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What does this mean?

I love this network of co-creators because I can bounce ideas off ya'll and not get looked at like i'm crazy!

ok here goes...

we all know that for the past few months i have been trying to manifest a truck for my hubby. a little back ground on that... back in october, my hubby switched careers and was driving ALOT. like 1.5 hours one way about 4 days a week. at that time he had a big ford truck that was paid off but the diesel fuel was killing us! we calculated it out and… Continue

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ok, this is bordering on crazy this morning!!! i said my affirmation about my website sales and a sale came thru immediately after i said it! i said it, felt it and had gratitude and it worked immediately!

about 5 min later, i was flipping thru my journal and re-read it again and ANOTHER sale came thru as i was reading it!!!

i'm starting to feel like harry potter or something! LOL!!! just thought i'd share!!!

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wow how time flies when you're having fun!!!

this challenge has been a roller coaster ride already! ups and downs, but mostly ups!!!

so what's been happening over the last few days??? well, i haven't done much since thurs when i went and had a bunch of dental work done. i've mostly taken it easy and read and read! i read "the science of getting rich" and really had some major clarity come to me about how…

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Kinda funny...

LOL! This was kinda weird, but great!!! As soon as i wrote down a few notes from reading The Science of Getting Rich and listing my necklace on Etsy, i had TWO sales come in within seconds of each other!!!

i wrote down in my journal "i KNOW my items sell quickly and easily after i list them" as my "unwavering faith" and they did!!! LOL! I love the universe!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

just thought was a crazy fast manifestation that i would share this lazy sunday… Continue

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inspired to create

i've been reading the "the science of getting rich" by wallace d. wattles and was inspired to create!!!

i've been doing hand stamped jewelry for the last few months and i love the feelings it gives me when i'm working in my studio!!! here's my latest Law of Attraction inspired necklace!!! i LOVE the way this one turned out!!! it's very natural and rustic!…


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68 seconds

i decided to make a quick 68 second mind movie this morning! here it… Continue

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yesterday i went to the dentist and had to have a wisdom tooth pulled plus another tooth pulled and a root canal/crown. yes, lot's of work done and more to come...

so today i'm kinda feeling out of it. i decided to not take my pain meds today (i have no pain anyway) because i hate the way medicine makes me feel. i am taking penicillin though and i just really feel foggy and tired. needless to say, i'm glad that my kiddos are off camping and my hubby's at work so i can just take it… Continue

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well, it's day 6 already! yesterday i got ALL of my intentions done!!! tuesday's are busy days for us! we went to the morning movie club with the kids and it was so crowded with day camp kids and i j…

well, it's day 6 already! yesterday i got ALL of my intentions done!!! tuesday's are busy days for us! we went to the morning movie club with the kids and it was so crowded with day camp kids and i just kept thinking to myself, i really wish that the theater wouldn't be crowded. well, when we walked into the theater, it was completely full. so we went back to the ticket desk and told them and they said to just go into toy story 3 instead!!! we got to go into an uncrowded theater and see a 3D… Continue

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intention, attention, and no-tension...lesson learned!

i watched this video

on the 100 day challenge website and it totally made sense! i've been struggling this weekend and for the prior weeks with obsessing over my intentions and really "thinking" about it all day non-stop. while watching some of lilou's videos yesterday, i realized that i need to "let go" and let the universe take over to create it for me.

yesterday i had an AWESOME time over at my in-laws! i went with the intention to not let my… Continue

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Happy Father's Day! & my daily intentions

Hope everyone has a great father's day today!

My intentions for today are:
1. take the kids to the park this morning since we didn't get to go yesterday
2. let hubby sleep in and make him coffee when he wakes up
3. enjoy the day at my in laws and NOT stress over my 3 sister-in-laws and their negativity
4. get all the laundry put away

sounds easy enough...right??? LOL!

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truck situation update...


well, this must not have been the one for use either. i am so tired of trucks coming into and out of our life at this point. i feel like i've done all that i can do with all of this and i'm letting go of it and letting hubby take over if HE wants a truck. the salesman did give him some great advice between financing used and new vehicles though, so we'll see how that goes. i truly believe that things happen for a reason and when they are supposed too, so if he is meant to have… Continue

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Day 3...

day 3...

well, today is day 3 of my 100 day challenge!

yesterday i scripted in my journal and wrote a "letter" to a friend telling them all about us finding the truck that we (well, he) wanted and how great it was. this morning, hubby is searching around on the internet and i could see him from where i was sitting and i thought to myself, he's going to find THE one. not even 2 minutes later, he calls me… Continue

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THANK YOU Universe!

ok, so it works in crazy ways sometimes! i was cleaning my fridge earlier and it hit me like a tone of brick! the idea for my blog/website! so after finishing the fridge, i came up here and EVERYTHING just fell into place! i struggled last night trying to set up a blog to keep track of my 100 day challenge and it just didn't seem to flow, but's like magic!!!

here's my newest blog (with everything from my other ones combined!)…


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day 2...nervous about videos...

today is day 2 for me and last night i uploaded my first video on youtube. i am a little nervous about it and i already have a subscriber, but looking at their page, i'm kinda wondering why they subscribed! i am trying to tell myself that i may inspire them to learn all that i have learned about this, but it makes me nervous to have strangers watching my videos! i guess i just need to let go and let the universe bring great things to me, right???…

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