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Day 29: Addicted to Success?

Well, we're in a new month, and I've officially entered Phase Two of my 100 Day Challenge, although I didn't really complete Phase One. The only room completed in my house-clearing intent is the bedroom, although that has been HUGE. I have found serenity in there and since my altar is in the corner, I've cleaned up the energy of the room as well.

So.. being addicted to success or at least the path to success, I re-joined the 45 Day Challenge for a new season which began October 1st.… Continue

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Day 23/S2: Intentions and Purpose: MOTHER

The word MOTHER has been glittering through my dreams and day-visions lately. The first time it was fully formed as a word in the sky; the second time it was a tattoo on the small of my back, the Tree of Life with the three moons above it -- all encased in the word MOTHER. And in the third it was made of flowers, so gorgeous, not macabre like the fake cemetery monuments that say "MOTHER".

I had asked: What is my purpose? Knowing I had known it once, though it slipped through my… Continue

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Day 22/S2: Intentions and did I live up to them?

This morning I set the following daily intentions. This is my check-in.

I intend to have a FUN, happy, magical day.

Oh my. It was a dreary, rainy day and I worked so hard I forgot to have FUN.

I intend to have a very productive space clearing today.

I did have a productive day. Not as productive as stated in my intentions, but much more productive than I would have been had I not stated any intentions to begin… Continue

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"My happiness depends on me, so you're off the hook."

I loved today's Abe quote:

Tell everyone you know: "My happiness depends on me, so you're off the hook." And then demonstrate it. Be happy, no matter what they're doing. Practice feeling good, no matter what. And before you know it, you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel—and then, you'll love them all. Because the only reason you don't love them, is because you're using them as your excuse to not feel good.

Excerpted from a workshop in… Continue

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Day 18/S2: Two more feathers in my pocket

Yesterday I was walking, thinking about how, since I'd consciously been on the path of the feather, I'd found feathers daily (Friday and Saturday) but not on Sunday. "Where is my feather?" And I looked down and THERE it was, small, white and grey. Today I found an almost identical one. Isn't it funny.. I could have found three feathers one day and none for several days but instead I find a single one almost every day.. I thank the animal spirits and the Universe for sending me gentle reminders… Continue

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Day 16/S2: Trees that walk and animals that talk..

Quick Check-in:

I found yet another feather yesterday -- this one smaller than the the one I found Friday, but also white. I love that I found one two days in a row!

I watched a film last night called The Nines. I don't want to give it away, but it is all about the question of what is reality, who makes reality, and whose reality is this anyway? It started out as an odd, quirky film and I wasn't expecting to like it. But in the end I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED… Continue

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Quote for Day 14 (S2)

As wisdom whispers its truth into your heart, accept it. To empower this truth, live it. In this way, you become illumined.
~Michael Roads, Journey Into Oneness

And today was another feather on my path, this one I consciously collected, big and white.

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Gratitude for the Angels and Spirits

Just some synchronicities, signs on the journey:

1. Everywhere I look lately, I am reading about developing psychic or intuitive abilities. I haven't actually sought it out -- it keeps arriving. I have some exercises I want to try and work on daily, working with a deck of cards, but also doing an exercise on seeing like a shaman -- to see if I can see energy or auras, or at least get a more reliable sense of them.

2. Angels. I was cultivating a relationship with angels… Continue

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S2/Day 13: Ready for a healing


I am still working on healing for my ears, and once again that has taken up most of my attention. Although I made some amazing breakthroughs regarding what the ear problem "means" -- as in, what is it trying to TELL me? It is trying to tell me that I need to, first and foremost, listen WITHIN after a lifetime of looking for validation and answers outside of me. The ears are turned inward.

I have had energy healers send me healing energy, and yet the ears are still… Continue

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Belated September 11th anniversary post

Laura's post reminded me of one I had made in a personal blog many years ago, so I am re-posting it here. It's fitting, as we are once again in an election year:


September 11, 2004

Love is Why We Are Here: More Reflections on September 11th

For the first anniversary of 9/11, pbs unveiled a documentary entitled Faith and Doubt at Ground… Continue

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S2/Day 9: Learning to Listen Within

I am still finding gifts in my life from the Boundless Living challenge. For instance, I have a calendar full of things I plan on doing/attending for the next couple months. Prior to Boundless Living and EFT, I made lists but rarely followed through, or I would chicken out at the last minute because I was afraid to do something on my own that was unfamiliar. I did some EFT on procrastination, which apparently cleared out my fears of the unknown -- to a degree -- as well as avoidance. I deserve… Continue

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S2/D4 Success Journal.. a little late.

