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this morning i watched my mind movie that i posted yesterday and realized something. i HAVE everything on my video except the paid off house. i am so blessed!!! i am sitting here trying my hardest to think of what i "want" and that's the only thing i don't have, financial freedom. AND, that's just around the corner, i can feel it! hubby has gotten a VERY stable job now and that's hugely different than running our own business like we have for the last 5 years. he gets a regular paycheck every… Continue

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i am going to write a book

there. i said it to other people. i've had an idea floating around in my head for weeks now, but i keep telling myself YOU ARE NOT A FICTION AUTHOR. but why? i've written 7 ebooks teaching people how to do things, so why couldn't i write fiction? i guess i never really thought of myself as an "author" but that's what i've done for the last 5 years. written ebooks and sold them online. so that would make me a writer/author, right?

anyway...i've been sitting her thinking and thinking… Continue

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my new mind movie

it's been sorta a rough couple of days lately. my hubby started working nights and sleeping during the day and i got really lonely and depressed. after a good crying session yesterday, i'm feeling way better now. i decided to make a mind movie to help me stay out of the doom and gloom! check it… Continue

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day 27???

i think it's day 27. i don't know anymore! it's been sorta crazy around here this week since my hubby started working nights for the first time in our 16 year marriage. our schedules have been turned up side down for me, hubby and the kids. they are having to spend their summer days being quiet and we are trying to do as much out of the house as we can. this has kinda gotten me a little down. i feel like i'm not getting to see him at all. i know it will get better when his sleeping pattern… Continue

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my new story...

Here's my "new" story...(most of which i have realized that i already

have and am so grateful for!)

"My life is so blessed! I live in a beautiful, big house that has

enough room for us all to spread out when we need to, but is cozy and

warm when we need to be together. It is decorated beautifully with

lavish furnishings and artwork. My kids each have a space of their own

with unlimited things to do and play with. I have an incredible

workspace that… Continue

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Day 19...

WOW!!! Day 19 already!

Went to the movies with the kiddos this morning for the summer movie club and saw Surf's UP. Cute movie, but right in the middle of it, there was the universe giving me a message! "LET GO"!!! yep, the big penguin kept telling the little one to let go and ride the wave...i had to laugh! so now i'm gonna find a picture of a surfer on a wave saying LET GO & RIDE THE WAVE for my vision board! you never know where the message will come to ya!

as for other… Continue

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Manifested a new book...

hope everyone's having an AWESOME 4th of july!!!

one of my intentions for the 100 day challenge was to create a new ebook and to have a new stream of income. i was thinking of writing a book on the law of attraction, but what manifest was a new ebook website in the last couple of days and this morning the writing bug hit me and i got a whole new ebook written!!! photos and all! it's "How to Hand Stamp Jewelry"!!!

it was like i was on auto pilot! the words just came out of me… Continue

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What day is it now??? LOL!

oh my, i've lost track of the days! it's been raining here for 4 days and we've been cooped up in the house none stop, but it's been great!!! long, dark, relaxing jammy wearing days!!!

i actually have been really busy over the last few days designing my new website! i've had a children's boutique website for about 4 years now and it's done really great, but now that my daughter's getting a little older, i'm not creating as many "cutesy" outfits as i used to, so i thought it was time… Continue

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AAAAHHHH the rain...

it's raining here today!!! i love how cozy my house feels when it's dark and rainy outside! we went to the store a little while ago and while we were there, it started pouring. my kids were like "how are we going to get to the car??? we can't get wet!!!" and i did i get such uptight kids???

i told them, what the heck, let's take a walk in the rain and enjoy it!!! they looked at me like i had blue hair! that made me… Continue

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What does this mean?

