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S7 Day 3 Nose ring #2

One thing I am excited about is making my list of all the things I want to experiance and do, My goals and intentions and future plan or current ones. I am now able to make a step that I have wanted for along time. Which is having two nose piercing one on each side. All goes well today will be the day. :D Very excited.

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S7 Day 3 Vow of silence and fast

It was a wonderful experiance. A short one, but I found myself smiling at everyone, as a way to speak. It was a real smile as I move through the local market. Not asking prices was not that hard just hold up the item. It was peaceful just remembering to be silent. A person ask me to pray for them. I would suggest to friends and family to give it a try even for a day or just an outdoors experiance. I fasted for the whole day just drinking water and tea, I feel so much better and enjoy it. I…


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Season 7 Starts on Saturday! Vow of Silence

I am always excited when a new season starting. I am proud that I have keep going for so long. I cant believe it has been more than 600 days. I started when I saw Lilou's videos on youtube. I hung around before I signed up and I am still here. With many falls I keep going. I love how everyone is so supportive. They take the time out to read blogs, comment, and send positive loving energy. This is where I go when I need that a moment or someone else experiance to keep me moving…


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Keep our sister in your Prayers

My sister has started a group on facebook please join and post your prayers and comments All are welcome thank you soo much

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Request More Prayer for my sister!!

Hello CC I am very grateful for everyone that has done prayer and meditation for my sister and her health. I am asking for anything that you feel would help or add positive energy please. Inshallah I am trying and being positive and I feel like she is okay and she will be fine, but I felt that same way as my brother was passing. I was sad and crying but still felt that everything would be okay. So I almost dont trust that feeling as a feeling of life… Continue

Added by J on June 24, 2009 at 12:39pm — 2 Comments

Prayer for my sister!!!!

CCOR I would like to ask everyone to please pray/dua for my sister. She was in a terrible accident and is in the hospital. Anything you can do meditation and prayer , angels, or positive thinking whatever you can do would be very very help. I have asked friends and family and FB members and now you all. Thank you all

Added by J on June 21, 2009 at 4:13pm — 2 Comments

S4 day 40-

It has been 40 days already. I had a wonderful this weekend and the past few weeks and This year! But I just used my new printer that was only $5 (never opened) and I was able to print the love mandala and I colored all of it and hope to share a photo of it. I have changed my work area to the creative corner of the room and have been working on my writing. I just finished this wonderful audio book by Brenda Ueland. I just had a wonderful time at the… Continue

Added by J on June 8, 2009 at 10:30pm — 11 Comments

S4D31- Drum

Today is great day. I had a wonderful time outside and went to several places. I got some great deals at a garage sale and picked up a drum and alot of wonderful things. I wanted a drum, but my want for it was very light. I was happy to come and find they where saleing one. I also wanted a print and got one. And a wonderful mixer which I was eyeing on the Food channel. I am came across a stone that I knew was a crystal but I did not know… Continue

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Dream Home- S4D30-Cant stop thinking about it

I had the urge to share this on a video but talked myself out of it. Now I will talk myself back into it.

I have thought about this home and told friends and family about this thought. The floor plans show something I had in my dream. Two floor plans that where clustered together. Like the ones above. But the one I am thinking of is a townhouse. These… Continue

Added by J on May 29, 2009 at 2:19pm — 1 Comment

S4D13 Doing Simpleology & Manifesting Buddy

Start doing Simpleology on the 7th of April. I am enjoying it. I was very upset and confused about it at first. But I am enjoying it so far. I have someone to manifest with and I am excited about that. This season has started and amazing and I am taking a trip to see my family shortly. I am soo happy and looking forward to writing more.

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Season 4 Day 2 Flower Essences!

It is a week that I have been taking Master's flower essences avocado. The wonderful thing is that they offer a ebook online. I was going to the east & west book store for information on acesion and a friend suggested using flower essences for my fear. But I choose Avocado because I want to learn hindi and I want to hold the information. But I went to buy one for fear. Here is some of the things it is suppose to help with.

Quality: Good… Continue

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It is the first day of a NEW SEASON! I had alot of wonderful things happend the last season or just a few days ago. I said that I would write all the things manifested and post it. :) I feel so wonderful

Added by J on April 30, 2009 at 11:42am — 2 Comments

Ascension: What is Ascension

I am considering doing Ascension. I am going to intro to it in a few weeks. This will explain it more. The things I am nervous about is the cost of the class which I believe is just 3 days. But I do wonder about this video am watching on youtube.

Added by J on April 14, 2009 at 9:02pm — 2 Comments

Day 76 season 3 Love again!

Am back after just a few hours with more on my mind. After realizing that I never been loved by a romantic figure and that I have really never experianced it. I have realized that if I ask those persons that say they loved or love me they would defend thier actions. Maybe as being part of what comes with loving someone. But then I realized maybe THEY DO NOT HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT LOVE IS, AND MAYBE THEY REALLY HAVE NOT EXPERIANCE IT THEMSELVES. So I have attracted persons in my past that have NO… Continue

Added by J on April 6, 2009 at 1:00am — 2 Comments

Day 76 Season 3 Bollywood, Love & Reality *long ^__^*

I just posted a blog about how I felt when I awake this morning. And Kelly had post a wonderful reply that I just read not to long ago and I felt like that reply affected me before I even read it. Because my mood change and I realized something about love in my life that I am very calm about and I was even laughing about. Like really laughing and smiling. That was that I have never been LOVED. None of the men in my life that I held in my memory Really loved me. I know that I can not speak for… Continue

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Day 76 Season 3! Emotions, Realization, Learning and growing

I wake up today uneasy. I feel very heavy and in pain. I am reading this book "The Secret Laws of Attraction" By Talane Miedaner. I have only made it to chapter two. But she has to write down 4 emotional and physical needs that you need to be filled. And I wrote me list and realized none of it was being filled. I felt it write away after I wrote it down. Even looking at the list is emotional. I wonder how I make it long term without having the needs filled. I am enjoying the book but I have had… Continue

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How do I become. . .

As fearless as you?

Free to roam in secret

Flying as high as your wings will take you

Running fast as your feet embrace the ground below you

From where you stand everything falls below

But your never without pride to low your wings carefully with love and grace

The curves in your shoulder and arch of your back make your stance… Continue

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Things I want to do or Finish

This is going to be apart of my 100 day challenge for the rest of my life inshallah. I am going to keep adding to it till I cant add anything else. :D

I would love to read anyone else.

Build a tree house

Enrique Iglesias serenade :D ( only old songs)

Climb a large tree

Sit under a large tree

Live in a large tree

Sing Mariachi and wear a charro and sambrero

Attend the French Open, US Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon

Play/lose( in 5… Continue

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Season 3 Day 41 Alot of Love!

Almost half way to 100 days. I have not kept up with my days and every goal. But Am refreshing myself and my life. I have been bless beyond to be here and to be able to share my thoughts and feeling with everyone. I have also had a wonderful talking with friends and family. I am sooo very happy to have a free Quran class online with a wonderful teacher. I wanted this and I have been attending the class everday for over a week. I have learned several new surahs from the Holy Quran and inshallah… Continue

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Season 2 over: What happend during those 100 days

I was not able to get online and keep a blog during my second season, but it is amazing how fast it has gone by. I am very proud of myself for keeping up with this challenge and even with my plans. I do affirmations everyday and it has changed my life. I feel like things manifest quickly then before. Even small things. It is like things that I am thinking about come up in my life in a matter of days. It has been amazing. I have gotten my passport and my laptop. The first of both that I have… Continue

Added by J on January 20, 2009 at 2:50pm — 1 Comment


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