Attempted morning pages. It's in the attempt. YAY!
Did EFT.. Wahoo!
Ran home to close windows when I realized it was about to monsoon and got in extra middle-of-the-workday kitty snuggles, which are the best. Yippee!
Did my daily self-portrait -- zippadeedoodah.
Sang! First women's choir rehearsal. Yay!
Went to bed at a decent hour. Yahoo!

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S2/D4: The gift of illness is learning to Self-Heal

I've been suffering from neck pain and earaches/stuffy ears for well over a month. The docs keep giving me drugs that don't work, and the last one insulted me, saying I "wasn't patient enough." (That was after being told by the previous doc to come back if I didn't see relief in 7 days -- which I didn't. )

I was getting totally frustrated at feeling like this. In working with Law of Attraction, I'd been feeling empowered and less like a victim, but in the area of health, I was stuck.… Continue

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S2:D2 Success Journal

What I did today:

Morning pages -- zippadeedoodah!
10:10 list -- YAY!
Read Daily Simple Abundance -- woo!
EFT -- yippee!
Danced the 5 rhythms -- yeeha!
Created vision statement for my life/environ -- woot!
Put together three boxes: Keep, Give Away, Trash. --yeah!
Did one zone of the house -- YAY!
Went to a movie! Mamma Mia --WOOHOO!
danced! again -- yipeeeee!

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S2/Day2: Imagine the life you want to live

In Peter Walsh' It's All Too Much, he asks you to envision the life you want to live, and then from that vision state what you want your living space to be like. With all this in mind, you ask questions of each thing in your life.

First, the life I want to live:

I am fit, strong, healthy and gorgeous. I dress in a confident, creative yet classic way. I am energetic and open to others. I am in tune with my body and in tune with the cycles of Nature. I am… Continue

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Day 91: The Universe is a catalog and I'm placing my orders!

I cannot believe my first season is almost over! I didn't necessarily follow through on the goals I set -- interestingly, I think I was set on a path more organically appropriate for me at this time, and I feel really in the flow. I am wealthy! My only manifestation of this -- so far -- was a payment of $10 for a mystery shop I did in May that I totally forgot about, but I am developing 'wealth consciousness.' I really resisted all those books about money and being rich because I didn't feel… Continue

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America the Beautiful

America awoke this morning,
and She asked herself,
"Is this where I expected
to be on my 232nd birthday?"
I feel her pain -- I felt the same
and I am 199 years younger than She.
Oh, She knows She is still beautiful.
She knows the future still lays sweetly at her feet.

Just because the reality does not match the dream
does not mean that the dream is dead.
Happy Birthday, America, I love you
and your dreams with all of my heart.

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Day 71: Nourishment and Inner Wisdom

Wow. This journey has been a speeding train with a one-way ticket to enlightenment!

The theme this week has been nourishment. At the recommendation of MerryTraveller, I picked up Simple Abundance by using one of my points on BookMooch (BookMooch is a book exchange with a point system -- the only money spent is on postage. For each book I have sent to another, I have received 1.3 books, so it is a both a… Continue

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Day 67: On Being a Renaissance Soul and Gratitudes!

I am still focused on my challenge, which is no easy feat for me. I'm kind of a Renaissance Soul -- I have SO many interests, and am pretty much ADD to boot. So settling on a few goals is tough for me. I realize, however, by allowing myself to focus I actually accomplish something, as opposed to having hundreds of interests but not doing anything about any of them. Our "You must be something hard-focused like a doctor or a lawyer" society-mindedness berates me for this. I go to the library and… Continue

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Day 61: Still Here!

I thought it was high time I blogged about my goings-on.

Last I was here, I was discussing cutting my Master Cleanse short. I did almost 5 full days. On the fourth day, I decided that unless I began to feel better than I was -- I know some of that was the detox -- on the fifth day I would end the cleanse. It was quite powerful, the sense of peace that came from that decision, which told me it was the right one for my well-being. My body was nowhere near being "done" with the detox of… Continue

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