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Use Fashion To Express Your Personal Style and Communicate Who You Are To the World

When most of us think of the fashion industry, we think of glitzy actresses, runway models, glamourous fashion magazines, and an industry that seems to promote materialism and consumption. But as I’ve learned more about the fashion industry by studying fashion design and working in the industry, fashion is not just about…


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Simple Steps to Achieving Goals

A Lesson I Learned From My Baby About Achieving Goals

I was reminded of some simple steps to achieving goals while I was interacting with my baby. Who knew my baby would teach me something already?

I am sitting here right now with a pile of toys on my desk as I write this because my baby decided to bring me her pile of toys, one by one. Even when my husband tried to distract her with another activity, she was determined to take every toy in front of her and hand them…


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Are you postponing your dreams?

Is there a dream you have been postponing in your life? Maybe you’ve written your dream off as pure fantasy or too far fetched? Or maybe there is a dream you really want to achieve, but something is stopping you from really going after it. What dreams are you postponing? And why?

Using Motherhood as a Reason For Postponing…


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How To Get Back on Track When You Reach a Roadblock

 A post from my blog...

We all reach moments in our journey when we reach a roadblock. We feel really low because we feel stuck or an old problem resurfaces. Something might trigger you and upset you, as you are faced with an old problem from the past that has not yet been resolved. You might be chugging along fine and then all of a sudden… bam!…


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My Story of Receiving Healing From John of God

Hi everyone!

This is my first post about spiritual travel on my blog. Read about my journey to Abadiania, Brazil to receive healing from John of God. Hope you enjoy!

"La Casa"

If you have ever considered taking a spiritual trip or a healing trip, you might want to consider visiting John of God’s healing center, known as “La Casa” in Abadiania, Brazil. It is a bit off the beaten…


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What Would Make You Feel Free?

Hi everyone,

This is my latest blog post on my blog!

Freedom. We all want it. But most of us are living lives that are making us feel trapped. If you are anything like me, you yearn for freedom to do whatever it is you want in life.

What would make you feel free? TRULY free?

What is bogging you down and holding you back…


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Feel the Fear But Do It Anyway!

One of my favorite quotes of all time is by Langston Hughes:

“Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly.”

You have a dream… now what? Taking steps towards your dream…


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The Path to Creativity is a Spiritual Journey

I wrote about this topic in my blog post and wanted to share with all of you here. It's about my journey and what I've learned from it. Hope you can relate!


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Visit Me at My New Website and Facebook Page!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited because I have been wanting to do work that was fun and exciting for me, but was not sure how to make it into a business. Now that I am working with a business coach, she is helping me create that into an actual business, I have a lot of hope that everything is moving in the right direction! 

I have just started my new website and am starting to write some new blog posts on there. Please come check it out! I would love some support on there.…


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My New Website!

Hi Everyone!

I am very excited this week because my website is finally coming together. It still needs a lot of work, but it is finally LIVE! I created a tagline and a banner last week and wrote my first blog post on there this week. I merged together several of my personal blogs onto this one site and now will be writing on there from now on. Eventually it will turn into a business of some sort. :)

Check it out! I would love it if you would "Like" my facebook page…


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Funny experience to share

My husband wanted me to go get the emissions test for our car yesterday because he had somehow managed to get 3 tickets within 2 days for not getting the emissions test this year yet and the sticker expired. I asked him where to go, and he told me next door. I really didn't feel like going in that day. I asked my husband if they couldn't do it that day, what I should do. He said that he would be able to take it in on Thursday at 9am. So, I went to the auto body shop and asked them if they…


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Day 5 - My first workout in a long, loooooooooong time since having my baby

Hi everyone!

I am so proud of myself today because I went to the gym and actually worked out!!!! Since I was taking care of my baby most of last year and pregnant the year before that, I haven't had much time (or energy) to work out, so the fact that I actually made it to the gym was a miracle!

Yesterday my back was killing me and I knew I needed a massage, but a workout would get most of it out sooner, so I opted for that. I was also inspired to make it out to…


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Season 7 Intentions

I've been absent from this site for a little over a year now, but it's time to come back and start a new season! I created a video, but will download it and upload it tomorrow. In the meantime, here are my intentions for this season.

My Intentions for Season 7

1. Living My Passion: I am discovering my soul's true passion and going for it! The universe supports me in my life to achieve all of my goals quickly and easily. I am building a career that allows me to do…


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S6 Day 19 - The First Recipe I Learned/Made this Season!

Hi Co-creators!

I am starting to go down my list of things I wanted to accomplish this season. The first one is done!

I planted my organic vegetable garden! I planted it 3 and a half weeks ago, so they have grown much bigger than this picture. This was taken the first week. I planted these on June 12.

And now I am starting on my second intention of the season of learning 20 new recipes. I had to start with something… Continue

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My Season 6 Intentions

It's been almost a couple of months since my last season ended, soand I figure it's time for a new season! During the time off in between seasons, I moved to a new home and finished classes for the semester, started a summer program, and have been unpacking and getting my home in order. Although there's still a while to go before everything is all settled, it's time to start a new season.

My season 6 will start tomorrow: 6/12/10 - 9/20/10

One a side note, I will be seeing… Continue

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Need Your Help!!!

Hi everyone,

I try to focus on all the positive things in life and try to shine my love and light wherever I go, but yesterday, I ran across someone's profile on that I had seen just the day before. She used to have a long list of goals, but overnight had deleted all the goals that I had seen just the day before and replaced it with one goal:

"to commit suicide on 3rd of May 2010"

If this is really her goal, I am deeply concerned and have no idea how to help… Continue

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April Home Detox - Day 19

It's been a while since I posted my progress and since I've been a bit busy looking for a new apartment, I've accumulated days of things to get rid of. So, here I am catching up a bit. I've tried to knock off as many things as I could in the shortest amount of time today.

Today I got rid of:

- 22 Magazines

- 2 leather wallets

- 10 tea candle holders with tea lights

- 1 old plastic disk drive case

- 10 necklaces

That's a total of 45 items for today. I'll… Continue

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Detoxing my Life in April - Day 14

Hi everyone!

I started by trying to blog every day about my April detox, but it looks like life kept me a bit busy with other things. I'm back and filling you in on what has happened in the past 8 days!


Although my getting rid of items has slowed a bit, I did recycle 31 magazines and a list of other items that I do not have on hand. I will get them and write them down in the next post! With 31 items, it looks like I have an… Continue

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Detoxing my Life in April - Day 5 & 6


More stuff found in the bathroom that is going away! I really have no

idea why I've been hanging onto all of this stuff. It's really just old containers, bags, and little things I just don't use anymore. That's about 30 items

for yesterday and today!

As you can see I've been starting with the easy stuff, but sooner or later I know I will have to make some hard… Continue

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Detoxing my Life in April - Day 4

Hi everyone! Today was another great day. Having more time on the weekends allows me to dedicate more time on this project of mine! This time I was able to take some pictures to show you what I was getting rid of and what I was eating for my vegan diet. Makes for a more interesting blog post, I think.

Home - Day 3 (59 items):

I counted the items from yesterday's purge from the pile that was created to give as donations and the total was 44… Continue

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