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starting over again and a new challenge...

i just posted a long post on my blog about wants and needs and staring over after our income has gone down by half.

it really doesn't have much to do with LOA! just some venting!

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so i've been writing this book for the last few weeks and tonight i'm surfing around on hulu for shows to watch and i pick one that i've NEVER seen before and it's the same plot as my book??? like down to the time period and the story line and the character types! that was really weird! i guess i'll revamp my storyline now. it was just sooo weird the similarities and it's a show i have never watched or even seen a commercial for. crazy!!! i guess there's only so many stories to tell, huh?

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synchronicity and bills!

what a wonderful sat morning paying bills! most people would think i'm crazy for saying that, but this was crazy funny! last night before i went to bed, i visualized paying bills and having enough money in my account to pay all that is due. this morning, i was sitting here on my laptop and i had my bill spreadsheet open. i added up all that was due and had a number in my mind. i said it over and over for a few minutes and then i balanced my check book and whaaa-laaa...there was THAT amount in… Continue

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happy anniversary!

today i have been married to my best friend for 16 years! i can't believe it's been that long when it seems like just yesterday! i feel like he's been my life forever though! i can't even remember what it was like without him in it. i love him more than anything in the world and i'm so lucky to have him!!! happy anniversary hubby! i love you!

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day 55!

man this has flown by so fast! i been having really good days lately! i have adjusted to hubby working nights now and really enjoy my time after the kids go to bed. i've been watching old reruns of some of my favorite shows and i'm been working on my fiction novel! i never thought i would be one to write a fiction story, but i must say, it's just flowing like a river out of my brain! just when i sit here and think that i'm not really in the mood to write, i will reread it (it's now 17 pages… Continue

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happy bday to me and THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!

well, today's my 37th bday and i'm enjoying a quiet morning with my coffee and laptop! i don't really have anything special planned for today, so i think i may just let my kiddos plan the day!

i just thought i would jump on here and say...the universe has been at work! in the last week or so, i have gotten tons of freebies via email for my bday (i signed up for bday clubs on all my fav rest. websites and they send you an email coupon for something free) and i have had soooooo many… Continue

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Graditude List for Sunday...

I usually write this all down in my journal, but it's upstairs in my bedroom where hubby is trying to go to sleep, so i'll just write it all here!

I am so grateful for:

my healthy fit body

my healthy and happy kiddos

my wonderful hubby

my big beautiful house

our stable jobs

being abundant and positive every day

Today's intentions are:

yoga & 100 sit ups

take the kids swimming

finish emily's pettiskirt

start other orders

crochet a… Continue

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