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30 days of my challenge! My balance so far


This is the 30 day of my reality challenge and I'm so happy!

Ok, I have felt a bit sick of my stomach in the last days and I remember that I should take care more of my health: my body, exercise, and more walking outdoors.…


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Exercise.... I need motivation!

I'm really aware of the need to start exercise!!

I tried some reductive yoga before but I find out it was painful in some areas of my body, so now my intention is to move my body!!!


Life is…


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So excited with my Coaching studies :) Day 26 of my challenge!!

Today is much more than phenomenal for me!

this is my 23 challenge day and amazing things have unfolded in my life.

As Universe gift, I got the news of the Director of my Coaching school allowing me to finish my studies…


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A therapeutic prosperity session!

I have just had my personal therapeutic session and I feel so great now!

This is the 20 day of my challenge and I feel I'm in a different vibe!


Today I'm not thinking about the money itself but in my prosperity!

My brains start thinking as entrepreneur and not as…


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Today I start a new and wonderful life!

Great Friday!!!!

Today is a very special day in my calendar, is not because is Friday but a vision statement about my life has been released.…


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End of the week, positive balance!

Week is almost done, and I feel more focused and happy.

I continue with Louise Hay challenge and it is helping me a lot!

This week I close some past issues that were bothering me and now I feel relieved to continue and move on!

I realize that my ideas of job and money are reflected in…


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Today Im greatful for having unexpected income!

It is so great to have unexpected income from Universe!!

I love to have more and more money, and all people that is involved is happy and cooperative.

Is so great to see that this power that is flowing through me, flows in the correct direction, giving me every single think that I ask, my only…


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