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Season 3 - Day 5

I might be procrastinating a little or I might just be a little tuckered out. Nevertheless, I gave myself the luxury of a day of rest today. I experienced so many changes with moving into a completely different living situation and with starting school after a zillion years away from that. And, then, there's winter to deal with, and that's a whole challenge by itself. I did more shopping to expand my food hoard on Saturday and organized it better on Sunday. 

Also on Sunday, I canned…


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Season 3 - Day 1

And, I'm back! The results from Season 2 were so spectacular, I know I should keep that momentum going!

I have the new dimension of being a student again and the responsibility of improving my Etsy shops while they are in a state of increase, so that's where the priorities lie this time around. I also want to keep moving forward with decluttering. Losing half of my baggage was a great start, and here's another place to keep the momentum going, too. And. You know what. I need a few…


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Season 2 - Day 100

This season has such a happy ending and I amazed when I look back over the past 100 days. It didn't proceed at all as I had imagined, but the moment that I surrendered myself to the process, was the point things unfolded miraculously. I have a new and better home. It's a home of my own and exactly suits my needs from the size of the space to having secure mail and the same outstanding mail lady.

My Etsy shops rebounded well. Not exactly in time for the Sparkle Season, but right now…


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Season 2 - Day 62

I found my calendar so I know exactly where I am during this challenge and am happy to say that I have good feelings about that. This isn't unfolding quite the way I thought it would, but I am likely making reasonable progress and actually doing a better job at some things had I not moved. Both decluttering and organizing have certainly benefited from this huge upheaval in my life.

I am a little bit proud that I have been able to keep my shops open during this crazy time, but business…


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Sometime during Season 2 ...

Oh. Wow. I don't even know what day it is during Season 2 since my calendar is packed somewhere, but I felt I should check in anyway. Actually the move is going well, but not without high drama. I don't think you can have an abrupt move without high drama, so all is well. The really good news is that I am able to relocate in my same neighborhood and pretty much the only thing that changes is my personal economics. If the recent trends in positive cash flow is an indication, I probably don't…


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Season 2 - Day 22

I am having a little bit of a hard time getting this impending move coordinated. It gets complicated because I'm moving myself and my workspace and my three Etsy shops. I am TryTryTrying to not panic and put my shops on vacation because that will drop both my Etsy and Google search ranks to exactly zero which is not a place where any self respecting e-tailer would want to be on the edge of Sparkle Season.

And speaking of Sparkle Season, because I will have leases expiring in November…


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Season 2 - Day 13

The interesting thing is that there is an issue with this old house and I may not be living here much longer. That's fine. I have lived here for almost nine years and I am fine with the idea of moving. The timing is a little odd, but good things don't always have great timing. The tricky thing is going to be maintaining my focus and keep moving my projects forward without being distracted by changing situations around me. All is good.

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Season 2 - Day 7

I think that it's true that things you want will naturally gravitate to you. I got an interesting email today from the fashion magazine that's jumpstarting some industry action here in Indianapolis. There is a coworking Makerspace iron in the fire. It could be 2 - 5 years from now. That's fine. Etsy business is still having a flurry of sustained activity and I just packed up a vintage pattern for shipping.

The Money Map course is indeed interesting and just what I need. I have to put…


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Season 2 - Day 6

I have three boxes of Etsy sales packed up and ready for the mail lady! One of the vintage costume patterns got so many views last night that Etsy sent me a congratulatory email. How crazy is that? I worked so hard that nothing can stop me now. My daily views in my textile and junk shops have risen from a steady 20/day to over 100/day. Sometimes things get nuts and the views grow remarkably from that. 

Of course, there's DramaDramaDrama. I share a house with some other people I didn't…


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Season 2 - Day 3

In a way, I'm going to be a 100 Day Challenge fair weather friend today. We're expecting that seasonal shift in the weather today followed by killer Indiana thunderstorms. I'm going to turn the computer off after I write this and do some old fashioned pen on paper work, and creative work, and indulge in self care.

I know my goals and intentions are vague and lame, but I wanted to get started in any imperfect way because I know where the edit button is. Once I work on my written…


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Season 2 - Day 1

Deja vu? Yes. We have seen Season 2 - Day 1 before. Like a year ago. I did have good intentions. I really should have continued on with the challenge, but I felt so defeated from the beginning. But. I didn't quit. I did crawl forward and end up in a better position than I was in last year. But. I really would have benefited from writing daily about the process. I know better now.

More than ever, I need to do whatever it takes to build that fire under my ass and move my life to being…


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Season 2 - Day 1

All I can see for myself is to end 2013 strong and move ahead in my projects in a successful and sustainable way. 

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Season 1 - Day 100

I am not at all disappointed in the progress of events during Season 1, although things did not turn out exactly the way I had envisioned. In fact, putting my life in motion actually developed a direction of its own in a really exciting and unexpected way.

The organization process for my business moved in a different direction than I could have ever envisioned. I spent a lot of time in September working on titles, first paragraphs and tags for my Etsy shops as well as optimizing for…


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Season 1 - Day 90

I am still here and looking forward to the next season with optimism. It seems like I have been playing a game that is constantly changing and the experience has been difficult. It hasn't been a bad thing. It has been surprising, though. I am feeling some fear and I am doing it anyway.

For the next ten days, I will recap my experiences and also start setting the foundation for the next season. I feel like I am in a position to end the year surprisingly strong which wasn't what my…


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Season 1 - Day 50

*gasp* It. Is. Halftime. Already. I feel as if I have grown by leaps and bounds and made much progress. But, I feel somewhat sad and confused at the same time. For years and years I let other people define me as a fashion designer and I almost believe I should live up to those expectations which aren't about me at all. I define myself as a fashion artist and work around that definition which may make more problems than they solve. I feel a little lost.

Intense "house cleaning" has…


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Day 46 - Season 1

Personal organization seems to be the most important issue right now. It's not as if I am a disorganized person or that I manage time poorly, but I feel that I should be paying better attention to optimizing space and time. 

I am putting effort into developing all of my streams of income. Mostly this week I have been working on my QualityJunk shop on Etsy and adding inventory to that shop. That also means I have been cleaning out supplies that I do not plan to use. I also have been…


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Day 35 - Season 1

Because I am taking such a giant leap of faith during these first 100 days and a journey outside of my comfort zone, I've been spending considerable time becoming more organized in order to address all of these challenges and opportunities I am creating for myself. I have always been an orderly and organized person, but I'm realizing that perhaps I am keeping myself stuck by some of these same practices.

I reorganized my studio to take better advantage of having the extended resources…


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Day 18 - Season 1

I'm not really very chatty right now and I'm not really sorry about it either. Most of the time since my last post has been spent preparing to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in The Bindery, a pop up create space for fashion design. I am a Fashion Artist and the idea of working in a temporary studio in a public art gallery resonates with me. I have a really interesting collection of materials I have been saving for something and this might as well be it.



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Day 6 - Season 1

The intention just to set my life in motion with the idea for change and to reinvent myself in the process had a seriously powerful outcome! I can discern better now what's important and start to be clearer about the outcomes I desire. This is how I work best. it's more important for me to just begin it and then evaluate, than to just procrastinate and hope something will happen. Ideas pop into my mind better once my brain and body are in motion.

I am all about those Aha Moments and…


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