I love this network of co-creators because I can bounce ideas off ya'll and not get looked at like i'm crazy!

ok here goes...

we all know that for the past few months i have been trying to manifest a truck for my hubby. a little back ground on that... back in october, my hubby switched careers and was driving ALOT. like 1.5 hours one way about 4 days a week. at that time he had a big ford truck that was paid off but the diesel fuel was killing us! we calculated it out and… Continue

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ok, this is bordering on crazy this morning!!! i said my affirmation about my website sales and a sale came thru immediately after i said it! i said it, felt it and had gratitude and it worked immediately!

about 5 min later, i was flipping thru my journal and re-read it again and ANOTHER sale came thru as i was reading it!!!

i'm starting to feel like harry potter or something! LOL!!! just thought i'd share!!!

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wow how time flies when you're having fun!!!

this challenge has been a roller coaster ride already! ups and downs, but mostly ups!!!

so what's been happening over the last few days??? well, i haven't done much since thurs when i went and had a bunch of dental work done. i've mostly taken it easy and read and read! i read "the science of getting rich" and really had some major clarity come to me about how…

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Kinda funny...

LOL! This was kinda weird, but great!!! As soon as i wrote down a few notes from reading The Science of Getting Rich and listing my necklace on Etsy, i had TWO sales come in within seconds of each other!!!

i wrote down in my journal "i KNOW my items sell quickly and easily after i list them" as my "unwavering faith" and they did!!! LOL! I love the universe!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

just thought was a crazy fast manifestation that i would share this lazy sunday… Continue

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inspired to create

i've been reading the "the science of getting rich" by wallace d. wattles and was inspired to create!!!

i've been doing hand stamped jewelry for the last few months and i love the feelings it gives me when i'm working in my studio!!! here's my latest Law of Attraction inspired necklace!!! i LOVE the way this one turned out!!! it's very natural and rustic!…


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68 seconds

i decided to make a quick 68 second mind movie this morning! here it… Continue

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yesterday i went to the dentist and had to have a wisdom tooth pulled plus another tooth pulled and a root canal/crown. yes, lot's of work done and more to come...

so today i'm kinda feeling out of it. i decided to not take my pain meds today (i have no pain anyway) because i hate the way medicine makes me feel. i am taking penicillin though and i just really feel foggy and tired. needless to say, i'm glad that my kiddos are off camping and my hubby's at work so i can just take it… Continue

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well, it's day 6 already! yesterday i got ALL of my intentions done!!! tuesday's are busy days for us! we went to the morning movie club with the kids and it was so crowded with day camp kids and i j…

well, it's day 6 already! yesterday i got ALL of my intentions done!!! tuesday's are busy days for us! we went to the morning movie club with the kids and it was so crowded with day camp kids and i just kept thinking to myself, i really wish that the theater wouldn't be crowded. well, when we walked into the theater, it was completely full. so we went back to the ticket desk and told them and they said to just go into toy story 3 instead!!! we got to go into an uncrowded theater and see a 3D… Continue

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intention, attention, and no-tension...lesson learned!

i watched this video

on the 100 day challenge website and it totally made sense! i've been struggling this weekend and for the prior weeks with obsessing over my intentions and really "thinking" about it all day non-stop. while watching some of lilou's videos yesterday, i realized that i need to "let go" and let the universe take over to create it for me.

yesterday i had an AWESOME time over at my in-laws! i went with the intention to not let my… Continue

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Happy Father's Day! & my daily intentions

Hope everyone has a great father's day today!

My intentions for today are:
1. take the kids to the park this morning since we didn't get to go yesterday
2. let hubby sleep in and make him coffee when he wakes up
3. enjoy the day at my in laws and NOT stress over my 3 sister-in-laws and their negativity
4. get all the laundry put away

sounds easy enough...right??? LOL!

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truck situation update...


well, this must not have been the one for use either. i am so tired of trucks coming into and out of our life at this point. i feel like i've done all that i can do with all of this and i'm letting go of it and letting hubby take over if HE wants a truck. the salesman did give him some great advice between financing used and new vehicles though, so we'll see how that goes. i truly believe that things happen for a reason and when they are supposed too, so if he is meant to have… Continue

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