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Unexpected money :) God is really my provider

Today in the morning I tested again the power of God, and His so rich bounty.

As per my daily exercise to affirm that God is my provider, I receive unexpected money to my bank account.

I'm so grateful with God and His love to me!! Universe is really super powerful!

Life is Good,

Life is God

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The dynamic laws of prosperity, WHAT A BOOK!

Now that I'm in the process of co-creating a new life, where fears and limitations arise as my subconscious is receiving more and more new information, the book of Catherine Ponder is just a gift from Universe.

Every day I try to read few pages of the book - which is really full of content, affirmations and many insights of how we are blocking prosperity in our…


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Enjoying the sun, and a great book!

Wonderful wonderful wonderful day!

Just enjoyed the beautiful sun, the nature and a great book that is increasing my sense of prosperity.

In this time of definition, I found some mistakes I have made like speaking about lack and limitations and irradiating something that I don't want to attract to my life.

This is certainly a great time to connect to myself and to allow my divine father to give me lots of love and fullness in everything I need...

Life is…


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Appreciate what you have - that happens usually when you don't have it anymore

Today I was thinking in the wonderful things we have but we don't appreciate until we lost them.

That happens to me when I think in my internet provider! Now that i moved and I see how cheap is people in regards to internet, wow I appreciate what I had before!

I miss seeing my favorite movies, programs, tv shows, talking to friends etc on line!  This is an excellent way to me to say: appreciate what you have now, every single detail, later you can miss it!



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Okidoki, I'm a warrior which entrepreneurship is the deal! starting thinking my own biz

So great my session with my coach! I started hearing my coaching passion instead of focusing in lack of money because of the job search.

I would love to find a government job, relaxed with great pay meantime I help people in my own business !!! I put it to the universe right now...

I have taken all my books of coaching and business, this is just great..

Life is good! 

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First weeks in Ottawa and co-creating a great job

Well, here I'am, moving from Calgary to Ottawa and expecting to manifest a great and awesome job!

Today I woke up cutting all tights with poverty and started my mantra: Universe is amazingly generous and is working now in giving me a wonderful job in Ottawa, I accept it with love and gratitude!

And so it is

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