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End of my season 3!! These are my improvements!!

Hello co-creators!!


This season was so awesome that is really interesting to see my improvements in different areas, wow, it is really amazing!!!

First of all I would say I came in this season asking for money! As many, this subject was of big concern to me after some…


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My day 96 of the challenge!! On July 5 my 100 day!

Dear cocreators,

I'm very happy to almost finish this season!!!

I will be posting my improvements and all my accomplishments on July 5!!!


Life is Good!!

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Food combining and alkaline water!! What a wonderful gift from Universe!! thanks Raphael Archangel!

Today is really a day to be greatful!

It has been years I have had stomach disorders but they were not chronic until two years ago, when I faced lots of stress when my mom got's sick.

I used different things to heal my stomach in the physical way: Aloe Vera, digestive enzymes (so great by the way), probiotics etc, but in some way my…


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Realizing I need to love more myself in order to find love 69 day of my challenge

This weekend was full of emotions,

I decided to let go one special person in my life. I actually decided to let him go some days ago but after some circumstances I found out I can not wait for a fact that maybe won't happen.…


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Yesterday I manifested an awesome tool for my business

Dear cocreators!


It is just amazing how things unfold once we take decision to go for our most inner passion,

I was reading what I stated at the beginning of this season with the things that I'm co-creating and it is much more than money. …


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Today I manifested the name of my business!! with angelic inspiration

Dear cocreators,

Today I manifested my business name!!!!

LOL It was knocking my door all time and today I could see it clearly... It is a name that is divine guided and I feel so awesome for that.…


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Michael Losier is coming to Calgary!! :) Isn't amazing!!

I'm thrilled!!

My favorite author of Law of attraction, Michael Losier is coming to Calgary!! :)

WOW other proof of attraction. I was thinking when he will be able to come? And suddenly I see it in the page hahahaha

I will be definitely IN!!


I follow my…


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My session with the "Angel Lady" Sue Storm was just amazing - I share with you cocreators

I have just had my session with the amazing woman Sue Storm and I feel like I'm rock and roll, and I definitely will share with you co-creators!…


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Amazing day cocreators!! I will be having a session with Sue Storm "The angel lady"

This a celebration day cocreators!

Today I got amazing resources for my business in coaching!!

I'm fan of Sue Storm, the "angel lady" who has written three amazing books about…


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30 days of my challenge! My balance so far


This is the 30 day of my reality challenge and I'm so happy!

Ok, I have felt a bit sick of my stomach in the last days and I remember that I should take care more of my health: my body, exercise, and more walking outdoors.…


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Exercise.... I need motivation!

I'm really aware of the need to start exercise!!

I tried some reductive yoga before but I find out it was painful in some areas of my body, so now my intention is to move my body!!!


Life is…


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So excited with my Coaching studies :) Day 26 of my challenge!!

Today is much more than phenomenal for me!

this is my 23 challenge day and amazing things have unfolded in my life.

As Universe gift, I got the news of the Director of my Coaching school allowing me to finish my studies…


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A therapeutic prosperity session!

I have just had my personal therapeutic session and I feel so great now!

This is the 20 day of my challenge and I feel I'm in a different vibe!


Today I'm not thinking about the money itself but in my prosperity!

My brains start thinking as entrepreneur and not as…


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Today I start a new and wonderful life!

Great Friday!!!!

Today is a very special day in my calendar, is not because is Friday but a vision statement about my life has been released.…


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End of the week, positive balance!

Week is almost done, and I feel more focused and happy.

I continue with Louise Hay challenge and it is helping me a lot!

This week I close some past issues that were bothering me and now I feel relieved to continue and move on!

I realize that my ideas of job and money are reflected in…


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Today Im greatful for having unexpected income!

It is so great to have unexpected income from Universe!!

I love to have more and more money, and all people that is involved is happy and cooperative.

Is so great to see that this power that is flowing through me, flows in the correct direction, giving me every single think that I ask, my only…


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New cycle , new me

I'm listening 'here comes the sun' 


It's all right... 


All is right in my world now.



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Day 15, finding the origin of my physical sickness..

Today is a very special day,

As per the reading of Louise Hay material, I found out that my sickess is originated by my emotions that come from the root of the love to myself: I havent love myself.

I have fighting with the opinion of my family in my life, always taking care of them giving them what I can and I realize it doesnt matter what I do in order to "satisfy" them if Im not satisfied with myself at the beginning.

I tend to argue with them (especially with… Continue

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Today I declare to Universe my perfect health

Dear Universe,
I'm really thankful to show a very good health!
I'm full of energy, my stomach is working perfectly as well as my back!
Today I felt amazing, I have faith and I act that fait..

Life is God

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Health season, opened a group: Healing with Louise Hay!

Life has putting me in a point where I realize the health is the most precious and important points to take care in life.

This is my intention for this season!

I have been a healthy person in general, never faced a sickness or a serious thing.

When my mom got sick 7 years ago of breast cancer, I faced what life is: ups and downs.

In the last months (my absence of this group) I faced the situation again, my mom got sick again and myself started feeling bad because… Continue

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