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Oracle decks! A very power positive tool in my Season 5!

Hello co-creators!

The season 5 is running and the love to myself increasing each day.

Peace is one of the things I have experienced as the clarity comes to my life and this season is particularly special because I introduced to my power the oracle decks!  YAY!! To receive positive messages in your journey is so refreshing!!

I will…


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Day 25 of my journey, sharing how I found my business coach - with angelic guidance

To work with Angels is one of the most fascinating experiences I have had in my personal development.

And one of my closest one is Archangel Michael.  I have strong faith on him, because he has guided me to my healing methods and protects me, helps me and guides me in my decisions and life.

Since long time ago i wanted to open my practice of life coaching.I studied and got my diploma but still, the accounting world pulled me because of my fears and…


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The passion test.. a wonderful book to find out your passion

Hey co-creators!

Now that I'm in the transition period from employee to have my own business, I have found so great to be empowered by books that relate to find and clarify my passion.

2012 is a wonderful year to clean old energy, limited beliefs and sadness to be doing…


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Obsidian therapy and Science of Mind - my healing tools

Hello co-creators,

One beautiful co-creator made a very interesting question that wanted to respond through a blog post.

I think I haven't gone deep in my healing tools and maybe this is the time to do it! Thanks to Mona to ask the question :)

Obsidian therapy is an holistic therapy to heal based on the obsidian stone.…


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Day 23 of my journey, five season!!

I'm very happy with my progress in spirituality and the understanding of my current situation.

The Louise Hay book, cards and all the tools she can provide to love myself are helping me a lot!

I feel more relaxed at work, I don't intend to stress and I try to write down an affirmation in the very morning. Since my cards are in my desk and many coworkers come to me to ask some…


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Day 15 of Season 5: Start hearing about my passions

This season my main concern is "to love myself". 

The Louise Hay group is being very helpful for this purpose. I'm working on the book "you can heal your life" and it has been very helpful.

Yesterday I had the starting of my second level of science of mind - from Ernst Holmes, and it is so powerful!! I love being student of these teachings, I'm going to work on meditation and spiritual treatments during the week. I will work especially with a spiritual journal so this is going…


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Accomplished the season 4 goal: physical healing

I'm very happy, as the end of December, I demonstrated a healthy rep system and a much better stomach.

My therapy with osiris (obsidiane stone to deal with reproductive problems) was successful, I could handle all my emotions that impacted my health such as for grief that I denied for some time, of separation of someone that was special to me and the uncertainty in my job.

My health is much better now. My results are normal and the next step is to start loving…


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