daily life.  But it felt disappointing at the end of the day when i hadnt done all the practises on my list. 

Ive done the meditations every day, and my affirmations and i have…


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Day 5 - Running about like a chicken not achieving very much.. or so it felt like

Today , it felt like i was running about trying to achieve it all and not achieving very much...  But now as i reflect on my day i see i actualy did alot, just not much off my list.  it happens i suppose, the best laid plans of mice and men and all that... Sooo brilliant that tomorrow is a brand new day full with new possibilites.. 

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Season 1 Day 4 - Affirmations Ill start with

Just finished my half hour daily meditation, it feels so good to have my practise back in my life again. Im also focussing on eating more healthily so really happy i ate a big bowl of porridge for breakfast. Today I decided to  create the list of affirmations ill use.  I imagine the list may change over the challenge, but for now, these are aligned with my intentions. The plan is to do them each morning in front of the mirror and then repeat them 2 more times throughout my…


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season 1 day 3 - getting it together, my first blog entry

Wow!!!  talk about procrastination, or maybe its fear or nerves... whatever it is, its been mad to observe myself flitting in and out of this website the past few days since day one of my challenge.

It took me time to decide to go for it, i was so afraid id let myself down and not stick at it.  Then when i finally got the courage to say YES nayana you are doing this... i came signed up and put my start date as that day then realised i didnt even have my intentions and goals…


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