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Day 7 - Season 9 Moving forward, Am I prepared to be an entrepreneur?

Hello there!!

I'm excited to continue with my entrepreneurship dream, as my walk on this journey continues, I realize how important is sorround yourself of positive and empowered people.

I decided that I wanted to connect myself and my spirituality more than ever so I started to look for a coaching program on line, and finding one, I asked advice to…


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Day 1 - Season 9 Things I'm grateful for...

1. The great decision to wake up and sleep with Louise Hay affirmations !

2. The possibility to exchange my debt to a longer date, with less interest! YAY!!!

3. To be able to open my biz without delay!

4. Today I bought cheaper books of same quality of new one's, so I could buy much more…


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Day 1 - Season 9 "Entrepreneurship"

Well, I think after all this time my very best decision is to follow my intuition and heart and give up my CPA studies to become a great life coach and business consultant, for small entrepreneurs! 

Reading the book "the energy of money" helped me a lot with this clarity, I'm super grateful with that!

Now, to cultivate the prosperity, the angelic and universe support in my heart and to…


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First fifteen days of my season challenge

Hello Co-creators!

First fifteen of my challenge and I feel more focused as the challenge evolves. I have progressed with my intentions of this season such as:

  • doing exercise.. yeah sometimes I have low back pain but funny, as I come back to the gym, this dissapears :D .. My gym changed ALL the equipment, yahoo!! I feel much better.
  • My coaching sesions have been amazing, I found a great coach and we are working together to fulfill this dream of having my…

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Season 8 - Finding a job!

Today is an amazing day!! I found my beautiful part time job :D in a good company in the city in my area, and I`m absolutely thrilled with that idea! This job will put to work my talents, skills, and besides it will give me the opportunity to study for my CPA and plan my biz draft.

I have been struggling since June in regards to jobs, lack of money etc.  I can say that after 4 months without a serious job (because I did work in less meaningful jobs), I give the value to many things:…


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Today is my birthday - I will treat myself like a queen!

Hey Co-creators,

Today is my wonderful birthday, is the perfect excuse to do NOTHING hahaha, I will give some vacations to my mind, to my body and I will just enjoy this day as it is! Sunny but cold in my place...

Have a great day!

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Lack of money - fear and how I faced it today

Hello co-creators!

In the season 8 and facing the demons of scarcity!

Today I had a good day, however, the demons came to me saying: "You will be with no money in few days... there are no jobs yet for you... how you are going to pay your bills... how you are going to study and focus on that when you have to pay bills...

Wow..  Since I started this season, I committed in having a prosperity journal. There I reminded myself what my intentions are in this season and…


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Season 7 ends - progress and challenges

This season was really a scary one :)

Many things happened here.

I was laid off but I couldn't get my employment insurance, this changed completely all my plans: I had reserved a place in government to open my business but since I couldn't get the ei, I couldn't get the government sponsorship.

I had contacted a coach before being…


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Day 47 - Season 7 Ups and downs! interesting season LOL

Hello co-creators!!

Wow, as the season progress I see the mental work in order to change my reality as the most important work!

Is really challenging to see my present reality and draft an scenario where the situation and conditions are VERY VERY different. An example: Me I dream to have freedom! doing what I love, living positively and stop worrying for money and for other…


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Day 38 - Season 7 AHA! moment

Hello co-creators!

It is a great day! Lived an AHA moment very inspiring.

For long time it has been extremely difficult to me to know HOW to mix up my background with my business idea. Last days I have been in the research mood in regards on how to open my business etc. It has been wonderful because I keep my journal updated with my insights, ideas, and why is inspiring and…


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Day 37 - Season 7 Receiving energy through exercise and support through affirmations!

Hello co-creators!

The days are sunny and full of light, that is great but what is making me feel much better is to continue going to the gym to get more energy. I'm very grateful because I'm not a gym person so to search one was kind of confusing at the beginning but at the end I found this gym called "Curves" that is…


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Day 36 - Season 7 Firing a life coach, dealing with disappointment and getting support from universe!

What a day co-creators!

Looks like the manifestation path is a marathon of different experiences good and bad, I imagine myself like a runner in the game of life! LOL

Today is a great day, I fired a coach that intuitively…


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Day 35 - Season 7 Feeling well but miss the sun! Day concluded really well!

Wow, I woke up and saw a grey day and felt a bit down, 

when I went to the GYM I honestly was there with not so much energy, it was actually raining but my intention was to put good energy so I started my work out and wow! I felt so so well! ;D I love the feeling of tiredness but happy. Definitely doing exercise changed my mood. I lose…


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Day 35 - Season 7 Feeling well but miss the sun!

Day 35 - (3 of my mini-challenge) 

I miss the sun! Since the outer reality is not important in this moment, I visualize myself in a great sunny place, where I can be outside, walk, and just receive the great energy of nature!

I go to the GYM today!  I want to put movement and energy to my body!

Thinking how to increase my energy levels.. maybe a good book in the afternoon and nice and soft music.

So far the mini-challenge goes well, I do know that inside…


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Day 33 - Season 7 Starting a mini challenge inside of the challenge :) tomorrow!

Hello co-creators!!

Long time ago I started a mini-challenge of 30 days applying the LOA and that kept me really busy thinking and attracting nice things to my life.…


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Day 31- brainstorming :) and a bit of my past lives..

Today was the brainstorming day,

One of the steps is helping me in order to put action to my dreams is : journaling.

I want to wake up my creative side, so colors, draws and hearts are in my paper journal like if I was a girl of 5 years…


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Day 30 - Entrepreneurship and love to myself

Well, now that I have plenty of time to work in my dreams is really scary :D

I have so much information around that I really don't need where to start.  I have had the angels message to just start, and I immediately asked to Raguel help in order to do something in my business.…


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Beginning of a new season! Entrepreneur, love myself and love someone! that are my goals

This season is exciting!

My purpose is stronger than before and I know, I deserve to be an entrepreneur, working in the thing I love the most! spirituality, personal development and business!

This comes from the exercise of loving myself more. My goals are clear, but now, with the idea to be the love myself.

This season I'm…


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Day 40 - Season 6 Laid off from work and open to new opportunities

I'm really happy to see how things are unfold in my season 6.

Loving myself has been the main objective for this season and it is really working.  I'm expressing what I want and I open myself to Universe and its channels of supply.

Yesterday I received the news of my laid off, of a job that I appreciate for all the experience I gain but that was really stressful and with no good…


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Day 11, Season 6 - Loving myself: Madly in love with me

I'm very excited to finally have found a book that address the issues of loving yourself in a funny way.. I bought it and I'm really happy with the reading so far, many exercises and a web page of the author with meditations and more material that is really exciting!

Louise Hay material is deeper - I'm using it with my obsidian therapy - but this book is fresher, I'm thinking to buy a especial notebook for doing the exercises there and work in my inner child! The author is…


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